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Focus Question: Beauty Insider


BeautyTalkers! We want to hear from you:


What can Store Employees do to make you feel appreciated and valued as a Beauty Insider while you are shopping in store?


Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

I love going to Sephora whether to browse or pick up something. However anytime I go to the Sephoras in NYC the cashiers don't make me feel appreciated of my business. I feel embarrassed but sometimes I ask them if they have any free samples to offer. And they either say no or look at me puzzled and hand me something random. If people shop online and can get 3 free samples every order I think it makes sense to give some free samples along with the purchase as well. Its not like the stores don't have samples. They just don't give them. Other retailiers like MACYS and Bloomingdales always give Gifts With Purchases (GWP) and that makes me feel great about shopping there. 


Also I noticed there is definitly an understaff in employees in some locations bc I find it so hard to find someone to help me out and I wander the whole store and sometimes just leave bc no one is available to help. This isnt all stores. Soho NYC is awesome. Also having sales from time to time would be great....not just those 100 or 500 pt perks. But reduced prices on items or things like that. Or like 20% of one item of choice, etc....