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Flash shipping

Does anyone know anything about Sephora flash shipping and how I can get it?

Re: Flash shipping

melissabt, I really really want to sign up for flash shipping. I heard another email invite went out this morning, but I didn't get one. Smiley Sad Can you please put me on the wait list for the next offer? Thank you!

Re: Flash shipping

@Fhgarman, sure I'll message you to help out with this!

<3 Melissa

Re: Flash shipping

Can I get waitlisted as well? Flash shipping sounds amazing! 

Re: Flash shipping

I absolutely love My Flash shipping my products arrive in 2 days vs before I had to wait sometimes a week since I dont live close to a warehouse.  It does pay off for

 sure because with a 2 and 3yr old its hard sometimes for me to go into a store. With my flash there is no minimum limit so you dont have to spend the 25.00 for free shipping and you still get the free samples and you can still use promo codes Smiley Happy. If you get selected you get a email with special by invite only and the site will make you sign in with email address and password. If you dont have a private invite it will say you will be put on a list and notified when more info is available or something like that.  Smiley Happy I know some people signed up for it and well with VIB Rouge we will have free shipping but who knows if it will be 2day like flash Smiley Happy or regular delivery so I dont regret purchasing I ♥ it! 

Hope my novel was helpful lol...

Re: Flash shipping

From my understanding they were in the process of testing it  (Beta testing), and invitations went out to a group selected at random.  


I think we just have to wait for those of us that weren't selected.  

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