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Favorite nail polishes high end and low cost?

Hello everyone.  I've had a five year hiatus from being knowledgeable about beauty products. My parent's health concerns made all else seem unimportant. Over the last couple months, I've started getting back to makeup and a little 'me time'. I've replaced all my old makeup, which got me my Rouge status, and now I'm trying to become more knowledgeable about nail products. What are your favorite nail products, polishes, etc? I'm sorry if this has been asked recently -- I looked but couldn't find it.. Thanks!   Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite nail polishes high end and low cost?

Thank you, EvangelineDamon. I bought a couple Sally Hansen products and so far I like them. I was totally lost when it came to replacing my makeup. Smiley Happy. I researched, read reviews, got rid of all old products that hadn't been used much in that five years, and started buying. (We lost my Mother a couple of years ago. My Dad is in a nursing home in precarious health. I spend time every day with him and every day is a blessing.) My husband and I decided that I needed to work in some time for me, so that's where I'm at now. Thanks so much for your response.

Re: Favorite nail polishes high end and low cost?

How awesome that you find time for your Dad everyday!  Your husband is a smart man (for picking you and knowing that you need some you time).

Re: Favorite nail polishes high end and low cost?

Aw, thank you!  I have a wonderful husband who has his hands full keeping me in line. (Laughs). I often ask myself how I got so lucky! (My Dad is a wonderful man also -- he's worth it.) Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite nail polishes high end and low cost?

I'm sorry for your loss and have sent you a private message along with happy thoughts and best wishes.

Check out your local Kmart or Grocery Outlet (if you have one) for Sally Hansen polishes in the clearance.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme is a pretty good cuticle softener, as is just warm olive oil.

Re: Favorite nail polishes high end and low cost?

Nice nail polishes that are low cost would have to be Julep.  I usually consider these mid range, but everyone has a different definition of low cost.  Anything over $20 for nail polish to me is not low cost.  They are usually $14 each, but you can buy them for $11.20 or cheaper if they have sales by joining the subscription program.  You also get at least 2 polishes each month for $20.  They give you a chance to add on to orders as well, and the add ons always sell the bottles for way cheaper than the maven price of $11.20 each.  Google Julep and look into the subscription program.  If you would like to try the polishes before committing to it, you can either purchase one from Sephora for $14 or use the code FREEBOX to get your first box free (directly through Julep).  You will easily pay way less than $10 a bottle on average if you join.


I also like Butter London polishes at $15 each, but Deborah Lippmann has to be one of my favorites.  Those will usually run you $17-$20.  


I am about to try Sinful Colors for the first time, and those were only $0.99 at Walgreens.  I know that is not high end, but I have Ulta brand polishes that outperform my Clinique and Lancome ones. You have to sign up for a card to get that price, but they are only $1.99 if you get more than 3 or do not have a card.  A lot of people swear by them and Consumer Reports just rated it at the top of the list of 10 polishes tested, including a $27 one from Chanel.

Re: Favorite nail polishes high end and low cost?

Thank you, notcreative! The Julep subscription sounds interesting. I'll have to look into it. I'm going to go to Walgreens soon. They recently put a new one in about ten minutes from me which made me happy. Replacing all my old products that hadn't been used in about five years has been expensive, but fun! 

Re: Favorite nail polishes high end and low cost?

I did the same recently (just started buying products again at the end of April 2013), but I mostly wear Lancome (which I never purchase from Sephora and always get where there is a good GWP).  Got about 30 GWPs from April 2013- May 2014, so I am stocked.


Hopefully, you get some Julep and Sinful Colors.  Good luck finding something you like.



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