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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

Great empties.  It'll be something like 3 months for me by the time I finally post (eep) but in my case because I've been lazy about putting together a write up and photographing things.  I LOVE Buxom glosses.  And was neutral on Brigeo Don't Despair Repair myself.  So many better hair masks out there for dry/damaged hair.

Re: Empties

I always forget to post my empties despite taking photos, whoops 🙈



All repurchases except the Target remover wipes, those are some of the worst wipes I've ever used. 

*My first drugstore foundation; not crazy about it. 


February .jpg

February II.jpg

*Didn't like the Fresh clay cleanser and thought the Origins Maskimizer was pointless



*Conditioner had far too much fragrance and did not like the Victoria Secret body wash. 

Re: Empties

Great empties!  I see a lot of minis in there that are in my stash as well.  It's been a long time since I've used drugstore foundation.  I've never find it easy to find my shade match without physically trying products on my skin.

Re: Empties



I really enjoy empties, especially to see if peoples' reviews and if he/she would repurchase them. This is sadly not all of my March empties, but here are some of the items I finished. 


Lush Cupcake - I would repurchase but only to get it for free when you turn in 5 empty black pots to the store. I think it's a good product if you have oily/combo skin like myself. Generally speaking, I would not recommend Lush skincare because of the unnecessary fragrance, parabens, sulfates and fillers... WTF. 

Lush Christingle - I would repurchase and I enjoyed using it after my baths & showers instead of lotion. 

Lush Love Lettuce - I'm neutral on this product because of the questionable ingredients (crushed almond shells and lavender oil). I have sensitive skin. It surprisingly didn't break me out but I also wasn't impressed. If you purchase this, use a gentle touch! 

Lush Ro's Argan - I'm neutral on this product. I am not crazy about the scent but it is moisturizing. 

Lush Santa's Belly - I would repurchase. This is a fun product that reminds me of jello. The only suggestion I would make to Lush is to tone down the fragrance. 

Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter - I'm neutral but I probably wouldn't repurchase. They were not kidding that this is ultra rich. It's so thick to the point where you had to really work to have the product melt into your skin. When it worked, it worked well but I have better, less fussy body butters. 

IGK 30000 Feet Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - I was going through my samples and I felt like using it today. It made my hair so soft and I see more volume in my stick straight Asian hair. I would consider purchasing if I saw a good deal. 

MAC Cleanse Off Oil - I would consider purchasing this product. I didn't have adverse effects and it did a good job taking off my makeup when I did wear it. 

Bioderma Sébium H2O - I love Bioderma's micellar water and I will continue to repurchase. This is the 100 ml / travel size bottle but I also finished the giant 500 ml Sébium bottle earlier this month! I'm about to open up another 500 ml bottle of Sébium!

Re: Empties

I'm obsessed with LUSH so I love seeing all your empties.  I always trade in my empty black pots for the free mask, but can never seem to get through it before the expiration date.

Re: Empties

March empties



Consonant Skincare Hydraextreme - this was a new to me but not new product discovery. Consonant makes some interesting products (I like their DHE Mask, in particular) but I had always overlooked this one because of a kit they have called the 'Hydra-gasm' (barf!)  Upon sampling it on and off throughout March, I decided to put it on my spring sale list; it only has 2 ingredients but it's intensely hydrating and it makes my skin feel very plump and firm.
Batiste Coconut Dry ShampooI don't love dry shampoo in general, but this one smells really nice and works reasonably well.  I even used it to get the stink out after sampling the Ouai Dry Foam Smiley Very Happy
Odacite Bl+C, Jo+L - I don't think I need to go into detail on these, they show up on my empties list every other month.  HG status products for keeping my oily skin in check.
Farmacy Deep Moisture, Brightening Sheet Maskssame with these, they show up monthly and are solid hydrating and brightening masks for when you need a little extra oomph.
May Lindstrom Jasmine Gardenreceived this in a GWP in July, and although it wasn't until about September that I started using it daily, I'd say 7 months is a decent lifespan for a product of this type at this pricepoint. I'm not usually into Jasmine, but I really love the smell of this, and it's great for spritzing on before applying my serums.
May Lindstrom Blue CocoonI purchased this for my birthday in Feb 2016, and while I didn't start using it daily until April or May (took me a while to warm up to it) 10 or so months of daily use makes the exorbitant cost sting a little less.  Since the price has increased significantly in Canada, I'm undecided whether I'll repurchase just yet but I love the smell, I love the way it sinks in, and I love the hydration.
Kevin Murphy Angel Washa lovely shampoo that smells like Creamsicles and babies my lavender grey hair. Have already repurchased.
Pixi Glow Tonicnot my first bottle, and won't be my last. I decided to stray before repurchasing it in order to try the new Ordinary Glycolic 7% toner, and while that is cheaper, I don't like it as much.  I'll definitely go back to Pixi once it is done.
Pixi Glow Mud Cleanserone of my HG cleansers. I've repurchased it multiple times and I love how creamy and gentle it is, but also how it keeps my skin mildly exfoliated.
PMD Sensitive Skin disc seems to have blended into the carpet in the photo, but this is also a regular repurchase for me, so I'm not going to go into detail.


Herbivore Lapis Oil - I've had this for a while and was just trying to finish it up.  When I first started using it, the smell of it used to make me ill, but after trying other blue tansy products it bothers me a little less.  I didn't really find this did much for me so I won't repurchase, but the bottle is very pretty. I'm trying to figure out if I have any use for repurposing it.
Odacite Gr+GI had several of these from a GWP and I think this is the last one. It's ok, but I wouldn't spend my money on it.
Body Shop Argan Body Butterthe product itself works fine but the scent is too heavily floral. I catch whiffs of it throughout the day and wonder where that perfumey smell is coming from, before I realize it's coming from me.
Odacite Clair de Lune Moon Juice setdon't get me wrong, I adore the Clair de Lune serum but this set annoyed me.  In order to get the serum, you used to have to purchase it in this kit with some stupid bottle of aloe rosewater. Now they sell it separately so I'm a happy camper.  This empty is me having finally finished said aloe rosewater. 
Farmacy Green CleanI'm still undecided about this. It took less time (2 months) to use up than my fave Clinique TTDO balm, and costs more. It works well, emulsifies nicely and doesn't need a cloth to be removed but I went through it much quicker than I expected to. And it smells like 7UP, so YMMV on how you feel about that.
Shiseido Cotton - it's cotton.  How excited could I possibly get?


Drunk Elephant B Hydrathis gel was a P-I-T-A. When I tried it on bare skin, it always ALWAYS gave me a pinprick sting and if I used it daily, I would break out.  I left it for a few months and when I came back to it, I used the rest of it up by applying it over my serums/oils so that it wasn't so close to my skin. That kept it from stinging, but I definitely DEFINITELY would not repurchase this.


Re: Empties

What's the best way to apply the Odacite BI+C? I've  been battling breakouts so I wanna try this. Also what's your IG? I'd love to follow you

Re: Empties

March Empties3.17 empties.JPG






3.17 loves.JPG

Dove is my favorite deodorant. Loved the Peat mask by BELIF. The LM secret brightening powder was great. Loved the scent and consistency of the BBW. Purity is my HG and I continue to repurchase.




3.17 likes.JPG

Really enjoyed the drybar sake shampoo and conditioner. The BECCA primer was nice and I did repurchase it. I love the body butters from the body shop but this was not my all time favorite (I prefer the shea). born this way foundation is nice but it only looks good for 3-4 hours max then starts to make me very greasy.



Just OK

3.17 meh.JPG

Re: Empties

@karap03, Dove is my favorite deodorant too! I've tried a few other brands buuut this one works the best for me. I can absolutely not live without it, haha!


Re: Empties

The last batch of my March empties.


These are the products that are in my daily use so I love them all and would re-buy everything with the exception of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream. It goes on with an amazing silky texture with a faint scent but I didn't really see any changes or improvements to my skin so there are many other day creams that would perform the same way without the high cost. 

Re: Empties

@oceanics, I was able to try the Shiseido Facial Cottons out and wow. It's like wiping my face with a cloud! I don't buy cotton pads very often, but if I do need to purchase some I will definitely get those. 


Re: Empties

March empties! Total # = 59, not bad! I'm doing a better job of going through what I have and trying to pick HGs to stick with, especially with skincare. 



FullSizeRender (71).jpg

FullSizeRender (70).jpg

The compact is Missha Magic Cushion BB Cream. I got a refill as a GWP, so I got rid of this one as it was mostly dried out. Great coverage! It does transfer more than I'd like though.

Likes/Just Ok:

FullSizeRender (73).jpg

FullSizeRender (72).jpg



FullSizeRender (74).jpg

Redken Volumizing shampoo/conditioner: left icky residue in my hair and also dried it out
Lancome cream cleanser: also left residue. Felt like maybe a soap instead of detergent? Blech.
Clinique Smart oil: not moisturizing/effective
Paula's Choice retinol serum: broke me out
MB Whitening mask: drying, no discernible effect (foil was 2 full applications)
Clarins Exfoliating cleanser: too abrasive
Supergoop hand cream w/spf: the sunscreen made it too greasy    


Re: Empties

what are your thoughts on Pinrose treehouse royal I myself love it and bought a bottle before my sample ran out i had to have this particular perfume on tap Smiley Happy 

Re: Empties

Whoops, better late than never.





* I buy these in bulk (with the exception of the Sephora eye mask), so I love them all.





* Assured cotton rounds from the dollar store. Can't beat the price!



* KvD concealer samples. Cakey and awful on me!

* Charlotte Tilbury lipstick sample in Electric Poppy. It's a near perfect dupe for CT Amazing Grace, so what's the point of having both?





* Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta original peels. They're so expensive, so I'll try some others, but I'd really like to repurchase these.

* Glossier skin tint. My ride or die, and I've repurchased it several times. I'm trying a Dior cushion foundation now, but I'll be going back to this once that's finished.

* PTR 24k gold eye masks. Are these the first eye masks I like?! Pricy, but effective, and I've repurchased.



* Collagen Jelly Pack. Ick, I hated the sticky, filmy texture. I tried it a few times, but I need to get this the heck out of my house, I find it so gross.

* MAC lipstick in Runaway Hit. This cakes up so grossly on me for some reason, a problem I've never had with other MAC lipsticks. At least this was a freebie from Back to MAC.

* Nars Audacious mascara. I can't deal with this wand.


Special Don't Hoard Your Stuff Category:

I got a nice DS tube of Kiehl's Micro-Blur Skin Perfector two years ago as a GWP and put it aside until I finished some other foundations and primers. But it took so long to get through my other stuff that this went rancid in the meanwhile. Smiley Sad

Re: Empties

I hear you on Dr. Dennis Gross peels.  I keep trying other things, but inevitably I go back.  I try to wait and buy them when there is a really good discount or GWP and love that some sites through in a smaller pack as a bonus.

Re: Empties


Re: Empties

Love the styling on this photo.

Re: Empties

May Empties! Getting closer and closer to my goal of 50 each month. This month I had 45 empties - my YTD total has reached 201! Woohoo!!




Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 5.17.32 PM.png

Neutrogena Makeup Remover towelettes - I don't normally buy any makeup or skincare from the drugstore, but these wipes have made me question that. They work much better than a lot of high-end wipes that I've tried
Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover - the only eye makeup remover I'll use
Briogeo Scalp Revival Shampoo - already bought the full size. My hair felt great afterwards, and it's great for oily scalp/dandruff
Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Powder - I always repurchase this, it's great for setting and mattifying
L'Occitane Almond Body Lotion - mostly love it for the smell!
Sephora Collection Tinted Brow Freeze (Shade 3) - really good for days when I'm too lazy to fill in my brows with a pencil, lol. I noticed these were on sale the other day, I bought a bunch for $5 each while I could!
Sunday Riley CEO Moisturizer - loved the feel of this! It's expensive so I'd only purchase when I've gotten through some of my older moisturizers
Algenist Optical Illuminating Moisturizer - again, it's expensive, but I REALLY love this. It's my favorite illuminating moisturizer I've tried - the color is so nice, it gives a great shiny pink base. Will consider purchasing when I've used some other products up
Boscia Sake Treatment Water - this was a really nice first moisturizing step. My skin felt really nice when I was using it, and I think it did help my serums and moisturizers sink in to my skin better
OGX Fight Fallout Niacin & Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner - my hair felt really nice after using these! I only used them once so I have no idea if they really help with fallout, but since that's a concern for me, I bought full sizes of both and am going to try those out
Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action x2 - my skin felt really nice using this!



Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 5.17.16 PM.png

Sephora Collection Lotus Face Mask
Ole Henriksen Grease Relief cleansing wipes
Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer
Philosophy Fresh Cream 3-in-1
Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum
Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Peter Thomas Roth 24K Prism Cream
Pinrose Wild Child EDP wipe
Laura Gellar Spackle Tinted Primer
Julep Hydrating Cleansing Oil
Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer
YSL Mon Paris
L'Occitane Hand Cream
FAB Ultra Repair Cream
Tarte Rainforest of the Sea skin mist
Clinique DDML+
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
Matrix Biolage Color Last Conditioner
Oribe Gold Lust dry shampoo
Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment
Fave 4 Twice as Thick Thickening Cream
FAB Pure Skin Face Cleanser
Clarisea Rapid Detox Charcoal Face Exfoliant
Clarins UV Plus sunscreen
Jack Black The Stick lip balm
Jack Black Natural Mint & Shea Butter Lip Balm
Ouai Treatment Masque
Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate Shea Butter hair mask



Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 5.17.02 PM.png

Laura Gellar Glamlash mascara - I've very picky about mascaras. Just didn't do anything for me
Benefit Roller Lash mascara - again, didn't do anything for my lashes besides a little bit of definition
Philosophy Time in a Bottle serum - didn't work well on my skin, it kind of balled up as I tried to rub it in into my face. Definitely didn't go well with my moisturizer
Soap & Glory Hand Food - I've used this product before and liked it. However, this bottle had obviously gone bad or something - it was chunky and watery. I didn't receive it that long ago either. Very weird!

Re: Empties

I love the Algenist Illuminating moisturizer, too. It had really mixed reviews, and I hesitated buying it, but goodness, I could wear that with no foundation and look nice. I feel like the jar has so much product, lol, I don't know when I'll get through it. I was sent an SK-II illuminating moisturizer that I'm dying to try, and I feel like it's going to take forever to get to it, lol! It's nice to know that the De-Slick is good. So many powders disappoint. I may pick that up once I get through a few of my powders. @maddieb25

Re: Empties

May Empties

May 2017 Empties.jpg

Staples/Repurchases/products not new to me
-Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia Body Mist
-Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey body lotion
-Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne
-Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne
-Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask
-Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age
-Josie Maran Argan Oil
-Hylamide SubQ Eyes
-Algenist Ultimate Anti-aging Eye Cream
-Ren Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk
-Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser
-Nugg Hydrating Face Mask
-Shiseido Facial Cotton
-Tony Moly Propolis Sheet Mask
-Tony Moly Lemon Sheet Mask
-Tony Moly Tomato Sheet Mask

May 2017 Empties 2.jpg

Likes-would repurchase
-Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream
-Botanic Farm Salmon Egg Hydrogel Eye Patches
-Vivant Skin Care Exfol-A Forte
-Goodal Moisture Barrier Cream
-Karuna Anti-Oxidant Face Mask
-Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum
-Goodal Moisture Barrier Eye Cream
-Ren Ulta Moisture Day Cream
-Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence
(my 2nd deluxe sample-will definitely repurchase)
-Goodal Moisture Barrier Liquid

May 2017 Empties 3.jpg

1st two rows-just ok 
-PTR Un-Wrinkle 24k Gold Intense Wrinkle Sheet Mask
-SpaLife Avocado Facial Mask
-Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Sheet Mask
-In.gredients Greek Yogurt Cream Mask
-Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser
-Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment
-Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment
-GlamGlow Thirstycleanse Hydrating Cleanser
-Hylamide Low-Molecular HA
-Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

3rd Row-dislikes
-PTR 24k Gold Pure Luxury Cleansing Butter
-First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy Overnight Balm
-Sephora Collection Rose Sleeping Mask
-NIOD Flavanone Mud

Re: Empties

I spy lots of skin care goodies!  Love a good sheet mask.

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