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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

Wow, so much product!! I can barely pan an eyeshadow!! Very impressive. 

Re: Empties

Darn, that is impressive @sparklekai!!!

Re: Empties

@sparklekai Wow, I love this! Empties goals! Smiley Happy

Wow you did great! #2018goals

Wow you did great! #2018goals

Re: Wow you did great! #2018goals

i'm on mat leave until september so i wont use as much in 2018

Re: Empties

I need to post my empties soon.  I was procrastinating and had a whole pile and my dad misunderstood and thought they were trash (I mean, they are, I just wasn't ready to toss 'em yet) so now I don't have my full lot. :-(

Re: Empties

my mom and i have this convo every month! 


mom: is that garbage?

me: no - they're empties

mom: so garbage

me: kinda but not yet

Re: Empties


LovesLovesLikesLikesno fails. Most everything I have really liked. Repurchased the amika shampoo, Kate Somerville exfolikate and have more samples of the caudalie eye cream. 

Re: Empties

I'm just posting to see if this shows on the main page Smiley Happy

Re: Empties

Here’s my Empties I’ll have my fall Samples video up soon, but I put mini reviews on the other pictures.

All great choicesAll great choicesToo many to reviewToo many to reviewLove self tan on winter skin naturalLove self tan on winter skin natural

It's been awhile since my empties bag was full, definitel...

It's been awhile since my empties bag was full, definitely need to step it up in 2018



-Bath & Body Works shower gels, all of which are scents I love that they have long since discontinued, le sigh
-Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, a staple
-Lancome Genifique serum
-YSL Black Opium
-NYX Drop Foundation, surprising love
-ColourPop Too Lips, a favorite but this one expired
-Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
-Josie Maran Skin Finisher, great base, particularly when I get the occasional dry patch.

No complete fails, fortunately.  All other items were OK but didn't seem to do anything special.

December Empties: foils edition. I went traveling recentl...

December Empties: foils edition. I went traveling recently and challenged myself to use up a bunch

@Lazybeautybeast I love that Fresh mask!

@Lazybeautybeast I love that Fresh mask!

Re: Empties









- Drunk Elephant - C - firma Day Serum 

- Loccitaane - supple skin almond oil 

- Origins - United states of balance toner

- Peter thomas roth - Cloud Cream moisturizer this will be now forever in my skincare regimen 

Pinrose - Treehouse royal perfume (fastest bottle of perfume i have used so far. and I can't find this scent at sephora anymore! Smiley Sad 

- Jose maran argan oil whipped body butter - sweet citrus i like the unscented more though 

- Smashbox - Primer water setting mist

 - softsoap: coconut butter body wash

- Sunday Riley: good genes the grail of holy grails this will be forever now in my skincare regimen worth every pretty penny!!!

- Sunday Riley: Luna sleeping Night oil

- Too Faced 3 in one primer mist sample




- Me Bath! lavandar shower melts

 - Commoddity fragrance- gold (sephora sample vial size) (but still on the fence over whether to purchase it or not. 




- Laura mercier - foundation Primer

- h20 face serum

- Secret deoderant: lavender (i like some of the other scents from this line better)

RE: Re: Empties

How did you like Good Genes @WhereYouStand?

Re: RE: Re: Empties

hi bakeamuffin! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sunday Riley good genes! it's officially in my skincare regiment permanently now. Smiley Happy I really wish it was cheaper as I am already three fourths through a second bottle of good genes as we speak. which will likely be showing up in my next empties photo.

Re: Empties

Here are my empties for November 2017. Really good mix of product types this month. 


Love it (definitely will repurchase):



Just ok:







Disliked it (definitely will not repurchase):





Re: Empties

November empties had a good mix of foil and deluxe size samples. I’ve made good progress through the foil samples that I’ve accumulated but I’m still working my way through a bin of deluxe samples. It doesn’t help that I fall for the promos with those cute minis all the time😅LovesLovesLikesLikesNopesNopes



RE: Re: Empties

I bet your hair is so healthy and smooth right now @oceanics!

Re: RE: Re: Empties

I have coloured hair and the Caviar shampoo/conditioner has done such a wonderful job at keeping it soft and manageable @juliehnguye. 

Re: Empties

My November empties!




Macadamia Professionals Weightless Moisture Shampoo
Lush Lemony Flutter- I used this as a hand cream at night. You need the tiniest amount and it smells like candied lemons. I don't like lemon scents, but I like how this smells.
Philosophy Purity Made Simple- I've been using this daily (a.m.) for about 10 years now. It's not drying and doesn't bother my skin.
Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream- I've gone through a few jars of these. It's Lightweight moisture but I'm trying something new so I haven't repurchased this yet.
Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner- This is really moisturizing and has a light powder scent that doesn't interfere with perfume. I'm bummed it's being discontinued, this is what I use when I'm out of Snow Fairy.
Shiseido Facial Cotton- Soft, and doesn't fall apart. These are the only cottons I use on my face.
Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask- One of my favorite masks, it's super hydrating.


Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss- I don't know what color this is, it's not labeled. My one gripe about this is how often I had to reapply it. I mean, I like to think I'm realistic and don't expect gloss to last through meals but sometimes I felt like 2 drinks of water and it's gone. It's sheer, not sticky, and fades gracefully though. I will use up the other minis I have but I'm not sure if I would invest in a full size or not.
Lush Pink Custard Shower Jelly- This smells good and foams up really well. I normally cut these up into small chunks but I think I'm gonna try my next one whole and see how I like it.


Skin Laundry Hydrating Mask- My skin reacted to this so I wouldn't try it again. It didn't seem to have enough serum either, when I took it off there wasn't much to be rubbed into the skin.
Origins Ginzing Eye Cream- Not moisturizing enough and it does nothing for puffiness like it claims.
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