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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

I'll be keeping mine too.  I am hoping to go through some products before the bonus point days, but a girl can only use so much blush before she looks like a clown.  

Re: Empties

LOL!!! I must, I must, I must use up my blush!

Re: Empties

I've realized that this is impossible for me oh Well 😄

Re: Empties

PART_1375373188675.jpegI was having a hard time uploading my picture the first time but here it is!

Soap and Glory Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em Body Buff: it was good but I have a lot to try so I won't be repurchasing.

Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask by Lush(not pictured I forgot it opps!): Won't be repurchasing didn't really see a difference.

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask by Lush: Won't be repurchasing

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner by Lush: Already have another one!!

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask by Lush: Loved this one! Definitely repurchasing

Head & shoulder Damage Rescue Conditioner: Smells nice but I didn't really think it did amazing things. 

Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid Spf 15: Already repurchased 🙂

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum: Already repurchased 🙂

Befine gentle cleaner: Won't repurchase it was an okay cleanser but the consistency went weird quickly

Kerastate Elixir Ultimate: It was good but I'm not wowed, I've tried better hair oils

Hope in a  Jar: Already have this one as well ;)!

Re: Empties

I love Lush - I have never tried the face masks.  I dearly love the solid shampoos and bath bombs.  I haven't gone in there in a while, I sort of can't trust myself in that store.  

Re: Empties

You went through quite a bit! I refuse to switch cleansers after Purity LOL

Re: Empties

I am sooo annoyed right now! I have pictures that I really want to post of my empties but every single pic is too big to attach! Arrrggtthhh!!!! Well these are my emtpies, I'll try to upload a pic again later. >_<


1. alaffia everyday coconut face wash

2. sibu beauty sea buckthorn daytime facial cream

3. origins mega bright skin tone correcting serum

4. sibu beauty sea buckthorn purifying mask

5. juice organics pomwash facial cleanser

6. thayers alcohol free toner, rosepetal

7. mariah carey lollypop splash the remix never forget you fragrance

8. neutrogena pure and free liquid sunscreen

9. neutrogena pure and free liquid sunscreen

10. buxom full on lip polish, april

11. buxom full on lip polish, dolly

12. make up for ever smoky extravagant mascara

13. ren hydra calm global protection day cream

14. origins checks and balances cleanser

15. nars orgasm/laguna duo

16. aubrey organics silken earth translucent base, porcelain

17. clinique take the day off cleansing balm

Re: Empties

Once I put it all together I realized I did I felt so proud! Lol Purity is just such a good basic cleanser, I sometimes switch when my skin is being weird but I can always go back to Purity

Re: Empties

Also forgot Purity by Philosophy... I also already have another deluxe sample lol

Re: Empties

Totally jealous of the Lush face mask!!

Re: Empties

I feel like they're usually hit or miss with me, I end up using them because they don't break me out and I've already bought them but besides Catastrophe Cosmetic I'm not a huge fan, yet I keep getting more! lol

Re: Empties

If i had a Lush store near me i'd be getting them all the time! I've tried 4 different ones, And i liked them! I'm so jealous of anyone who has a store near them. 

Re: Empties

Oh that sucks! And they don't last too long so you can't even buy them in bulk or something like that 😞 

Re: Empties

I know it really sucks! I wish they would find a way to ship them from their site, package them in a refrigerated cooler or something! I would so pay extra for something like that. 

Re: Empties

Well if you ever get to go visit a Lush go on a Friday, thats usually when their mask are the freshest! So you could get one that last 3 weeks maybe 🙂

Re: Empties

Ahh i hope sometime soon!

Re: Empties

I love these posts.  Right now I don't have anything empty, but hopefully soon.  And I'll update then.  

Re: Empties

Me too! I feel like I never use enough product for it to empty. How are you gals doing this??

Re: Empties

This thread helps me remember to (a) try to use something up instead of just getting bored and moving to something else and (b) throw empties in a bag and save up for snapshot and sharing!


I almost never use up skincare and makeup, but I'm trying to do better about that and see how using things consistently will do for me!  I'm also going to go through my samples and try to group them together to use up.  Also, I've recently had to throw out some older deluxe samples, so I kind of realized it's silly to hoard these things if they will just go bad eventually! 

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