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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

Oooh, my turn to ask: How were the porefessional and philosophy clear days ahead? I have a tiny porefessional tube, but haven't tried yet. 

Re: Empties

The Porefessional I'm kind of mixed on- while I like the smoothing effect it has on my skin/pores, I feel it makes liquid foundation easier to slide/transfer off my skin. Haven't tried it with my powder foundation oddly enough.


The Philosophy I really liked! Nice smooth texture, pleasant smell and definitely helps with acne.  I've got another tube of DDF's Salicylic Acid Treatment to use- I'm trying to figure out which of the two of these works better. DDF is definitely better price/oz but I'd be happy to repurchase the Philosophy if it works better Smiley Happy

Re: Empties

May Empties!


Top is YESES

YTTP Age Prevention & Firming Serum - this is one of those status quo products for me. Do I look younger? No. Did it make my skin bright and firm? Yes

PMD Moderate disc - a constant repurchase

Odacite Jo+L - another constant repurchase, I use this every single day

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows & Lashes - loved both of these. The Lashes is one of my favourite mascaras, and I really love the simplicity of the brows, though I dislike how small the product is.

Mahalo The Unveil - an absolutely gorgeous cleanser. My wallet will cry when I finally purchase a full size.

Leaves of Trees Lavender Tangerine deoderant - a natural deo that smells nice and works well. I dislike their FS packaging but the product actually works so I can't complain.

Mahalo The Bean - a lovely detoxifying but hydrating mask.  My favourite new mask of 2017 - it plumps my skin and leaves it feeling so silken. Already repurchased.

NARS Soft Velvet loose powder - I use this mostly in my t-zone but it does what it says and looks natural.



Odacite CAR - I never buy this. I always end up with bottles of it from GWP and every time I finish one, I still can't decide if I want to continue.  It doesn't do anything bad, but I still don't know if it does enough good.

Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter - maybe I got a bad batch or maybe they've reformulated, but it seemed a lot thinner textured than it used to be.  Wasn't a fan.

Blithe Vital Treatment Nourishing Beans - I've tried a few different essence type products over the years and I think I'm still of the mind that I don't need them in my routine.  The Beans are nice, but I don't think I'll repurchase.

DDG Ferulic + Retinol Peel - I haven't used these consistently enough to form an opinion.



Leaves of Trees Persian Lime deodorant - Persian Lime sounds like it would be really nice, right? Well it is for about 5 minutes. Then the coriander (which I neglected to notice in the INCI list) takes over and makes me smell like curry and BO.  No thanks.

Odacite Green Tea Mint Purifying Toner - I just don't like this. If I used it on my face, the mint would irritate my skin.  To finish it up I ended up using it in my hair and on the back of my neck when I needed to cool down.

Re: Empties

Thinner Body Shop cream?! No! That would be so disappointing. I love their limited edition blueberry one. Bought 3 back ups, hahaha. @Mochapj

Re: Empties

@ClassicallyFab it really was Smiley Sad


It was the weirdest thing - I really wonder if I got part of a bad batch.

Re: Empties

@Mochapj Did you call them about it? I'm curious what they'll say. I love the richness of their lotions. Let me know if you get an explanation?

Re: Empties

@ClassicallyFab I didn't at the time but I might reach out to them for curiousity's sake just because it was so bizarre.

Re: Empties

Yeah, do. Let us know. 👍🏻

Re: Empties

January empties (52)- got through a lot this month! Took lots of foils/DS on vacation earlier in the month, that helped a lot. Then my boyfriend was like, why are you bringing your trash home? hahah






Sephora Foot mask

Josie maran face butter- used this on my body- argan doesn't do well on my face

NYX studio powder (already repurchased)

Tatcha indigo body butter- there are much more effective ones out there, but I love the scent of this

Tatcha indigo hand cream- same ^

Korres body wash

L'occtaine almond body lotion

beauty blender

Benefit girl meets pearl- tossing b/c it's at least 4 or 5 years old, found at the bottom of a drawer. I have other things like it in my collection now but will consider a repurchase if I run out of everything

Dr Brandt NNM 3D filler

PTR unwrinkle night

PTR unwrinkle turbo DS (not pictured)

Dr. Dennis gross AB peels (not pictured)

Smashbox soft lights blush 

Dr. Jart tiger grass cream

DR. Jart ceramadin cream

Stila tinted moisturizer

Tatcha camilla cleansing oil

Sephora express eye makeup remover wipes

Lancer polish

Farmacy coconut hydrating sheet mask

Crest Whitestrips
Pixi glow tonic to go- my first pixi use, really liked it!



Okays: wouldn't buy but would maybe use, didn't cause any ill side effects.




Karuna antioxidant mask- it was okay, the serum left my face feeing SO sticky and had to wash off before completing my routine.

Caudalie micellar water: didn't get everything 

Ouai hair oil- not bad, but not my favorite. Did really like the mild scent.

Orgins plantscriptions eye cream

LP no frizz hair oil- yeah I had frizz. It was okay as an oil but didn't live up to the claims

UP and UP cotton balls- 

Ouai shampoo/conditioner- were okay, not as hydrating as my normal and I have super dry hair, so not for me.

Raico hotel lotion- fine.. not great.

Shisedo sunscreen- worked okay but very thin and dehydrating to my dry skin

MD solar science sunscreen- no issues

Sephora pearl undereye patches- no major improvements

Perricone MD firm serum

Fresh soy cleanser

Guerlain abilie royal night cream- okay, not as hydrating as HG creams for me

IT confidence in a cream- this was fine on my face, not as hydrating as I'd like. since I have lots of HG things for my face, I ended up using as a hand cream.

PTR rose cleanser

PTR irish moor mud cleanser

Tony moly cleanser

Kiehls line reducing concentrate







Tokyomilk lip balm- I LOVE the formula but it is too strongly scented for me

R&CO death valley dry shampoo- okay formula, also a scent thing. I can smell it on myself for at least a couple hours, if not more. I get migraines easily and that just doesn't jive with me. 

UP and UP rounds- scratchy.. ended up using for nail polish only

Drunk elephant framboos- broke out

RMS wipe- came dried out

Ole henriksen- tossing an old jar, but my skin doesn't get along with this anymore

Orbie apres beach- took to the beach, still looked like a hot mess after.. 


Re: Empties

Love the BF comment...silly boy. I always forget to save my empties at home so I'm super impressed with your skill!! I had a similar experience with DE Framboos. Irritated itchy skin and I noticed a strange scent the third time I used it. Could it go rancid after being open for only a month?

Re: Empties

I'm not sure @petitesweetmom.. Even after the first use I could tell it wasn't for me, and I don't have sensitive skin at all. Could it go bad that quick in the pump?

Re: Empties

I thought it was too fast to go bad and I don't have sensitive skin either. Chalking it up to "not for me". Thanks for sharing your empties and review!

Re: Empties

So many great empties and the wood in the background is really gorgeous, such lovely grain!  Also impressed you seem to have used up a blush completely.

Re: Empties

Thanks! And the blush had to have been 6 or 7 years years old? Thinking about it, kinda gross.. I have another one also on it's last legs! 

Re: Empties

October Empties!

Loves: FullSizeRender-2.jpg

Standouts for me were the gimme brow (already ordered the full size), Kiss my Face Lotion (love, love, love the scent.  Have to get through 20 other lotions before I can get another one though!), and Kat von D Concealer (dying to pick one up, but I have way too many others to get through first).

Likes: FullSizeRender-4.jpg

Nothing too remarkable, but I got through a few foils and deluxe sizes this month, yay!  I've been keeping a box of them on my counter, and my goal is to use at least one a day.  I'm probably most proud of finishing the three perfume vials - I have the worst time finishing perfume samples!



Estee Edit Lipsticks - drying, and just terrible, terrible colors.  
Paula's Choice Resist Anti Wrinkle Serum - so, so, so sticky, and no results. So glad this is finally through!
Living Proof Style Extender - nope.  Made my hair feel dirty and limp.
First Aid Deep Cleanser - This probably would have been a just okay if the packaging hadn't broken and leaked all over everything! 
Shaveworks The Cool Fix - Dear god, no.  Absolutely not.  Burns like the dickens - even when I put it on skin that hasn't been shaved. Seriously, the CIA should use this in interrogations.  Just awful!


Re: Empties

YOWZA! Awesome job on using up all of these in one month. 


What were your thoughts on the cinnamon toothpaste? I used to love Crest (or maybe it was Colgate) that made a cinnamon toothpaste but it got discontinued. I've been on the hunt for a more natural toothpaste too so the product you used up looks interesting.

Re: Empties

@blondesluv2shop I love the cinnamon toothpaste - if you like cinnamon, I think you would love it.  The only moderately alarming thing for me at first is that it is sort of strange lightly tinted yellow/orange color?  It threw me off at first, but now I don't even notice.  They also make a mint version that is delicious (sort of a mild sweet mint).  I definitely recommend - it is Xyliwhite Toothpaste by NOW foods (should be available at most health food stores).  It lasts forever too - giant tubes, and not very expensive for a natural toothpaste. 


I try to avoid fluoride and be more natural in general in my dental products, and it has made a world of difference for me health wise. Smiley Happy


Re: Empties

Every month I think I'm kicking butt on empties and using up foils/samples but then I see posts like this - amazing job!

Re: Empties

@JoannaMarieC @kelloua - it is seriously only thanks to this thread that I ever got started on my alarming number of samples.  The thing that has made the biggest difference for me is that I keep two boxes on my bathroom counter, one with daytime samples and one with nighttime samples, and try to use at least one from each of the boxes every day.  I also have a plastic container on the edge of my shower/bathtub with bath or shower samples.  Good thing I don't have to share a bathroom, since it isn't the prettiest set up... but it seems to be working so far. Smiley Wink

Re: Empties

@JoannaMarieC I know right!  Some ladies here are seriously amazing when it comes to using up foils and samples.  Every month it's inspiration for me to dip into my sample stash even more.  I'm on a business trip right now and I know this thread served as a reminder to take foils with me!

Re: Empties

October Empties! I am proud of these, there are a lot of FS products, including both a powder (not *totally* used up, but too hard-panny to finish the dregs), and my first ever FS eyeshadow! It's an old-formula MUFE one.


Loves - Have or Would Repurchase


FullSizeRender (24).jpg

FullSizeRender (30).jpg


Meh - Would use again but not pay full price


FullSizeRender (22).jpg

FullSizeRender (32).jpg


Nope - never again. Some of these I couldn't even finish.


FullSizeRender (26).jpg

Exuviance Glycolic moisturizer - Ulta GWP or I would have returned it. Apparently I am not a fan of acids in my moisturizers; they can stay in my serums/exfoliators where they belong. In addition to a weird smell and weirder sticky/dry texture, this one broke me out badly. I tried using it on my neck to finish it up, and it broke out my NECK. I have never had neck pimples before - very much not a fan. Tossing it away half-used.

Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel - I dislike the "it's dry skin" gimmick, when it's clearly just the gel itself peeling. Also it did nothing for me that I could see, and the peely gel was a pain to wash off.

Butter London Iconoclast mascara - too wet, hated the applicator
Various Commodity scents from the trial set that I just didn't like - Gin, Wool, Tea, Mimosa
Estee Edit Photo gloss - toooo sticky, and did nothing for the color of my teeth.
Ulta eye primer - too dry and hard to apply smoothly.
Shiseido face/body sunscreen - too heavy/greasy for my face
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