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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

Slowly but steadily trudging along; last year I hit 370 and didn't think I'd come close to it this year, but it looks like I will meet or even beat that after all. YTD 355!




BBW Candle (Grateful, aka Apple Cardamom & Crisp): fantastic spicy apple scent, true love.


FAB Ultra Repair Cream Pink Grapefruit: I like FAB cream, and used to love this scent, but suddenly I can't stand the smell of either of these tubes. Perhaps they've gone bad, or else my nose has changed, not sure which, but these are declutters. 


Hempz Sandalwood & Apple lotion: I adore the scent of this one! A warm, woodsy apple, not sweet, not too dry either. The lotion itself is nice as well, plenty moisturizing for a daily hand or body lotion for me.


Murad Prebiotic 4-in-1 Cleanser: This was a nice cleanser, not too drying, but cleansed my oily skin well. I have one more I'm working to finish off. I won't buy it as I have plenty of cheaper options that I'd purchase first, but this falls into the "would use again" category.


Lip Smacker Dr Pepper balm: just a basic staple, a cheap daily balm that's a true love.


CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion: I love some tubes of this, but sometimes I get one like this one that feels a little slick to me, almost like it doesn't soak in. I dunno what that's about, but it reinforces my belief that my fave CeraVe moisturizer is the regular lotion, not this specific facial one. I've got a few more of these, Ulta loves to drop them in multiple gwp bags all the time, so I'll use them up, but I'll stick to buying the other one when I need more.


Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C: neat concept where you mix the serum and powder when you open it, reducing the chances of it oxidizing before using it. I found this a few weeks ago buried in my stash, and pulled it out to test because I was sure that even without being mixed, it surely would have gone bad by now (likely 3ish years old, maybe more? I think code AA7 might be 2017...whoops!), but no, it was fine, surprisingly. It took about 2.5-3 weeks for it to start to yellow dramatically, and I only used it a couple of times a week, so I didn't get to finish it off before it turned, but all in all, it's a good system for adding longevity to a product that isn't all that shelf stable. I've got a couple more that I'll pull out at some point soon.


Fizz & Bubble Shower Steamer (Relax-Black Amber & Lavender): the F&B shower cubes can be hit or miss, but this smelled really nice, especially considering that I normally dislike lavender. I have one more that I'll be happy to use!




Sheet masks: I still adore Biobelle, and the Dearpacker one was nice, plenty hydrating. I dislike The Oozoo one, but am relieved I have finished off 3 of the 5 now. It's not a bad mask, I just don't like milky serums in general, and this one is touch slimy for my taste as well. Good hydration though. 


Re: Empties

@RGbrown, great job on your empties! 🙌🏼 Love that Dr Pepper LipSmacker.  I can’t remember when exactly I first used it, probably in my teens. I’ve had a tube of it ever since then so it definitely earns HG status! 😃 

Re: Empties


*mild panic setting in*

Lip Smacker is having a Cyber Monday sale (50% off sitewide, gwp and free ship at $25), and while I have no business buying more, I just wanted to see what sorts of sets they had this year, and...






Dr Pepper is nowhere to be found on their site 😲😫😩


ETA: they're selling for up to $10-12 each on eBay now too 😣

Re: Empties

@RGbrown Ruh oh! Keep an eye out at Claire's and Walmart, that's where I find mine at. 

Re: Empties


Claire's, eh? I haven't thought of them in years, but found they've still got a couple of stores around here...will have to check them out. Thanks!! 

Re: Empties

@RGbrown Yep!!

Re: Empties

What?!!! No Dr Pepper lip smackers on the site @RGbrown?!! It doesn’t sound good that they’re on eBay for that markup. Are they discontinuing it? 😲 

Re: Empties


It certainly appears that way 😣🥺😢

Re: Empties

@RGbrown Great work! That Hempz sounds nice. 

Re: Empties


Thanks so much! The Hempz is fantastic...I like it enough that I picked up a couple of big bottle last year even though I had no business buying lotions 🤣

Re: Empties

@RGbrown hahaha!

Re: Empties

Amazing job on all of the empties, @RGbrown!! I find that that clinique vitamin C is really good, but the packaging is too much for me. 

Re: Empties


Thank you!

The Clinique is a neat concept, but it still goes bad so quickly that I'm not sure it's worth it.

Re: Empties

I went into the bathroom last night to grab my empties for pics, and somehow wound up spending an hour dusting my makeup and perfume?? Found some long lost items that need to be tossed, so this batch is some empties with a few declutters thrown in 🗑


YTD 342


Notes in the spoilers






Sand + Fog Tahitian Vanilla candle: I picked this up for $10 at TJ Maxx, and wow, worth every penny! This is my ideal vanilla, warm, with a touch of sweet, but not overly cloying. Excellent throw, great burn time, and it burned well without tunneling. Would absolutely repurchase!

BBW Aromatherapy Conditioning Foot Cream (Eucalyptus Spearmint): The formula on this line of foot creams is almost exactly the same as the old True Blue Spa line. Very similar ingredient lists between the two, with just a few things in a different order. I loved TBS, and love this one too. The scent is heavy on the eucalyptus, where I wish it focused more on the mint, but overall, it's a very good cream, very thick and rich.

Smashbox Primerizer: This works well for me alone as a summer daytime moisturizer, and adds an extra layer of hydration in conjunction with a regular moisturizer in the winter. Love it, and have more.

Klorane Dry Shampoo (loose powder): Works ok, but tends to lead to build up and flakies on my scalp, and I absolutely cannot get past the scent, it's kind of a musty, powdery smell that assaults my nose. The bottle is terrible as well (but I decant powders into a different one anyways...I have an old Alterna bottle that while it isn't perfect, it works reasonably well).

Klorane Nourishing Leave-In Cream with Mango Butter: I used this in place of my curl cream/gel step, and it's definitely not meant to replace that, but I can't be bothered to add an extra step to my routine, and you know what? While it's decidedly not a curl cream, the moisture helped tame a bit of frizz and worked pretty dang well as an alternative, helping define my curls a smidge more. While I'm not running out to buy more, this falls into "I'd use it again" territory.

Skyn Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels: fine, just trying to use 'em up.

Oozoo Water Bang Hydrating Mask: So I have spent the last year using up way old sheet masks, ones that expired as far back as 2017 (!), and I finally get caught up only to find this one has dang near dried out in the pouch, even though it hadn't expired! It was still a wee bit wet, so I slapped it on anyways, but 5 minutes later, I was peeling it off my face because it was dry dry dry. Meh, whatever, it was the only one I had.

Leaders Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask: As someone who doesn't really care about most sheet masks, I like this line pretty well. These are probably one of the few I'd consider repurchasing if I ever want more masks in the future.






Way back in 2019, I decided I was going to try self tanners, so I hoarded every sample and mini that came my way. Unfortunately, it never took off for me, I just never got into it, but the container I had put all of these into got shoved way up under a shelf and I completely forgot it existed until I ran across it last night. The Farmacy sunscreen and all of the Dermalogica ones were in the same container, and they expired in 2020, so those have to go as well...while I'll ignore exp dates on a lot of things, sunscreen is definitely not one of them.

Jack Black Oil Free Sun Guard 45 is a decent sunscreen, and whoops it should have been in the first pic, but I apparently get confused easily lol. A little slick/shiny, I mostly reserve it for yard work or non-makeup days, but I like having it on hand. This tube is 80%-ish gone, but expired earlier this year, so it's gotta go. I have another though!

Sara Happ The Fuchsia Slip has a godawful strong rose scent, big no for me. Butter London Sheer Wisdom Lip Oil is (was)...fine...but I never wore it much and it's starting to smell a bit off, so I may as well toss it. Yensa Lip Oil is a big no for me, it feels slimy. And the Ulta Lip Butter has turned as well. 


Re: Empties

@RGbrown Funny that you use an old Alterna bottle for your loose powder dry shampoo - b/c I do the exact same thing!  I'm glad I saved a couple when Alterna changed the formula and bottle.  (I think they re-formulated yet again, and might be back to the "old" back.)  I'm sorry that you didn't care for the Klorane loose powder dry shampoo.  It's been a staple for me for years.  I like how it works, and to me it is low-odor which I really appreciate.

Re: Empties


The Alterna bottle has been pretty decent to me! It's not perfect, and I'm not sure there is a "perfect" solution for spraying out powders, but it's better than any other bottle I've ever tried. I don't even remember if I liked the Alterna dry shampoo or not at this point, but the bottle has been handy!

Re: Empties

@RGbrown Oh - I didn't realize you were spraying the loose powder.  Does this look like the kind of bottle you use?  



I use one that looks more like this:



Just curious, is all 🙂

Re: Empties


Oh, I had no idea they made more than one! I've got the pump style one (that purple one exactly)

Re: Empties

@RGbrown They've gone through a few different version.  I believe this is the one they are currently selling:



Re: Empties

@RGbrown So sad about all of your declutters but I totally get it--if it doesn't work for you there's no point in forcing yourself to use it.

Re: Empties


Yeah, I've got so much stuff I like that I'm just not willing to try and force a use of something I find iffy or bleh, and I'm certainly not looking to force a whole new category (like self-tanners) to become a thing for me lol. Sometimes it's best just to let something go and move on!

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