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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

@nuinui933 I love that Botanic Farm cleansing balm.


Spring Empties, but only focusing on loves that I have/would repurchase and masks.

Re: Empties

@IndyQT317 - All your sheet masks look so good, so does the boscia cleansers.

Re: Empties

The latest batch; notes in the spoiler 😊



Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix with Wintered Red Algae: I've noticed a few folks calling this a nope because it can be gritty, but I think maybe application technique can play a role. I squeeze a bit onto my finger and really rub it in...I think the heat/friction melts it really well, and my lips just soak it up. It became my favorite night balm, sealed in with a coat of lip oil. My lips stayed the softest they ever have through winter (though still not perfect, so I'm always on the hunt for better. In the mean time, I have more of this and will happily use every last one).

PTR Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: my favorite scrub/exfoliant mask. I only use it every couple of weeks or so because I have lots of exfoliants to get through, but I always look forward to it and will never be without it.

Zoya Remove+: best nail polish remover on the market. I never thought a fancy one would make a difference, but it really does. I can do a true waterless manicure because it doesn't dry my hands out or leave a stinky residue, making me want to wash them and apply lotion after using it. 

Exuviance Soothing Toning Lotion: alcohol-free, and it has PHAs instead of AHAs (they are at least slightly gentler). This felt nice, did a good job of removing any residue that might have been left after cleansing, and was a gentle daily exfoliating toner. I could see myself buying it again in the future, but I have a few other toners to get through first.

Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate: lovely product. Creamy texture, but with an almost matte finish, and it worked well under makeup. It didn't displace Exuviance's vitamin C as my favorite, but I would absolutely use it again.

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser: as I'm getting older, some of the "deep cleansers" are getting to be too drying for me, but this one was fine. Cleansed well without being overly drying; it reminded me a bit of the PTR black cleanser. My only minor quibble is this is too thin to be in a tube...if I didn't remember to lay it on its side for a few seconds before opening, it would just come pouring out lol

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb: I'm not a floral scent person AT ALL, but this one is ok every now and again. The sample leaked in transit and only had a couple of uses anyways Smiley Tongue

Leaders Balancing Recovery Mask: I fear I'm mixing up two Leaders masks in my head, but I think this one was a bit too thick for didn't want to lay flat and kept popping up in bubbles and wrinkles. But all in all, it was a passable mask, good moisture. Would use again.

Sebastian Dry Clean Only Dry Shampoo: I really like the scent on this one, it's more of a unisex scent, woody/herbal, as opposed to the floral or perfumey scents that many makers use. It's got a bit more texture than I like for something I would use on a daily basis, but I found that using this one one night, and then using my Bumble loose powder on subsequent nights was the way to go...a touch of volume without the stiff buildup that can accumulate after multiple uses. Not bad on the white stuff scale, and did a good job of removing oil. Would use again.

Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm: way thinner than I would have guessed for a "balm", and it wasn't all that moisturizing. I use foot lotion every night before bed, and want something fairly thick and rich, and this was not it. On the flip side, if you are using foot stuff right before slipping on some sandals, this would be right up your alley. It absorbed well and didn't leave any sort of residue. The tea tree oil makes the scent less than appealing for many (myself included).

ApotheCARE Essentials The Booster Shampoo: I gave up on volumizing hair stuff years and years ago after I realized that while it might make my hair fluffy for a while, all of a sudden one day I'd realize that my hair felt like straw. This did nothing to change my mind on that front...while it did good job of cleaning my hair, it was a bit drying. I followed up with various moisture conditioners, and the results were all in all just fine, but I didn't like feeling that I needed to neutralize the drying-ness of the shampoo.

Algenist Genius Sleeping Collagen: too thick for me. It didn't cause milia (thankfully), but it was a beast to mix with my oil and azelaic acid, and I just prefer a lighter texture in my moisturizer. 

Cannuka CBD Hydrating Lip Balm: I so wanted to love this, but it is waaaayyyy too soft for my taste. Think Fresh Sugar balms, possibly even softer. It soaked in ok, but disappeared from my lips way too quickly, and forget putting it in your pocket if you are out and becomes a melty mess with just the slightest bit of warmth. 

R+Co Atlantis moisturizing shampoo & conditioner: The shampoo left my hair feeling dirty and gritty, and the conditioner weighed it down and made it look oily. Not a winning combo for me. 

Re: Empties

Another month with a lot of trash!


These are the NO's.  The Playa is really thick.  DryBar On the Rocks is drying.  Didn't like the smell of the hand cream, the Fresh face wash, or the Burt's Bees.  The mascara is Tarte, just didn't work for me.

May no.jpg

These are all things that were OK or I liked, but there is something I prefer that does the same thing, or they just weren't a love.

May OK.jpg

These are all things I have or will buy again.  Many are items I've used for years.

May yes.jpg


And some makeup I finally am tossing, some is over 10 years old.  :eek:  Bad colors for me or too much shimmer for my more mature eyes.  And a tube of concealer that is totally the wrong color.


RE: Empties

Kinda sad that this Broccoli sheet mask is used! It was incredible! My skin feels sooo hydrated and brightened it up beautifully. I squeezed out every bit of leftover essence in the pouch and made it last for 3 additional days! Loved it that much!!! The Ouai Wave Spray....still on the fence. Product works well, but I am just not sure how I feel about texture sprays. I like soft, bouncy hair....not sure if I love the desire for grit, even on dirty hair day...

Re: Empties

Just one but I really l liked it and would repurchase ❤️ Smells like vanilla or eggnog and not eggs 😂E8AE6157-B2A3-47C7-AE74-513B8BE772BD.jpeg

Re: Empties

@2manyperfumes ,

Your description of this scent completely changes my mind about wanting to ever try this product!  For the positive!  Thank you!

Re: Empties

@tsavorite it pleasantly surprised me that it worked better than anticipated and smelled nice lol.  More like baked goods not sulphur lol.  

Re: Empties

Oooh @2manyperfumes ! I’ve been wondering about this one. I love the masks in this line and pick a pack up whenever there is a discount. I’ll keep your review in mind. 

Re: Empties

It’s similar to my snail cream which I thought gross and now it’s one of my faves lol that smells nice haaa I’ll see if I can find a photo I have it on my IG page by Bio Max.  

Re: Empties

@2manyperfumes This line really scares me because of that giant EGG written on the bottle. I imagine that it smells like omelet and has raw-egg consistency which I know it’s absolutely ridiculous but it’s stuck in my mind and therefore I don’t think I ever be brave enough to try this product😂🤦🏼‍♀️

Re: Empties

I've tasked myself with using up some packets, so while it's only been two weeks since my last post, I've got a pretty sizable stash of trash this time around. Notes in the spoilers!

IMG_20190601_141839185.jpgTrue Love

Biobelle Beauty Scoop sheet mask: still my favorite sheet mask brand; the fit, the fabric, the moisture, the lack of scent...all top notch.

Freeman Moisturizing Hydrogel Mask: I like most gel masks, and this was no exception. Fresh coconut sent, 2 piece construction with great fit, and it stayed in place. Excellent moisture. Ulta doesn't carry this particular mask, but if I ever see them out and about again (I found this at Rite Aid while all of my stores were closing) I won't hesitate to grab more.

Wella FusionPlex Intense Repair Mask: I have fallen head over heels for the entire FusionPlex line, and once I finish off some more hair stuff in my stash, I'm 99.9% certain that this will be the shampoo/conditioner/mask in my shower. I have some more minis to tide me over until then.

Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask: magic in a jar. This clay mask does a great job soaking up excess oil, but somehow also manages to fill and plump fine lines and make my skin look firmer, smoother, and younger. Will continue buying for eternity, even though I can't afford to use it as often as I'd like lol.
Tula Purifying Face Cleanser: I was 100% sure I would hate this once I popped the seal and smelled it, but it turns out this may very well be my all time favorite face wash. It's a thick gel that foams up a bit, but the foam almost turns's hard to explain, but it's definitely different from most foaming cleansers. The scent is a bit woody, a bit fruity, a bit took a little getting used to, but now I adore it. It cleanses really well without stripping or drying out my skin. I came thiiiiiis close to buying a full size recently, but I have too many cleansers samples to work through first, so this will have to sit on my faves list for a while longer.

IMG_20190601_142022590.jpgI really really like you; let's do this again sometime

These are all excellent for me; I would most likely buy with the right deal, or perhaps go out of my way to get a gwp if one or more of them were in it.

Leaders 7 Wonders Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask: light fresh scent (perhaps a bit coconutty, or is that just the power of suggestion? lol). Good fit. The material is a bit slippery and getting it on can be tricky, but once in place, it adheres well. Nice moisture. If you accidentally let it dry out completely, it's prone to tear into a couple or three pieces as you take it off, but it's still easy to remove.

Ulta SPF30 Lip Balm (Pomegranate): this may displace Burt's Bees as my staple/everyday balm. It's slightly thicker in texture, so it hangs around on my lips longer, but it doesn't feel waxy or overly's just a nice balm. It's also a tad cheaper. It's not the absolute best balm on the market for super dry lips or anything like that, but it's a good cheap option for folks like me that have a bit of an addiction to the balm application process. And the SPF is a bonus. I still have several BB left to finish off, but I could see myself getting more of these in the future (plus I also have the watermelon and coconut flavors in the wings to try soon Smiley Happy )

Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel: Really nice and lightweight with good moisture. 

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment: also really nice. Heavier than the Biossance, but still not too heavy for my oily skin.

FAB Ultra Repair Barriair Cream: I finished off a full size jar via gratis, and liked it fine, but after using a couple of other moisturizers and coming back to this packet, it's moving up the faves list. Rich but light, fragrance free, mixes well with my oil, and just does an all around good job. Hate the jar, but would love mini tubes.

FAB Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum: a nice extra layer of hydration. I have a few more samples, more FAB and some assorted brands, but I could see myself buying this in the future.

FAB Coconut Water Cream: a nice lightweight moisturizer option. Great for daytime use on my oily skin.

IMG_20190601_142234256.jpgNot awe-inspiring, but passable

These are all "would use again if I got it in a gwp, but won't buy"

Sephora Almond Foot Mask: this is a nice product, and it does a good job of moisturizing my feet, but I don't find it any better than the Cala foot masks ($5 for 3 at TJM). Miiight pick up one or two here and there if I need a filler for a good promo, but it's not something I'll go out of my way for without that incentive.

Exuviance Super Retinol Concentrate: it's so hard to get a feel for a retinol with a tiny sample since results can take time. I've used several different retinols over the years now, and this seemed didn't irritate me, and my skin didn't seem to backslide significantly while using it. 

Pacifica Crystal Power Hydro Mist: I had a momentary brain lapse and forgot to check ingredients before buying this; it has witch hazel in it, which I normally avoid. I used it up as an essence, and all in all it was ok for that, but it's not the most hydrating essence out there. 

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream: This was my first time trying Tidal, and the scent was enough to put me off pretty strongly. I'd try it again as a mini (can't tell much from a packet anyways), but it's definitely not a product I'd go out of my way to find.

Amorepacific Vintage Single Extract Essence: very nice, but it wasn't really enough to see if there are any longer-term results that would justify the price. 

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat: the product itself probably should have been in the "really really like" picture, but the micro bottle is so obnoxious that it got downgraded lol. As a top coat, it's pretty dang wonderful...dries super-fast, and has nice shine. The tiny bottle with its tiny brush was a headache though. After about three uses, the polish is too low to get much on the brush, and it presents all sorts of challenges trying to use it. I was only able to finish this one off completely because I have two of them, and used this one to refill the other one. My second bottle will now sit for a while, and if I ever buy a full size, I can dump it into that one. 

Tula Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pad: this was kinda neat. It's a two-sided is fluffy white material, which starts breaking down as you rub it on your face, leaving white fibers behind. The second side is a thin layer of slightly textured plasticky stuff, which you then use to lightly scrub. The scrubbing action is extremely gentle...the fibers are soft, and the pad itself isn't scratchy or gritty at all. I have tons of exfoliants as it is, and I actually like a stiffer scrub, but this was a nice change of pace for me. Sharp citrus scent (which I liked). 

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream: I finished off a mini of this not too long ago, and while I really liked the mini, I found this packet to be a completely different texture. Weird. This was more creamy, as opposed to the moussey texture of the tube. I wonder if the packet packaging kinda squished all the air out of the product? Or maybe my tube was the oddball, not sure. 

Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels: I just use eye gels for the sake of using them up. My under eyes aren't particularly dry or in need of much special attention IMHO, but these are fun. They cling well and have a light fresh/citrus scent that I find pleasing.

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream: the closest thing I've ever found to Bumble's Don't Blow It (which is my HG, all-time favorite hair product). Overall it was really nice, but the two drawbacks to me are the floral scent (it dissipates relatively quickly) and if I accidentally use too much (a little goes a long way for me), it does get a little crunchy. 


BlowPro dry shampoo: fairly high on the white stuff scale, and I don't like the heavily perfumed floral scent. It works well, and doesn't leave a lot of texture, but the cons outweigh the pros for me.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara: didn't really get to try's an ancient sample that had dried out too much to use. Would be willing to try again, but I have so many samples to get through, and mascaras that I know I love, to worry about getting back around to it any time soon.

Ofra Vitamin C Serum 25%: slightly thinner than honey, but every bit as sticky. I thinned it down with a Vitamin E Ferulic Acid serum and that helped, but there are plenty of vitamin C serums that I like better.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Brightening Seaweed + Pearl sheet mask: I've adored the other 2 Freemen sheet masks I've tried, so this was a disappointment to me. I sadly don't recall how it fit anymore, but the scent was my's a very strong rose scent, which was most definitely not what I was expecting. If you like floral scents, this would be fine for you.

Re: Empties

A lot of great empties @RGbrown 👍 I see a few things that I love too.  Love the Hello Fab products 

Re: Empties


FAB makes some really nice stuff; I think I've liked most everything I've tried from them (minus the just didn't cleanse my oily skin well at all) ❣️

RE: Empties

MAY EMPTIES! dove is a favorite but not this particular one. wella shampoo is my favorite for shampoo and conditioner ever 💕. i liked the YSL mon paris but might not repurchase. i enjoyed the marc jacobs brow pencil. the rest were so-so.

RE: Empties

Finally posting so I can throw these out! Let me know if you have any questions about specific products. Items I have repurchased and am still using are Good Genes, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Milk Kush Mascara, Gimme Brow, Urban Decay Setting Spray, and IGK Charcoal Dry Shampoo. There is nothing here I disliked! Although I did feel the Tarte Shape Tape Matte foundation was starting to look dry on me.

Re: Empties

March/April empties 





Most of these are repeats for me. I’m done using the Purity Made Simple after about a decade of using it. It was reformulated in the fall so instead of trying the new one I just switched to the Kate Somerville Goat Milk, which I don’t regret. It’s so soothing for dry itchy skin in the morning. The Differin was new to me, but I started using prescription Tretinoin so I won’t repurchase. FYI, Differin is the exact same thing as Proactive Adapalene Gel, ingredient for ingredient. The Lush American Cream shower gel was a bit drying, and I wasn’t into the scent (too masculine). The Estée Lauder ampules were terrible. The oil just didn’t absorb, and I swear it left my skin drier because of it. Josie Maran will always be my favorite. I have/would repurchase everything else.




Re: Empties

Great job @suzyo . And you have so many of my favorites in this pile. 

Re: Empties

I’m always so behind with posting my empties.  Last time I posted was around March I believe (with pictures taken in middle of February). This time I took the pictures in middle of April. So pretty much these are my empties for 2 months. 

In 2 months I used up:

21 foil samples

43 deluxe samples

11 Full Size products

12  masks, eye patches 

Total of 87 products!! I’m kinda proud of myself😊206BDDF1-C7F7-4BD8-8CF0-70C8969509E1.jpeg

Absolutely in love with:

Lavanilla deodorant - I’m buying them from TJMaxx for around $8

Rituals Shower Foam - the most luxurious feeling shower product I have ever tried.

FRESH vitamin Nectar Vitamin C powder - I got this as a gratis last year from BIC team and from then I already bought one myself - this makes my face bright, fresh looking and even. I love using this in the morning. I use it once a week but would definitely use it more often if it wasn’t as expensive.15A9E108-E9C8-4A54-9410-56705DFD8705.jpeg

Tatcha Dewy Cream - I’m on the fence with this, I have a deluxe sample of it now so I decide after trying it if it’s a like/love/nope. 

Most of the “like” products are fine and I would used them again if I got a sample or if it was in subscription box but I wouldn’t repurchase them personally. 3296AE03-E983-4475-A562-04A8A84CA9A2.jpeg

It’s official I hate face oils. I thought this one from La Prairie will change my mind but NOPE. (Only one exception so far is DE Marula Oil)

Becca and Cover FX foundation sample card are too small to cover entire face that’s what I don’t like about them. Can’t say if I like/dislike the actual product.

Can’t stand the consistency of the Smashbox primer.E395F347-5E78-440D-8848-833ACC38C6D1.jpeg

Flower Beauty powder is too dark for me.

Hair products and self tanner are too old.

The blue thing is natural deodorant from my home country that my friend recommended. I really like the smell and consistency but unfortunately it irritated my skin.  

Stila was half empty and dried out.


Wooow this was long. Thanks for reading😊

Re: Empties

Wow that is impressive @katkapivarci I wouldn’t be able to keep track of all that ❤️