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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties



Look at all that empty skincare, you all are giving me inspiration to finish my products!!

<3 Melissa

RE: Empties

@IndyQT317 You have convinced me to get the Dove skin polish!

@keana1 It was enjoyable and not too abrasive like some s...

@keana1 It was enjoyable and not too abrasive like some scrubs.

Re: Empties

@IndyQT317 I LOVE the Dove Body Polish!!!  I have it in the pomegranate scent and I've already bought backups because my current one is almost empty, too Smiley Happy.

Re: Empties

Great Empties I Too Love korres and ole.

Re: Empties

Nice job @IndyQT317. So many great products here!

Re: Empties

Wow! What a great batch of empties! I see a few favorites in there! Great job, @IndyQT317! 👍

Re: Empties

24D9B996-6B93-4DB3-98EB-BB0AA6339FF4.jpegLoved this Roth exfoliating gelD3B73507-EE4E-4499-9D6E-06088C1DB6CB.jpegMost beat up beautyblender251D22D5-2D18-447F-8705-503D13DEF51B.jpegLove skin so soft 


Re: Empties

Nice work @howconnie! A beat up beautyblender is a well-loved beautyblender! 

Re: Empties

Lol, hehehe

Re: Empties

@howconnie Great job! My last beauty blender looked just like that, haha! I’ve been meaning to try the Skin So Soft! It looks great! 

Re: Empties

Thanks, that skin so soft lotion is so nice, it’s light but the moisture last a few days.

@howconnie Those are good empties. I have a beaten down b...

@howconnie Those are good empties. I have a beaten down beautyblender too. I haven't let go just yet. It's the best!

Re: @howconnie Those are good empties. I have a beaten down b...

Oh thank you, Girl at the price of the beauty blender, it was hard to let go.

Re: Empties

❤️= Loves

👍= Likes


When I bought that Glow-tion, I didn’t realize it was loaded with glitter! It’s my favorite scent from Bath & Body Works (that of course has been discontinued😢)
I love the creamy consistency and really don’t mind the glitter- there’s just certain times I can’t be covered in it, haha!

Love that nail drying spray! It’s the only possible way I can ever do my own nails at home with two little ones constantly causing mischief! Makes polish dry quick and smells like coconut 😋🥥

Both of those Creme Shop masks are my absolute favorites! (plus the Cold Brew one😉) The eye mask smells like chocolate and face mask smells like chocolate coffee 🍫☕️
@angel7594 Sadly the Honey mask doesn’t smell like honey 😢 It actually didn’t really smell like anything. It was definitely effective though- it did what it said it’s supposed to do!👇😉 The only reason it’s a “like” and not a “love” is because of the price. I can get a Creme Shop mask for half the price and just as effective- (plus, great smelling too!😉)




Re: Empties

Awesome empties @Shosh85 !! Smiley Happy 

I also had the same surprise when I opened the Glow-tion ! I didn't notice all that glitter Smiley Tongue But the smell is amazing !

Re: Empties

Thanks, @emiie!! I just love that scent! I keep hoping they’ll bring it back like some of their other retired scents! 😬😉

Re: Empties

Great run down on the products @Shosh85! I’m glad you tried out that honey mask, I’ve had my eye on it and I’m a little sad it doesn’t smell like honey but I might try it since my skin seems simiar to yours, could also use an extra boost of moisture and love! 😄🍯

Re: Empties

@bakeamuffin It worked and felt great! Very soothing! It still would have been just perfect if it had a honey scent! 😬🍯😉

@itsfi mentioned The Creme Shop Honey mask does smell like honey- so I’m gonna give that one a try and see how they compare 😉

Re: Empties


Wow, those are some great products you've used up. 👍🏼 I'll have to look for that nail dryer. 

Re: Empties

Thanks, @itsfi! I get the nail dryer at Fred Meyer and have also recently found it at TJMaxx 🤗😉