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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

I love both, had new ones waiting for me before I even finished these because I couldn't go without. The off your face pads were on sale, so I got a bunch for phys ed. an the gym. But the OH ones smell amazing, and I swear they make my skin feel better instead of just cleaning my makeup off. 

PTR Correction pads seriously reduced any acne I was getting from my germy phone and all my stress. And they've replaced toner for me in the morning. They're awesome but I scrub too hard sometimes and look like I fell on my face, lol. <3

Re: Empties

Awesome, thanks for replying Smiley Happy I've had the PTR Pads on my Love list for a couple weeks, definitely going to try them during the November sale! Going to consider the OH Wipes too Smiley Happy

Re: Empties

I LOVE the PTR pads

Re: Empties



so I finally started USING some of my samples rather than just staring at them. I recently got a new shower head filter and some mineral/chlorine remover treatments for my hair... I've had a bunch of products that worked great but then would stop so tons of half used bottles... now that I have the new stuff I am revisiting old favorites and realizing what I've been missing. I realllly love the organix moroccan argan oil line. I've tried some pretty pricey ones but none give me the results these ones did. i just finished up a hair oil and a hair mask. totally going to be a rebuy once i finish all of my other stuff... those hair build up removers were a miracle! i finished up the pantene overnight miracle treatment... will not buy... i always get sucked into commercials... everyone was raving about it... now the loreal total repair line actually lived up to the hype... the new repair stuff from pantene has been blah.  and lastly i dunno if these really count as an empty... lol... from my millions of orders i had 5 of the urban decay lipstick samples and i cannot stand open little foil packets and figured it'd go bad or dry out or get wasted... so i melted them down into 4 26mm pans and popped them in my lip palette... lol 5 of each color is the perfect fill amount in case anyone was wondering!



Re: Empties

I love that you melted down the sample, ahh! I have to remember this. 


Re: Empties

I'm currently working on an Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask too and I was surprised to find that I LOVE it. Gives comparable results to my (much more expensive) Fekkai Shea Conditioner.

Re: Empties

Omg I just got some mini stuff of the Organix brand because everyone keeps talking about it! I seriously can't wait to use up my current stuff!

Re: Empties

Great idea!

Re: Empties

That's a pretty Genius idea! I wouldn't have thought to do that with samples! 

Re: Empties

This is my first empties post! Yay! Lol...I really made an effort to not throw away anything for some months so I could see everything I used up. This was really gratifying to see that I actually use up products instead of hoarding them like the product junkie I am! This is motivating me to next get through my hoard of samples and more foundations next time. Smiley Happy




Loves here are the Mac mineralize skinfinish, Becca under eye brightening corrector, Mac paint pot in groundwork, the Dr. Brandt no pores primer, the Tarte mascara, and the Hard candy eyebrow ink (but really hard to find  in stock at walmart). Also, I really love the Murad Invisiblur but that went pretty quick and it is really just too expensive. 





 Most of these are holy grails for me. The Pixi Beauty makeup fixing spray I really love! I swear it makes any foundation I use look 10x more skin like. Also love my Mac fix plus mostly for spraying my foundation brush or sponge before using.


Other loves are the Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliating wash. The best for making my skin clear, soft and smooth. Love the Philosophy purity wash to remove my makeup. I switch between that and the DHC oil. Also love my Proactiv for any sudden breakouts or the Murad clarifying cleanser.


Re: Empties

Congrats on your first post!!! I 100% agree.  I credit this thread with getting me to use more of what I have and reflect on whether or not I like it vs. blindly repurchasing.  It's really fun to see a few months worth!  Are all those Pixi products the same thing?

Re: Empties

Thanks! Sorry i missed your post earlier...yes they are all the same Makeup Fixing spray <3 it!

Re: Empties

Great empties photos, thank you for sharing! Smiley Happy

I want to try that Pixi makeup fixing spray!

Re: Empties

Thanks!! Must try the spray! =)

Re: Empties

Not too many this month! Very sad to finish up some of the L'Occitane items - their almond line smells SO good!


l’occitane gentle toner - ds

l’occitane almond shower oil - ds

l’occitane almond milk concentrate - ds

hourglass mineral veil primer - ds

bite beauty agave lip mask - original & champagne - s

guerlain meteorites baby glow sheer liquid foundation - s


tossed (because they flake like crazy throughout the day)

colourpop creme gel pencil - best o

colourpop creme gel pencil - workout

Re: Empties

I am also in love with the l'occitane almond items - they smell so amazing!!  I keep buying the little samplers, but I need to just buy a full sized, since I love them so much! 

Re: Empties

Same! I buy the sets, which are great, but I run out of the hand lotion (my FAVE) so fast....

Re: Empties

I'm in love with their shower oil though I've never purposefully purchased it.

Re: Empties

I've only ever gotten it in sets. I missed out last time it was a 100 point perk, otherwise I would've gotten it then as well!

Re: Empties

My empties from February.

Loves (will repurchase)


Likes (not planning to purchase, but will use the sample).


No way (did not finish. In my personal top Oribe is most overrated product)no.jpg


Re: Empties

Sometimes I wonder if different products work differently for different body/hair chemistry.  Because I know Oribe works really well for me but also know that it's not for everyone.  I personally like that spray when I want to curl clean hair because it seems to add more grit to my hair for the iron to hold onto and the curls hold better.

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