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Dior 500 Point Perk

So, what do you think of this perk from yesterday's email?  It's a Dior inspired charm bracelet and a mini Addict to Life perfume.  When I saw the subject line on the email, I got excited and was hoping it would deal with their eyeshadow or lipstick.  Since my nearby JCP Sephora doesn't carry their makeup, I figured this would be a good way to try it.  But, the email didn't make my dreams come true lol.  Besides, most clasp bracelets are too big on my wrists.  I'll keep my eye out for another 500 point perk.

Re: Dior 500 Point Perk

This is my first post here (hope I am doing it in the right place...). Maybe I'm just weird, but I ran to Sephora yesterday pretty much as soon as I received the 500pt perk email. I checked out the bracelet + loved it. It feels heavy + definitely doesn't seem cheap at all (we'll see if it turns my wrist green...). I really like it!


It's really difficult to pry the cap off the mini perfume. That's my only complaint!



Just my two cents....

Re: Dior 500 Point Perk

gobelles95-- Thanks for joining in!!


I have plenty of heavy bracelets that are 5 bucks or less and dont turn me green. Sephora is not a jewerly store and I dont associate a bracelet with Dior and I dont see how that will get Dior more customers. I'm glad you love it but do you think its worth saving $500 for?


If I was introduced to Dior with a bracelet I wouldnt own any of their items right now. I know that much.

Re: Dior 500 Point Perk

I'm conflicted about this Dior 500 Point Perk too.  I'm tempted to believe if Dior wants to maintain their high-end brand image, they would make a good quality bracelet.  However, I have seen other 500 pt perks recently and was not really impressed...for example, there was a mini Bumble & Bumble set at my Sephora store which just looked like 3 deluxe samples - it didn't feel worth my hard earned 500 points.


I keep saving my hard earned points and hoping that a better perk comes up, but they seem to be getting worse and worse Smiley Sad

Re: Dior 500 Point Perk

The Bumble and Bumble set is absolutely not worth it. I have this beauty boutique in my area that has a basket at the exit door thats filled with deluxe samples or giant packet samples of luxe products. You can grab whatever you want, how ever much you want, and without having to make a purchase. They get this stuff for free anyway so they dont care. From that basket I have gotten many giant samples of bumble and bumble, bliss, caudalie, jurlique etc.


And I've said this in another thread but most Origins places are not stingy at all. I went in for a $20 cleanser and was given a handful of deluxe samples of everything from scrubs to eye creams to moisturizers that have lasted me months.


And ULTA always gives me a at least one deluxe sample with purchase everytime I go, no matter how much I have spend. 


So, ULTA, Origins and my boutique are 4 places that do a better job with free gifts/samples then Sephora.

Re: Dior 500 Point Perk

I use the salon at my local Ulta for haircuts and coloring, so I  get perks like a full size bottle of cologne or a free haircut every quarter.  They don't have as much variety as Sephora, but I think they have the customer appreciation thing down pat.

Re: Dior 500 Point Perk

I dont think Sephora is listening to us at all. This looks like the worst 500pt perk yet. A cheap bracelet that was probably made for a dollar or less and a MINI fragrance? Are y'all SERIOUS? $500 for that? Shameful. Tsk Tsk.


If it was up to me I would have made a Dior kit that contained a full size neutral eye shadow quad ( so that everyone could wear it), a 1 oz size of their Addict fragrance, and at least 5 deluxe samples of their lipsticks, lipglosses, lipbalm and nailcream. 


The way I was introduced to Dior ( and its now my favorite luxury brand, I love their Addict lipsticks, lipglosses and fragrances and own their lipbalm and nail creme as well) was I received a deluxe sample of their addict lipstick for a 100pt perk. The last few years the 100pt perks have been pretty useless as well.


It being this close to the holidays I was expecting the perks to improve, not get worse. ALWAYS give you this bag with 16-20 deluxe samples with a $100 purchase and all we get is one little deluxe sample.






Re: Dior 500 Point Perk



And you get this bag with all these deluxe samples. They ALWAYS give you a bag.

Re: Dior 500 Point Perk

Have to agree, the Dior perk was pretty much a letdown and the bracelet is kind of a joke.

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