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Didn't Receive 4x Points Today

the VIB ROUGE Event flyer stated that you'd earn 4x points on online purchases from Aug. 3-Aug. 10. this obviously isn't the case, because i just made a large purchase this morning and received the usual 1pt. funny thing is, even the post in my Beauty Insider account that shows the information for the VIB Rouge event even says earn extra points on line purchase through Aug. 10. just shady. really wish Sephora would be more clear about the terms and conditions for their events online.

Re: Didn't Receive 4x Points Today

I just placed an online order too, and the bonus points didn't show up. I placed a small "test" order to see if the points were being credited correctly Smiley Sad

Re: Didn't Receive 4x Points Today

Just message a mod and I'm sure they will fix it.

Re: Didn't Receive 4x Points Today

Was it as JCP Sephora? My JCP Sephora doesn't start the 4x points until August 4th.

Re: Didn't Receive 4x Points Today

nope, it was an online purchase. i made sure to read the terms and conditions before making my purchase, and it clearly says that it starts Aug 3rd AND that the points will post the same day of the purchase. obviously not the case. here's a copy of the terms...


***Qualified VIB Rouge will earn quadruple points, VIBs will earn triple points and Beauty Insiders will earn double points on merchandise purchases made Sun. August 3, 2014 thru Sun August 10, 2014 at 11:59pm PDT. This offer is subject to termination by Sephora in its discretion at any time. Bonus points will be automatically credited to your BI Accounts the same day of purchase. Points not earned on sales tax, shipping, Sephora gift cards, eGift certificates and prior purchases. This offer is subject to termination by Sephora in its discretion at any time.

Re: Didn't Receive 4x Points Today

On extra point events, it can sometimes take a few extra days for the additional points to be added. This happened during the 3x skin care event earlier in the year. For that event, it gave a date in small print at the bottom of the notice for when we could expect the extra points to be added by. Even if there is no date on the notice, that is probably what's happening, and they will show up soon.

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