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Costco Beauty Deals!!

Hey everyone! I've been reading this board for a few months now, but my introverted nature kept me from posting. However today I saw something that I just had to share with everyone! Costco had some AMAZING beauty deals. Here's what I can remember (sorry I didn't write down the item specifics or prices):


  • YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch (Full size, $30)
  • Glamglow Youthmud Mask (1.7oz, $35), that's HALF PRICE!
  • Bobbi Brown Soho Chic Palette ($43)
  • Clarins Eye Gel
  • Chanel Travel Palette (It was either $60 or $70)
  • Clinique lipstick & lipgloss bundles
  • A couple Shiseido products
  • Jenna Hipp Nail Polish ($14.99 - $4 rebate = $10.99) & Hand Cream Sets (19.99)
  • NaiLUV Complete System
  • SK-II Cream (I can't remember which one, but it was $119)
  • Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator
  • Pati Dubroff palettes, eyeliner sets & lip sets
  • A multitude of designer fragrances
  • A brush set from a brand I've never heard of for $26. I couldn't tell the quality because they were sealed.


I'm sorry for further enabling everyone here (I know all of you have enabled me excessively over the past few months, even though I've been a silent observer), but these good deals were too good not to share. I'm so excited to use my new products!!




Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

Ok, what state are these in? I just went to my Costco and they only had the hand cream, fragrances and the Pati Dubroff lip gloss. Boo! I really need the YSL Touche Eclait and the Glamglow. I did pick up a nice Chloe set for $50. 

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

The one I went to is in Houston. I know that they differ even between stores in the city. Mine didn't have a Chloe set...I'm jealous!

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

I also forgot to mention that they had T3 hairdryers for $85! They weren't in the beauty section, so if you're in the market for one at Costco, make sure you check the aisles.

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

I bought the Pati Dubroff lip balm crayon set and eyeshadow crayon set for $15 each. I've used the eyeshadow crayons once or twice. They are very pretty, but I prefer solid powder shadows. The lip balms are AMAZING, and such a great price! There are 5, and all in a natural range of colors. Very high quality and worth the buy, should snag them while you can! Smiley Happy

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

The only thing I would be careful about (and this has been mentioned on other threads) is checking to make sure products are not overly old or expired. At former employer luxury boutique, people would occasionally come in and talk about once getting our signature product at Costco for cheaper. They acted like it was just yesterday, but my manager at the time remembered exactly when it happened (a couple years prior), and also knew something the customers did not. She went to the local Costco and looked at the batch numbers, and found that the products were all set to expire within a couple of months. The company had just unloaded a bunch of old product. To be fair, the product would probably be fine for a while longer, but it was not the freshest, and if people planned to stock up and hoard because of the discount, they might have found that the product did not keep nearly as long as they expected.


I have to admit, that Glam Glow is tempting me. Stupid membership expired though.


Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

The other thing to keep in mind is that costco has a pretty great return policy, so if you buy something and then it seems suspect, there's no problem returning it.

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

Great deals! I love the Youth Mud mask. So fun! Smiley Happy

I'm surprised to hear about these scandals though.. Because it's Costco! Smiley Sad

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

Nice! woah, wait, I just googled and it seems YSL is sueing Costco for...well, this is a snippet from an article in July 2013:


Lawyers for Kors added that: “Costco is not, and never has been, an authorized dealer of Michael Kors handbags, and upon information and belief, Costco does not currently sell Michael Kors handbags.” Although the lawsuit deals with false advertising, Costco has run into trouble before over allegations that it sold merchandise that it wasn’t authorized to offer.

In February, luxe jeweler Tiffany & Co. sued the wholesaler, claiming it sold engagement rings that it passed off as Tiffany-branded rings in select stores. Also filed in New York federal court, that suit accused Costco of trademark infringement, and underscored that the wholesaler is not an authorized dealer of its wares.

The larger issue for Tiffany, and for Kors, if in fact Costco did possess its bags, is whether the merchandise it advertised was counterfeit or obtained from the gray market.

Over the last six years, Costco has been sued by Yves Saint Laurent for both selling counterfeit perfume and for repackaging and selling actual YSL cosmetic and beauty products.


- just google "ysl sue costco"


Hmmm, I've brought BLISS and Body Shop stuff there before. I like Costco, still gonna go take a look, but guess now I'll have to think twice before buying. =/

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

Yes... Costco is what they call a "grey market" for high end merchandise.  If it doesn't sell in high end stores etc... the items get resold to Costco and diverted from the original marketplace/seller.  I'm pretty sure they rarely buy these product directly from the manufacturers.  A bit of buyer beware... but I have never seen fakes at Costco.

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

This is actually more common than people think and not just for Costco.  There is an article called- Here's Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying Salon Products At The Drugstore.  It is a simple article explaining diversion.

My sister has seen Aveda products at Walmart.  They were old and expired but you wouldn't know that unless you are aware that what they were selling was discontinued years before Walmart got there hands on them.

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

Hmm, I didn't know theres so much more to it. Thx for the info! Good to know.

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

I actually just saw some articles yesterday about Target, as I was trying to see where Bumble & Bumble was available for purchase. Target apparently does a lot of third-party purchasing of items too.

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

I hate to hear that! I love Costco...literally it's like going to Disneyworld for me. I bought the Touche Eclat and it's the real deal, but I've never bought a fragrance or handbag there, and now I know to be careful if I do. 

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

I have heard of Costco having these issues before. The problem is they obtain them through a third party, not directly from the sellers, so whether they are authorized to sell it is a but of a gray area. A lot of elite brands are opposed to having their products sold at a wholesaler (like Louis Vuitton burning unsold merchandise, so it can't be "cheapened"). I'm not sure how I feel about this, though I'm surprised if they sold counterfeit items.

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

Burning LV bags?!?!?! That's...but, they are burning people's hardwork and money!


@missrmessner. It seems like everything's the real deal except *maybe* some perfume. I'm not quite sure what being authorized to sell means. As long as the products are legit and Costco did not acquire them through unethical means, I'll still buy. 0.0

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

Costco has an excellent employer reputation. They pay well, pay good benefits and generally treat their staff very well. Far superior to Wallyworld and most other big box retailers.

Re: Costco Beauty Deals!!

I know they have a good reputation and I like them, which is why I was surprised that they have been sued by Tiffany, Michael Kors and YSL. =(


The articles mention that the perfumes might be counterfeit but that other products are legit. Anyways, there isn't too much info on this (that I could find), just thought some ppl might want to know.

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