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Buxom Lip Polish question

So I have fallen in love with Buxom Lip polish, in katie (the 100 perk) however I am wondering if it is ONLY kaite that I would love. Does anyone own several of these? Do they all smell the same? And do they all do the tingly thing?


Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Buxom Lip Polish question

The formula is the same, just the colors are different . All the lip polishes are one formula, all the lip creams are one formula etc. Some might contain shimmer though Smiley Very Happy

Re: Buxom Lip Polish question

I got the Katie perk as well since I had gotten a promo/perk size of the Leslie color a few months before. The Leslie color is my favorite of the two - its gorgeous! Might be my favorite out of all of the ones I've swatched at the store. Beautiful iridescent light pinky peach color. However, not sure if you noticed, but they just added a ton more colors - and now they have my name! - so I am definitely picking that up during chic week!

Re: Buxom Lip Polish question

Hi YouAreAlways!

I have a few of the Buxom Lip Polishes and I have found that they all have the same scent and the same tingly feeling. If you have Katie and really like it, you would probably love the shade Leslie. Leslie is more a peachy-pink and the perfect color for the upcoming spring and summer months. Smiley Happy




Re: Buxom Lip Polish question

Re: Buxom Lip Polish question

My favorite for about the last five years, in Dolly. I have medium skin, dark brown hair and eyes. This color is also one of my best friends favorites and she is fair, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I think it looks great on both of us. I did get the Holiday set and I have loved every single color!!!  

Re: Buxom Lip Polish question

Yes, they had several sets before the holidays, one had 5 or 6 and the other had 15 in a set - a combo of the polishes and creams from Buxom.  I love these and they are all tingly, smell great and feel great - not gritty at all and they stay without being sticky.


I gave some away as stocking stuffers/small gifts at Christmas, but let's be honest, I kept most of them.  I just checked a bunch and, to my nose, the smell is the same for each one.  I really like the Cherry Flip lip cream.

Re: Buxom Lip Polish question

Thank you so much

Re: Buxom Lip Polish question

I have three of them! I have Olivia, Rachel and Lauren. All three of them smell the same and they all tingle! They recently added SO many more gorgeous colors! Smiley Happy

Re: Buxom Lip Polish question

Woohoo! Thank you Smiley Happy

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