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Black Friday PREVIEW!




YAY! the deals are plentiful. There are more but this is most.

There is other Stila Pallets, and other Bliss Washes.

What do you think? What will you be buying?



Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

The still Items are already 10.... I'm wondering if I should order now before they sell out. 

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

The tarte sets are definitely on my wish list! The NARS blush palette is also very nice!

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

The Bite and Tarte sets are very tempting to me.  I'm on the fence about the Wei masks though...

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

this year's deals are kinda meh. lol.


but, I'm gonna be stocking up on my skincare essentials:

Purity Made Simple

Boscia Peel Off Mask


maybe I'll get that OH duo too.

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

my list:


Purity made simple

Bite Lip set (glossies)

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

Does anyone know when exactly 'midnight' is for Is it eastern or pacific time or some other time?

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

A couple of years ago I believe it started Eastern Time, b/c I was living in California at the time and I was able to order my stuff at 9 pm that night.

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

The VIB sale started at midnight PST, so I'm guessing that that's usually the time zone that they go with.

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

Here's my list so far Smiley Happy


  • Purity made simple
  • Josie Maran hand healing set
  • Tarte Little Miracles 
  • Smashbox Heat Wave lip gloss set (i really want this since i already have the Heat Wave Eyeshadow Palette)

I can't wait. I have a small budget for this

but it's gonna be awesome Smiley Happy

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

Hey FireSpinner, just a heads up because I know you are in Canada, the Smashbox set is apparently not available in Canada, according to the small print underneath it. Hopefully you can still snag it, but be warned that you might not be able to!


Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

Aww. I thought the fine print meant that i couldn't get it in stores. But I could get in on-line. *fingers crossed* lol

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

This my be a stupid question, but is there no sales tax on any online 
Sephora orders?

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

Sales tax is calculated and added to your order based on what state you live in.  (For U.S., not sure about Canada!) 


For example, I live in Mass and our sales tax is .0625% so a $10 order would cost $10.63. 

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

@pinkonyx thanks for informing us and posting this, that was very thoughtful! I am a little upset since I don't see any ole henriksen products on this list since I wanted to buy them during this period of time since I have never tried these products before, but that's totally ok because I see some amazing and appealing deals in here. The ones I have my eye on and think are a really good deal is the set of four smashbox lip-enhancing gloss.I would have liked to see some more skincare, because I definetly would have bought more but these deals are still amazing, and thanks for the headsup pinkonyx!! BTW for buyers who are going to do this deal, I noticed it says that these offers are not available in jcpenny Sephora's or Canada, so make sure you go to a proper Sephora and somewhere in the U.S. Totes love and happiness to everyone and have a good black Friday!

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

The OH "clean sweep duo" will be available at the sale. 


See their Pinterest page

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

OK so I know other people have asked this as well but… what about the $20 items??!! The mailer I received definitely said they would have both $10 and $20 items.  I can't wait any longer!! Smiley Happy  

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

I think the $20 items will be offered over the weekend, starting on saturday.  So since they're not on black friday, I don't know if they'll be posted.  

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

I keep hearing about the $20 items from everyone except Sephora! Hoping they prove to be more than rumors, as I'm not sure I'm going to be getting any of the $10 items.

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

I don't get why we have to find out about offers like this on facebook or pinterest. Hope that doesn't sound witchy, don't mean it that way. Just wondering. Is it me? I just don't get it.

Re: Black Friday PREVIEW!

Can't believe I didn't know about this last year. Glad I happened to see this, or I'm not sure if I'd have known about it this year! Where do you guys get your 'intel' ??


Anyone heard anything about the $20.00 off of $50.00 that I saw mentioned a few times? I feel so out of the loop. Smiley Sad

Thanks again pinkonyx, Smiley Happy

**Hi Beautytester Smiley Happy  Smiley Happy

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