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Beauty Ranks?

I've noticed there are a few other post other there regarding this, but there hasn't been a real solution...


With the all recent posts of new Hall of Famers, (congrats to all btw), has anyone figured out how the ranking works?

Re: Beauty Ranks?

I think that's the way it was for me, too.

Re: Beauty Ranks?

Mine went in the exact same order!

Re: Beauty Ranks?

I was just Beauty Whiz at 48 hearts, and Beauty Pro at 52. Did they change it up?

Re: Beauty Ranks?

Whoa, that's quick! Looks like you skipped a bunch?


Re: Beauty Ranks?

Yeah. I wrote a few reviews yesterday, so maybe those got posted?


Not complaining though. I'm a Beauty Pro! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Beauty Ranks?

Mine skipped many steps I think it was

*New comer

*Beauty Whiz

*Beauty Pro

*Beauty Boss

*Beauty Guru

And I was thinking that Beauty Maven, Beauty Buff and Beauty Savant are still to come.

Re: Beauty Ranks?

And now Guru

Re: Beauty Ranks?

Okay, guess I don't have to ask. Nobody knowsSmiley Happy 


Re: Beauty Ranks?

I know I was Beauty Master right before I inexplicably hit HOF. I think Guru was right before that.


FYI, I wrote a whole bunch of reviews, per someone's suggestion on a thread, and hit HOF soon after!

Re: Beauty Ranks?

I also got promoted to HOF for reasons unknown to me one night.  Not that I'm complaining! Smiley Very Happy

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