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Beauty Insider points NOT added

I went earlier today and purchased a pallet none of my points have been added to my card although she did scan it.It happened to me before and i didn't get any of those points 24-48 hours later.Its like i never purchased the thing at all.What do I do?

Re: Beauty Insider points NOT added

It can take a few hours or days depending on how well Sephora's servers are performing.


Re: Beauty Insider points NOT added

If your points don't show up in one or two business days, send a private message to one of the mods and give your info so they can help you with that. Living in Canada I always have to contact a mod here to correct my points after every purchase I make.

Re: Beauty Insider points NOT added

Hi SammyCR! Yes! Emmy89 is right. The points usually take 1-3 business days to show up on your account. If they're not showing by then, please let us know so we can help! 



Re: Beauty Insider points NOT added

it does sometimes take 24 hours for your points to show up. On your receipt it should say beauty insider sale, opposed to regular sale regular sale At the top. That's how we know if we scanned your beauty insider card or not. If you still don't see the points a couple of days later you can call Sephora corporate, and give them your beauty card information and they will add however many points that need to go on your account. Hope this helps!

Re: Beauty Insider points NOT added

Opps! Okay, I Found it! Thank you for posting!

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