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Beauty Insider Reward Redemption

I've got about 1300 points to redeem, I wanted two 100 point items, every time I go to check out, the items that I choose are suddenly out of within 30 seconds of me choosing a new item! What gives? I usually just go to the store, but lately their insider items have been less than awesome so I have lots of points banked.

Re: Beauty Insider Reward Redemption

Oh, no doubt.  I have over 12,000 points and just keep banking them.  The stuff I want I've never been able to get and the stuff I can get I don't want or need.  I understand that these are rewards, but if you can't use a reward what good is it really?

Re: Beauty Insider Reward Redemption

There's another thread called 'First Big Point Redemption' were a couple people are talking about how they snagged 2 of the DryBar GCs and 2 off the 500 point Amore Pacific sets! I don't see how its fair allowing people to wait like a hawk and grab 2 of the available perks. They should be cutting people off after claiming one. Geez, share some with the rest of us. 


I also am too busy to on Tues/Thurs to wait by my phone for anything, so I'll just keep banking my points too. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Re: Beauty Insider Reward Redemption

I grabbed 2. My points. My choice of rewards.  


I will let you know. Rewards drop at exactly 11!  The glitches with the delays have been fixed because whenever I check at 10:59-11, the rewards are already there. Set your phone alarm.



About the 2nd DB gift card.  About 10 minutes had passed and I decided to just grab another one because for months the rewards dropped I didn't like or didn't have enough points (like 10,000+ or trips/events not accessible to my city).


I also miss all the Thursday rewards because I am work.


I am a DB junkie, so that is a wrapped!!!! 


If you shop Ulta, you can get free DB with your points!!!  NS sells DB and usually with a GWP, too. 

Right?! I have a career and life to attend to. I cant sit...

Right?! I have a career and life to attend to. I cant sit with my phone attached to me.

Re: Beauty Insider Reward Redemption

@TinisaurusRex The amore pacific 500 pt perk is still available if you want to pick it up. Generally perks less than 750 pts will cycle in and out of stock, so it's not a lost cause if you don't see it immediately. 500 point perks are also available in stores sometimes, I've seen some pretty good ones out at my local Sephora. Good luck! 

Re: Beauty Insider Reward Redemption

I wish, Canada doesn't have that option right now. Let alone much of anything at all perk wise, not even exaggerating... C'est la vie. 

Re: Beauty Insider Reward Redemption

@TinisaurusRex Oh no, Canada strikes again! That's unfortunate, during the sale itself, the perks listing in the US was pretty thin too...sorry you missed out ๐Ÿ˜ž 

Re: Beauty Insider Reward Redemption

I have points built up because I can never spend them: the items I want to spend my points on are always immediately canceled after I place an order. I've been successful once in getting a 250 pt fragrance sample I wanted by watching things for awhile and seeing it last on and on. But I don't dare aim for a prize bigger than 250 points, no matter how many points I actually have. It's like calling in on a radio contest line: many will enter, few will win.

Re: Beauty Insider Reward Redemption

Thank you! I've never tried to cash in my points online before so I wasn't sure! 

i have 6000+ points, im NEVER able to redeem online. They...

i have 6000+ points, im NEVER able to redeem online. They drop at a certain time and its like people sit by their phones/comps and wait, and since there are limited quantites available items are gone immediately. I have a career/life that doesnt permit me to play on my phone all day.
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