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Bad packaging!

In your opinions, what products come with the worst packaging? I hate when I spend good money on a product that is hard to get out of it's container. I'm thinking of Boscia Restorative Night Treatment. No matter how I hold the pump bottle, when I depress the top, a huge squirt shoots out, often missing my hand completely and squirting on the sink, mirror, floor, you name it! To add insult to injury, the amount that comes out is way more than I'd need for my face, so on top of missing my hand, I am wasting a bunch by having too much come out. Doesn't matter if I only half or quarter depress the top, it still does this.Smiley Mad

Re: Bad packaging!

I hate the tube that Smashbox Photo Finish Pore and Line Primer comes in. The opening is way too small. I've thought about cutting part of the tip off for a bigger opening.


One minor packaging gripe is that the Rosebud Lip Balm tin is hard to open if you put on hand cream or lotion before trying to open it.

Re: Bad packaging!

I agree about the Rosebud tin.  Every night I hand it over to my husband to open - he struggles for about 2 minutes with it.


I love Ojon Rub-out Dry Cleanser, but the stupid aerosol can cloggs after about 2 uses.  The bottle is almost all the way full and you can't use it.  I've tried all kinds of things to unclog it, but no luck.  Thinking I had a defective bottle I took it back and got another - same problem.    

Re: Bad packaging!

Prettyinpa, it sounds like I have the same problem with Lorac's Oil Free Neutralizer.  That stuff squirts everywhere.  The pump is hard to control the amount so I tend to get more product than I wanted.  Lots of times where it got on my clothes, countertops, mirrors, etc.  Might have even accidentally hit the dog with it once.


Certain shampoo bottles, especially when the product is about to run out (for at home use).  Do get sick of trying to turn the bottle upside down and hoping it will stay balanced out.  I usually hear them falling over at any random time of the day or night.  Either design them with equal distribution so they can be upright or upside down or design them to have the cap down (example the John Frieda retail shampoos).

Re: Bad packaging!

Had you asked this a month ago  I definitely would have said Urban Decay Primer Potion....but now that that one has been solved I guess it cant make this list.


I hate the Benefit Stay Dont Stray pump. It took me many many MANY tries until I kind of learned how to get just a little bit of product out. Somebody should tell Benefit that its an eye primer.....not a face primer....there is no reason to have that much product come out in one pump. Just sayin.

Re: Bad packaging!

Please share the secret on how to only get a little bit of Benefit Stay Don't Stray! I HATE how it comes out so fast!

Re: Bad packaging!

You need to hold the pump upside down and gently push the pump on the back of your hand to get out just the right amount you need. Pumping it upright  always spills too much Stay Don't Stray out.


Hope this helps.

Re: Bad packaging!

Agreed on the Urban Decay Primer Potion....I love that they finally changed the package!


The worst one for me has been the Tarte lip glosses with the wand inside.  After two or three uses, the top part that scrapes the extra off of the wand comes off and gets stuck in the lid, so the wand comes out with gobs and gobs of gloss on it.  You can slowly scrape the wand on the rim of the tube to get the gloss down to a manageable enough portion to apply, but it is messy and takes forever.  I wound up just throwing them all away, which is a shame because I loved the gloss!


Re: Bad packaging!

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it, but samples can be a pain to use. I had a sample of MUFE's 

HD Microperfecting Primer, in a glass jar with a pump. I couldn't get to all of the product because the top didn't unscrew, so a lot of primer is still sitting at the bottom of the bottle, sad.



Re: Bad packaging!

I agree! Sometimes I get samples of pretty pricey creams and serums and they come in that peel off little plastic thing, and usually there are quite a few uses in it but I can only use it once because once its opened the air and microbes and germs and whatnot will alter and damage the product so I have to trash it. And I dont have any mini jars where I can squeeze the product into. >_<

Re: Bad packaging!

Oh how appropriate! Just yesterday I got the new KeratinPerfect hair oil and it was not cheap---but it had leaked everywhere and everytime I use it it leaks everywhere and is sooo messy. Not worth $40 at all--plus it does not do amazing things for my hair--Couture Color oil is so much better!! That stuff is amazing--lightweight(but effective),smells great,wonderful product,and cheaper than the KeratinPerfect.

Re: Bad packaging!

The full size LAVANILA Body Butters.  Apparently some of the caps fall right off and will not screw back on properly. This happened to my full sized bottle when it was close to being out.  I was trying to get the product out by squeezing through the hole but the cap decided it did not want to stay in place anymore. 


I've seen quite a few of the try me bottles at Sephora rigged with scotch tape.  The cap will still fall off.   


By the way, if anyone knows what type of plastic those bottles are, please let me know.  I would like to recycle the bottle (since it is 100% as it claims) but there is no label of what type.  Probably going to see if LAVANILA can answer it too.  (:

Re: Bad packaging!

i havent hadany problems with my products but i have seen some samples in the sephora store that have been in some way repaired. Probably have been over used and sre in need of replacement. o well!

Re: Bad packaging!

I'm going to totally agree with eyeryone about the UD eyeshadow primer potion, I went through a couple of tubes that I was sure should have had more in them - and then someone let me in on a little trick for screw tubes.  I'm sure this is on YouTube or something somewhere, but just fyi I guess, if you unscrew the lid of the tube and take the applicator out, look at the top of the screw part of the tube itself.  Usually, you can see a different colored strip at the very top, and a seam.  It's usually about 2 mm wide.  

This is the top of the attachment that goes in the tube to take off excess product when you pull the applicator out.  If you take some scissors or a similar tool, open them, and set the edge around the seam that you see, and carefully apply pressure and movement, almost every time you can get this attachment out.  I've done it with expired mascaras of 5 different brands, 3 liquid eyeliners, lip glosses, and a bunch of other items with similar packaging, just to test the idea.  


You can transfer the product to something better, like a small pot or tube, so you can use a brush more easily.  I also found that in most cases, you can still screw the applicator end back in and use it as before, and the applicator then reaches the bottom.  Be advised, though - with the attachment gone, the product will collect on the stick part as well.  I have not had any leaks yet, but if anyone feels like trying this out, have at it.  It gave me an extra month on my favorite lip gloss!

Re: Bad packaging!

I agree with Pinky & Panda, Stay Don't Stray eyelid primer squirts out way too much primer!  I've tried all the other recommended ones and I will stick with my favorite, but it would be nice for them to see these complaints and do something about it!

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