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BI points 0 - Don't panic

I just saw my BI points were 0 and went and checked my account.  It says BI is currently unavailable so I'm guessing it's down for upgrading/patch whatever needs to be done with it.  Thought I'd save everyone else the near heart attack.


Thread in Customer Service:

Re: BI points 0 - Don't panic

Hi Everyone,


No need to worry! Our IT department is working on resolving the issue. Please keep checking back as it should be fixed soon.

<3 Melissa

Re: BI points 0 - Don't panic

Yeaaahhh, this is like the 5th time it's happening so I'm just ignoring it, lol. You would think they would put up a big notice or something, especially since it's kind of happening every month. Sometimes I wonder what the traffic for Sephora phone/email customer service looks like on days this happens:


,.,..,.,..,|,.,.,..,..,./|/\........../\........./\..... or something. lol.

Re: BI points 0 - Don't panic

There's a thread down in customer service right now.

Re: BI points 0 - Don't panic

Thanks for the heads up on that, I've added it to the post Smiley Happy

Re: BI points 0 - Don't panic

Same here. It show's zero. Lol when they put the points back up, I'd be ok if they added a few Smiley Very Happy

Re: BI points 0 - Don't panic

I just came on here to post about that too!! I signed on because I wanted to check my order status, and everything -- points, purchase history, etc is all gone. :-/ Hope it all comes back or that heart attack shall be forthcoming!

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