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Anyone see this/partake?

Of course Sephora announces a twitter giveaway on BT, but hides it under the Customer Service board. 

Anyone remember the last twitter giveaway announcement? They did the same thing & said they would put it on the main thread next time. It's nice to know they listen :/

Re: Anyone see this/partake?


if you have a twitter, you see it all the time...:/ wish I wouldve won that. I've tried many times to win...just one of those unlucky people

Re: Anyone see this/partake?

I check my twitter feed on a daily basis so I did see this.   Next time they have one I'll tweet you about it so you get an alert!  Smiley Happy


On a side note -  I get why they don't advertise FB or Twitter giveaways outside of those venues, but if they said they would on the next one then they should have.

Re: Anyone see this/partake?

Thanks, I check mine daily too, well a few times a day, but I guess I follow too many people because I miss a lot 

Re: Anyone see this/partake?

Hi dannyc - the post of those posts is so that our users on Twitter have somewhere to go to see the rules of the giveaway, which we cannot post in 140 characters. Smiley Happy


We don't promote them here on BT really, because they are Twitter giveaways and geared toward our clients following us and checking us out on Twitter to see when we are doing giveaways. Much like how we don't promote our (rare, but occasional) BT giveaways anywhere else, because they are geared toward our community.


We want to show love to our followers on all of our channels!


Hope that helps, 


Re: Anyone see this/partake?

So what was the reason for the Loves List giveaway to be hidden in the Customer Service board? 

Re: Anyone see this/partake?

Same reasoning. Since the action required for entry was to tweet your Loves List, it was considered a Twitter giveaway.

Re: Anyone see this/partake?

Makes sense to me.  Just like how their Facebook promos are on Facebook only.  

Re: Anyone see this/partake?

Of course I didn't see it.  Who looks at the hidden Customer Service board -- it's usually filled with requests by people needing help linking their cards that I am happy to miss!  Or and it's where they move any problems with missing samples or store experiences -- so that people don't see them!

Re: Anyone see this/partake?

I know, I remember we all complained when they had the loves list giveaway, and they said they would stop putting giveaways in the CS board. 

Honestly... what does a giveaway announcement have to do with CS? It should be in the BI board.... 

Re: Anyone see this/partake?

What! Not cool. I totally would have entered if I saw them.

Re: Anyone see this/partake?

Oh no! I didn't see this hiding Smiley Sad I missed it! I would've loved a chance at those palettes!

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