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Anyone interested in another traveling box?!



I'm moving out of state mid-Jan and really would like to unload my entire makeup swap list so I don't have to take it/pack it!  I'd prefer to start the box due to that - would any one be interested in getting another traveling box going!  


posting the rules (if agreed to) from another swap box:


This box is open for US shipping only. The shipping becomes more expensive for Canada, and takes longer due to border checks.


1. Pick Your Number (first to a number gets it)
2. Start collecting your beauty goodies
3. Read through the Rules below to know what is allowed & what is not

☆ High-End products and items you got from subscription boxes (please keep drugstore items to a minimum- MAX of 2 drugstore items per person) a few samples are ok too.
☆ All opened items must be labeled ("swatched", "opened", "tried/used"…)
☆ Fragrance if it's in a spray bottle (can be 1/2 used too) & must be wrapped
☆ Nail polish must be tightly closed & bubble wrapped or in a box
☆ Makeup as long as you've cleaned it with alcohol & it doesn't have big fingerprint marks/dents in it
☆ Mascara if it's sealed/ brand new never used
☆ Tools/Brushes/Cases/Bags/Empty Jars as long as they are clean
☆ Anything that is sealed
☆ Skin care items in tubes & bottles Jars only allowed if it's sealed or unopened
☆ Items will be organized in bags by type. Make sure products are wrapped well so they won't leak or break & ruin everything else
☆ Keep non beauty related items to a minimum (please do not overload the box with makeup bags, cases, etc).
☆ every item needs to be inside a plastic bag/ziplock

Not Allowed:
☹ Pre-made samples
☹ Taking more than you put in. Keep the Value of items equal
☹ Heavily used items (except for perfume)
☹ Swatching items in the box
☹ Keeping the box for more than 3 days. (USPS does home pickup, so no EXCUSES! ) If you are traveling or something comes up, please let us know ASAP so we can move you on the list.

-don't keep the box for more than a few days (ALSO YOU MUST INCLUDE A TRACKING NUMBER it makes it more fun anticipating your turn)
-don't put in anything unsanitary
-send your address to the person above you
-replace what you took with something as nice or nicer
-minimal drugstore items (2 or so per person)
-don't take all of one kind of item, for example, if there are 3 of one perfume, take only 1 so that others will have a chance to try them
-post in a picture and/or text what you took and left (picture AND written description preferred)
-package things carefully and put things in ziplock bags
-have fun, try some things you haven't tried before
-if you think there is a need for more rules, post a reply to this

☆ No Swatching items from the box ☆

UNLESS sealed NO:


1. mariahk83  - 9405 5036 9930 0189 9842 13

2. spacesuit - 9505 5000 1293 4008 0002 32 shipped 1/8

3. killahbabe - 9405509699938116448976 shipped 1/13

4. tigrelili - 9405509699939597212063 shipped 1/22

5. ireneh - 9405509699937299742086 shipped 2/04

6. dasies121 - 9405903699300121845464 shipped 2/08

7. edalaide1 - 9405909699937325250231 shipped 2/13

8. yazmin -9114901159815764939820 shipped 2/20

9. kraezilyunique - 9405903699300130522837 2/24

10. mychoi - 9114901189866921270639 2/28

11. spoiledbrat - mailed and rec'd by OKLady

12. oklady2013

13. carenganda21 - items sent and rec'd separately.

14. kimchikween

15. lizie 

16. person11

17. desertrose0706


I'll gladly donate any unwanted items once the box makes it back to me, if anyone knows of a good place to do so in the San Antonio area, let me know (i'll be too new to the area to know much!!)




Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!



  Please  don't feel guilty. I understand life happens. As I've said all along I know you will deal with the box & send it on when you can.


 I also realize that like my town there ISN'T any home USPS pick up. Some people need to keep in mind that things aren't the same every where even when they are supposed to be.



Just do what is best for you. That is the most important thing.



Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

Ladies -


Please direct your anger towards me instead of Mariah. She has done nothing wrong. I am the problem. Last night is the first time i checked this thread. You are not being selectively ignored; i have checked out of life in general. I am not a queen bee of BT and nothing special in anyway. This being on a public board is beyond awful. That some of you look up my minimal BT activity gives me the creeps though i am the creep. There is nothing i can say to make this better. It is clear that my actions have angered many and that was never my intent. Yes i am sorry, but my sorry does not change or repair anything. Since i cannot forgive myself, i do not expect any of you to be able to. This is suppose to be a fun box and i have taken the fun out. May none of you ever have to experience what i have. hugs - jonnzilla

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

Thank you for the update, Brat.  Like eadelaide1, my posts were only in response to the lack of communication.  I'm not even in a hurry to get the box, but I did feel like we were being ignored, so I appreciate your post.


I sincerely hope you feel better soon and I hope things start looking up for you.

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

Brat, I don't believe that this is some kind of unforgivable act. My posts were in response to frustration at the lack of updates after so much time had passed, and not anger towards you. Also, I apologize if it was unsettling to see your online activity posted, it was not my intent to creep you out. I honestly believe anyone would have looked into that easily accessible profile info after such a period of absence out of natural curiosity. I felt we were being avoided/ignored when I saw you were still active elsewhere on BT. For what it's worth, I believe the only thing to repair at this point is to try to get the box along- that is the best apology you could make.


Please be certain that I in no way want you to feel that you are a "creep", "nothing special", "unforgivable", etc. These are all awful things that are undeserved. I hope that you will forgive yourself, as this is just a makeup trading box. The box can still be fun, I think you can understand that our patience just wore thin. I (as I'm sure most here) can relate to experiencing periods of difficulty in real life that take complete priority over everything else. I hope that you have the support you need and that BT can still be a positive environment for you.


Thank you for posting & please keep us updated. 

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

Oh, and Mariahk, I've got nothing but love for you too of course! I apologize if I said anything that made you feel otherwise. I respect that you've been patient with all of us and am very grateful to have been a part of your awesome and generous TSB! Smiley Happy

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

Yes, thank you MariahK!

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

We don't understand what's going on because she hasn't made a peep on this thread since she got the box two months ago.  If she can write product reviews and comment on other threads, she can leave an update on this one.  I know real life is way more important, but it's hard to be sympathetic when we are left in the dark.


Mariahk83, can you tell us if SB is even actually home?  I respect her privacy and certainly don't want to pry, but my imagination is starting to run wild.  You guys are right--I DON'T understand why this is happening at all.

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

As far as I know, yes she's at home.  


While I can't answer for her, I suspect she's hasn't updated/commented on here because it's a stressor right now, and surrounding herself with anything that requires much emotional input/thought other than happiness it a lot to ask.  


And honestly, what do you want her to say?  I'm not sure SHE could even tell you when she'll get the box out right now - but I know when she is able, she will.  


If you have any other questions etc - please PM me.  


Happy Friday, hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

Talked to brat very briefly today - she still has the box and will update me when it's sent.  I know I've said this - but, she has a lot of things going on that are far beyond her control right now.  I know it's difficult to be patient, and if this were almost anyone else on BT i'd be freaking out - I know that she will get the box out when she is able!  


Once the box is moving again, we'll need to consider the items in the box and if they can potentially melt if someone is unable to get the box as soon as it's delivered or if it can be picked up at the PO.  I know for myself, it shouldn't be much of an issue as I work from home, so I'm always here when the mail arrives! 


Rest assured she isn't selectively ignoring any of us!  

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

I can understand life getting in the way, but as somebody previously stated, 2+ months is really excessive. If she has the time to be on BT, then I think time can be made to send the box. Perhaps she doesn't have the time to go through the box contents itself, but she can at least just pass the box along to the next person out of courtesy. I say if she can't get to the box contents within the next week, then she should just send the box as is to the next person on the list.

It is unfair for the ladies after her to wait this long. I feel really bad for the participant that had to drop out due to the delay. It is also really irresponsible to keep everyone else guessing when she has obviously been on BT recently. She has been active on other parts of the forum but hasn't found the time in TWO MONTHS to update or apologize to people on here? I would argue she is selectively ignoring us.

I realize I do not know what is going on in her life and I am not asking for her to tell us, but regardless of any life events, I really don't think there is an excuse for holding onto the box as long as she is. I'm sorry if life is hard, spoiledbrat, but I think the ladies after you have been patient and nice enough. Time to get this box moving!

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

unfortunately there are some life events that put things like this on the back burner....

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

I understand that, but not for 2 months and definitely not while she's been active on the forum. In the time she is checking and posting replies, she can easily print a label and arrange a usps home pickup.

I can also understand if she doesn't have time to go through the box contents and add/take out/label stuff since that can be a very long process. Who has time to do that when life gets in the way, right? Totally agree. But then she should have sent the box as is to the next person who does have the time to do that, not keep it for weeks on end. She can always be re-added to the list at the bottom. 

You are being very nice, mariahk, perhaps too nice? Anyways, that's just my opinion. It's your box so you obviously have the final say in what you want to do!! I just feel really bad for the people still waiting.

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

As do I, and I also know that this box had my ENTIRE stash!  So I am ALSO waiting.  While you may not understand/know what's going on with her, I do.  I'm sorry if you feel I'm being "too" nice.  I'm an understanding person and can relate to what's going on with her right now, and because of that I don't feel she's being inconsiderate or rude - life gets in the way of some things at times and simple tasks can seem really burdensome.

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

I agree Mariah that there are times  in life when we don't have the energy to deal with anything other than the very basic tasks of living. At those times there just isn't the energy for extra things. I know that can be hard to understand but it hsappens

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

Brat, was the box stolen?  Did your cat puke in it?  Are you holding it hostage?  Please give us a head's up!

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

I'm sorry to say, but it appears spoiledbrat is selectively ignoring us. My last private message to her was never read and brat hasn't commented in any threads since mid-April. She is still handing out hearts however... the last one was literally minutes ago, so she is logging on to BT.


I know brat is a well-trusted and established member here, but this is not the first time it has taken her longer than usual to ship a TSB. I can certainly empathize with things coming up, life getting in the way, etc. and I'm still hopeful it will be shipped asap, but 2 months+ really is excessive. 

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

Yep, she commented on another thread two hours ago.  We know you can see this, brat!  You may be the Queen Bee of BT, but this is extremely inconsiderate. 

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

I absolutely understand whatever problem or issue SB is having right now, but for the sake of the ladies here who is still waiting for the box, a simple update from SB will make a whole lot difference. Commenting on other threads and giving hearts 5 minutes ago will make me think how come she can do those things but then she can't leave a single update about the box on this thread😔... It's just sad... 😔... 

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

I am not even in this box but I have to say this is so uncalled for. This is one of the reasons why I still hesitate to join cause you never know when there is a bad egg in the group. I am sorry for the rest of the nice ladies have been waiting for months for this box.

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

Smiley Sad  I've messaged her a few times as well and haven't heard back since early april when I gave you guys the last update.  I really hope the box can get out soon - this is frustrating for everyone I know.  I'll keep you updated if i know more. 

Re: Anyone interested in another traveling box?!

So sorry to hear about this. Smiley Sad

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