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Anyone else noticing a severe lack in rewards??

I have been a Rouge member with sephora for over a decade now. In the past few months to a year? I have noticed an extreme lack of rewards? Anyone else? Everytime I make an order for about almost a year now there's hardly any 100pt products maybe 2-4? When they use to have I would say 10+? It has also been about a year I have not had a chance to even get a reward over 100pts? 250pt rewards are not even available anymore? And everything over 100pts don't even try. I have stayed up for the release time for rewards on thursdays and there is never ant changes or if they are, they are sold out as soon as they are posted? Just wondering if anyone else has been noticing this? For the amount of money I spend I have been order elsewhere with reward incentives..

Re: Anyone else noticing a severe lack in rewards??

Yes! For more than 5 months I have been constantly looking for 100$ store credit when you trade in your points and nothing! Lately I only see trading points for charity. All the time. I check every Tue and Thu morning as advices and just haven’t seen any! Lately not even 30$ store credit (not what I need but still it’s only charity).

Re: Anyone else noticing a severe lack in rewards??

@CRJG I snagged this Summer Essentials reward this week.  Not bad for 750 points



Summer Essentials

Exfoliate your skin and keep it clean and moisturized with this skincare set from innisfree. Plus, get a massage tool, an organic cotton towel, and reusable eye patches.




Re: Anyone else noticing a severe lack in rewards??

I get sick of seeing some rewards available so I’ll put them in my cart but maybe I don’t make my purchase for a few days. Then I go back to make my purchase and I get a thing saying my reward is out of stock. So I’ll remove it, pick a different reward, place my order and then for a week after I still see that out of stock one being listed as available. Grrrrrr!!!!

Re: Anyone else noticing a severe lack in rewards??

I posted this in Rouge 

📣‌ Calling all Rouge members! ‌💄‌‌‌ tag me in your tiktok post if you want to discuss it: 




Let's talk about the Rouge tier benefits at Sephora and how we can make them even more fabulous. As devoted Rouge members, we know the perks are meant to celebrate our love for beauty, but there's always room for improvement. Today, I want to highlight two areas that I believe can take our Rouge experience to the next level: exclusive virtual events and products!


👉‌ Exclusive Virtual Events:


Wouldn't it be incredible to have special access to virtual events tailored exclusively for Rouge members? Imagine engaging with industry experts, renowned makeup artists, and fellow beauty enthusiasts in intimate online gatherings. Let's brainstorm ideas for interactive tutorials, live Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes peeks at upcoming launches. Our passion for beauty is unrivaled, and these exclusive virtual events would create unforgettable experiences that truly celebrate our Rouge membership.


👉‌ Exclusive Products:


Rouge members deserve a little something extra when it comes to product offerings. How about exclusive product launches or early access to highly anticipated collections? Picture being the first to try out and review new releases, ensuring that our feedback helps shape future selections. These exclusive products would not only reward our loyalty but also make us feel like influential trendsetters within the beauty community.



Let's come together and share our thoughts, suggestions, and experiences regarding these ideas. How do you envision exclusive virtual events and products enhancing the Rouge tier benefits? Your voice matters, so let's make sure Sephora hears us and takes our feedback into consideration.



Don't forget to tag your fellow Rouge members! Together, we can make a meaningful impact and elevate the Rouge experience to new heights.



#SephoraRouge #CustomerFeedback #ExclusiveVirtualEvents #ExclusiveProducts #ElevatingTheExperience

Re: Anyone else noticing a severe lack in rewards??

@UnknownGardener  I happen to know that Sephora is already considering possibilities for this.

Re: Anyone else noticing a severe lack in rewards??

@CRJG  Hunh. I agree with you that there seems to be fewer rewards overall, and that the larger point rewards go extremely quickly. I've seen other community members complain about that too. However, in my experience, the 100 point rewards and the 250 point rewards usually last for several days. I'm on the Sephora Canada website - are you maybe in the States? Because this has me a bit puzzled.

Re: Anyone else noticing a severe lack in rewards??

@Westcoasty I was going to ask the same thing if you are in the states lol. No I'm in Canada too. But it's been months may even be a year since there was an award available over 100pts? Maybe I have the wrong time on Thursdays? But still I use to at least be able to get 500pt rewards on Wednesdays 

Re: Anyone else noticing a severe lack in rewards??

@CRJGWell, I look at the rewards all the time (like daily, sometimes more than once, don't ask me why!) even though I don't usually keep my points long enough to get something over 250. LOL. So I agree that the 250 point rewards seem to be more scarce than in the past, and that the 100 point rewards seem to ebb and flow, depending how fast they go. Like, sometimes there's 10 or more there, but that's because some of them are from a few drops ago. It's certainly been a few weeks since I recall seeing a 250 point reward.


As for the bigger rewards, I do notice on occasion that rewards in the 500 to 1000 point range usually are sold out very quickly (rewards drop at 9 am PST Tuesday and Thursday, FYI), but if you keep checking, sometimes some of them will be restocked a day or so later.


I've been wondering, mind you, if the rewards are dropped strategically as well, to boost sales. For instance, we seem to be in a low rewards stage right now, but the big Sephora sale wasn't long ago, so I bet their usual buyers are stocked up for awhile and are less likely to buy. So they'll ride out the purchasing slump, then start dropping more rewards and offers to get people back into buying again. (I know rewards are free, but the shipping isn't unless you buy something to go with it or it's a very high points reward.)


There you go - my version of Secrets of Sephora: Rouge Shopper Tells All In This Exclusive Interview! LOL

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