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Active Promo Codes #19

Codes Updated: 7/9/19


Hey BIC!

I do my best to keep the main thread updated but you may want to check the rest of thread for the most current info.


If you want to receive email notifications for new promos, subscribe to this thread:


How you can contribute & make this list better:

- Post pictures of promos and codes

- Comment w/suggestions of how to make this list more helpful or convenient

- Post additional info for promo items: sizes, expiration dates, minimums, values, etc.

*Please read the codes list & comments to prevent duplicate posts about promos



This thread is for US codes (some codes may be both Canadian and US).

For the Canadian Promo Code board, see this thread:  


Minimum purchase requirements are typically:

* $25 for promo codes that aren't limited to VIB and/or Rouge

* $35 for VIB/Rouge promo codes


For reference, Sephora lists many Promo Codes/ Beauty Offers on this page too: 


Active Codes include (See photo or comments for details)

$25 minimum GWPs:



$30+ minimum GWPs:


VIB / Rouge GWP



RECENTLY OOS or Expired: 



Photos (last updated 7/9/19): 





Anyone who picked this up, what were the colors? 


Thank  you!


@tinobiscuits I didn't redeem this one, but it lists the shades on the product page. The lipstick is the shade Sweet Cream and the lip liner is #068. Based on online swatches, they're much lighter than they appear in the picture. Hope this helps!


@lmi82  That does help, thanks! 

it is sold out since yesterday.

it is sold out since yesterday.

if anyone ever has a promo canceled because it goes out o...

if anyone ever has a promo canceled because it goes out of stock contact customer service. they can sometimes send you a different promo or at least offer you points

RE: it is sold out since yesterday.

How do you know? I placed an order at around 2am and it went through, I added extras to get this promo, I will be disappointed if I don't get it:/

I got it today

I got it today


Thanks @Natalian and @KNC24. Code updated above, picture update to follow soon. 


@Lazybeautybeast thanks for updating the thread.

RE: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)

bite beauty promo with a $35 buy in vibbite

Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)

Also not a promo, but looks like the rewards bazaar is dropping new items everyday instead of just the regular tues/thurs schedule...which I just realized is just today and tomorrow :/



Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)

@MissPuff Thanks..   lol Smiley Happy 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)

Not quite a promo code, but hope all Sephora promotions are welcome here!  I was surprised to see this banner for 3X points on all purchases from now until the 19th, Sunday!  


Sephora 3x Points Promotion November 2017.png

Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)

Yippeee!  Triple points to use on rewards that sell out before we even see them!  Obviously I mean that sarcastically but we all know the rewards situation rings true and they should fix that.

Thanks @MlleCC! Point multipliers are good here too. I'm...

Thanks @MlleCC! Point multipliers are good here too. I'm just not going to add to the main post, mostly because it is only 2 days and I'll probably forget to remove it later. lol

Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)

A small public service announcement for anyone using the AROMA/SPRITZ code and just wanting one of the two Armani fragrances (or was I the only one not wanting the pair? lol)

Sephora screwed up the UPC codes in their system, and you will get the opposite one from what you ordered. I wanted the women's version, but got the men's...and then noticed that the packing slip has the name of the women's scent, but the UPC code from the men's box. So, for science and all, I placed another order and chose the men's version this time. Sure enough, I got the women's scent I had wanted in the first place!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)

RGbrown - I respect your efforts in the name of science ;P

Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)

@RGbrown Thank you, I ordered the women's version, too & of course it (finally) just shipped! *sigh* Can't decide if I should just forget it or place another order...

Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)


😕 I hate that!


I wanted two women's for stocking stuffers, but screw it.. my sisters will get $8 Pacifica from Ulta instead...cheaper than trying to place another $25 order. 😛

Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)

@RGbrown Haha good plan! Yeah I don't think it's worth it, I'll just add it to what I'm giving my boyfriend for the holidays. What's funny is I had initially clicked on the men's mini, thinking of him, but then I couldn't stop looking at the notes for the women's & I was like, "Well... he already has so many fragrances" (like I don't lol). I was curious about the scent, but I can just go get a sample (I really should take more advantage of this) Smiley Happy

Re: Active Promo Codes #19 (Winter 2017)


If you place any Ulta orders, select the fragrance sampler...I got the women's as a sample there recently as well Smiley Very Happy

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