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A return with a lecture just what I wanted.


My Local Sephora is usually fantastic, never had a complaint about them... until today.

I returned 5 products in-store today.. from 4 separate purchases I made during spring fling. 2 unused and unopened... and 3 products I really disliked.

So the teller calls over the manager because it is a larger return, which I totally understand.. The manager looks at me and says.. You want to return all of these, you used them all.. and are returning them? Don't you know you can get samples so you don't waste so much product." and gives me an eye roll and a condescending look.

So I tell her that 2 are unused and the other 3 products were all skin care and did not work for my skin.. I thought used products that didn't work were able to be returned.. Is this not the case? Or does everyone, get a lecture when they return a product used?

Curious if you guys make returns of used products? I personally am really turned off getting samples from jars and such because people are constantly putting their dirty hands in to the product and them I am supposed to put that on my face. Just a gross thought for me.

Am I wrong in returning used Skincare?

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I know this was posted a few months ago but I just wanted to chime in. You were not wrong for returning something that didn't work out for you. Sometimes at the Sephora I go to they don't even give big enough samples to know if something is going to work out for me. I believe they should treat everyone with respect no matter how much money someone spends there. Most of the time that I go to Sephora I'm not even wearing any makeup and I feel like they think I'm there to just troll around. One time at a SIJCP I was not even approached at all by any of the employees and when I went to check out and busted out my rouge card that's when she wanted to be friendly and start a conversation with me. Where was that friendly service when I was walking through the store?

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

i've had variable experience/treatment making returns at sephora. but i find that if i tell them 'i called the rouge line and they told me to come here and return this,' i get a lot better treatment. 

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

DUDE! That's brilliant! I am so gonna use that line!

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.


I found out this past Monday when I went out on an experimental mission that stating the obvious changes much.



Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

That's really annoying. Rouges deserve respect! I've returned things without the receipt and haven't had an issue. I do try to purchase things whenever I'm returning anything to make me feel less...guilty? 

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

i think people deserve respect regardless of their status.  The rules are the rules...sephora allows returns on products, even if they don't work...this should be done without attitude regardless of whether the customer is rouge, vib or not even a member!

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I rarely if ever return something, with or without a receipt, and don't get something else of equal or greater value.  I clearly am willing to spend plenty of money there, but I honestly don't know if I consistently make exchanges like that out of a genuine desire to try more pretty new shiny things, or guilt.  Probably both.

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I've only been in a few Sephora stores because the nearest one is over 2 hours away. I have encountered some snooty, rude, and unhelpful staff members, almost all of whom were in one particular store. But I haven't had a problem returning items. They might seem a little annoyed, but they've never lectured me. When I returned something with the seal still intact, the staff member thanked me for returning it unused.


You are a ROUGE member. That means that, even after any returns, you have spent at least $1000 in a year with them. It is appalling that they would be rude to you for returning items, some of which you hadn't even opened. You have every reason to be upset.

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I didn't want to create a brand new thread when this one wasn't too far off from my experience.


I went into my "local" Sephora today (I use quotes because 45 minutes one way in no traffic doesn't feel very local) to pick up some things I needed and return some things I didn't.


I was color matched a few weeks ago to a very lovely formula of Lancôme foundation.  I loved it... until I got in the car.  Holy Toledo, I felt like I belonged in the produce department, so orange was I.  I told myself it wasn't the makeup, and resolved to try it at home.  It was the makeup.  I tried it on different days, at different times, with different primers, powders, etc.  The end result was at least a shade too dark, and too orange.  I stopped using it and decided I would return it.


Between then and today, I managed to find my receipt, and then lose it.  I don't return things often without a receipt, so I figured it was no big deal.  Brought it with me into the store.  Shopped around, asked for a good enzyme mask recommendation, and went to the checkout.  Explained how I had a return without a receipt, which made the manager (I think she was, anyway) listen in.  She wanted to know what shade I had, and then said that that foundation will oxidize.  ...I don't know how that should convince me to keep it, but whatever.  She said the same thing happened to her, so she got a shade lighter.  I'm sorry, I don't know how a lighter shade of orange would help.  I explained how I looked online at the shades available and didn't think any would fit me.  I said I had other things I wanted to get anyway.  She moved on.  Then, the cashier told me that they for sure color matched me right, after all, they're all trained to do it.  Man, I didn't know Sephora employees were infallible.


The whole experience rubbed me the wrong way.  I am no criminal, I am a very loyal Sephora customer, I spend more money there than any other disposable income-type place (it's my only vice, I don't smoke, drink, etc).  Several people there recognize me.  So why the crappy treatment?  Because I returned something that didn't work for me?  Or because I didn't make a $200 purchase?  Either way, I, and other customers, deserve better.

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.



This is what I looked like after my color match. I really wasn't happy.

Yet,  I decided to keep the foundation, buy more as long as Johnny Depp was working & color matched me.

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

That's a good look.

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

This post just made me giggle! Smiley Very Happy

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

You made me laugh too--all I could envision is that "annoying orange" character, with the talking orange!  And yes, everything oxidizes when exposed to air--it is the whole turning orange and looking awful that is the deal-breaker.  Sorry this happened--did you ever find a good foundation to replace it? 

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I haven't yet found a replacement foundation.  I've got forehead wrinkles that I mentioned being concerned about when being matched, which I'm sure is the reason why they picked that particular formula.  Looking like a human instead of like a plant is sadly more important to me than looking young.  I was just hoping there was a happy middle ground between pale, aging lady and smooth, smooth fruit.

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I'm sorry you had a less than desired experience at your Sephora.

You really do deserve better.

It's great that you have such an awesome sense of humor though. 

You made me laugh like three times reading this.

I doubt you had an attitude with them, maybe it was just an off day for that girl....and the other one.

I once had to return something and didn't receive the friendliest service, however, when I complained Sephora and the store's manager did everything in their power to make it right (the girl also didn't credit the points of the purchase I made within the same transaction.)

Hopefully you receive an apology or at the very least, better service next time.

Good luck finding the best match.

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

It may have just been an off day for both of them, you're right.  That's the best explanation out there.  Or at least the nicest one.  I won't likely receive an apology, because I'm not the type of person to raise a big stink over something like this.  If they hadn't done the return, been rude to my daughter, or done something else to push me over the edge, I'd be singing a different tune.

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I'm not going to say I make a lot of returns, but I make enough, especially at the beginning of my makeup journey. But I can honestly say that I have never been lectured or had an employee say anything condescending to me or look at me a certain way.  


If I were you I would write a letter to the district manager and let him/her know you didn't appreciate the way you were treated in store. 

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I totally agree with this, I have been a customer for many years and have returned many things over the years.  Not once have I ever had an issue, a lecture, any attitude or any other problem.  I think it is the attitude of the associates/manager.  If I were you, I would complain about the treatment I received.  Maybe I am just lucky that the associates in my local store are fantastic!



Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I don't tend to have a lot of returns, maybe three a year.  Usually I hold on to my return until I know I'll be buying something/s that will be a lot more.  This week I returned a $32 lipstick, but made a $145 skincare purchase.  My store is so great that I doubt they'd even care though. 

Re: A return with a lecture just what I wanted.

I purchased a Anastasia brow to go kit (checkout impulse buy) and when I got home the tweezers that were supposed to be in it weren't and I'm a bit annoyed and debating if I should try to return it because I can't stand the customer service at the only store near me which is an hour away

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