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500 point perks perks

How do you feel about the 500 point perks offered at sephora? I check from here and there to see what the perks are and never really find its anything I am interested in. There have been a couple within the last few years that I liked including a kit by Benefit that included a full size Coralista blush whick I still use, among other items I still purchase and currently use Smiley Happy I just wish they would have better offers more than once a year or every 2 years lol so I could actually use my MUCH (for lack of better words at this time of night lol) earned points that are just building up more and more in my beauty bank. I also think it would be more encouraging to spend even more $ if I knew the perks were a better pay off.....What are your thoughts? I mean to get 500 points you do afterall have to SPEND $500....Sooo a good "gift" in return would be a nice thank you! Smiley Happy

Re: 500 point perks perks

Hi Everyone,


Thank you for all of your feedback about the 500 point perks. We always like hearing from our clients. I will be happy to forward all of this information.Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: 500 point perks perks

I have never received a 500 pt perk that I was happy with. I got a Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders kit twice, and a couple of Sephora Collections items kits and I didnt like any of them. The birthday gift is also shameful. Drying, chemical smell, irritating.


The Korres and Benefit 500 pt perk I see online right now look good...


I would love more Benefit, Dior, NARS, L'occitane, Origins, MUFE, Caudalie perks...*crosses fingers*


But overall, the "deals" that Sephora gives, thats nothing., ULTA and a few beauty boutiques around me give me deluxe sized samples with any order, I dont have to spend a whopping hundred bucks to get one measly little deluxe sample. With a $20 purchase at Origins, I always get a handful of deluxe samples that last me months.


And I do have to admit I do a LOT of my beauty shopping at ULTA. They always have a 20% off online discount and they carry a lot of the same brands that Sephora does ( Benefit, Urban Decay, Tarte, Stila, Bare Escentuals etc)


I'm disappointed.

Re: 500 point perks perks

I recently hit the 500 mark for the first time (and have gone up another hundred since, lol) but I'm not into any of the perks. First it was that Philosophy kit online that I didn't care for. I later got to a store in person and they had a mini nail polish set. I barely wear the stuff, so I passed again. Online, they've finally changed the perk to a "Beauty with Benefits" kit -- I was disappointed to see that there weren't any Benefit brand items, the name threw me off, lol.


I think the perks themselves that are offered are fine products, but I guess there's just this expectation from customers to receive more, when you consider the other complimentary stuff Sephora offers. 3 free samples with any purchase. Free deluxe samples with $25 purchases (the holiday prep kit baggies were by far the most generous gift -- I was really excited about those!) I guess as consumers we expect the perks to get better the more you spend. I always skip out on the 100 point perks because I think "Eh. I can get one of those free with a $25 purchase..." so I waited to get enough points to get the bigger perk, only to find that they're not that great. I think it'd be nice if they had a few options at the 500 point level...skincare, makeup, fragrance kits to choose from. I agree about the brands -- I would love to see more NARS, Benefit, Tarte, Buxom, Josie Maran, Jurlique.


I hear a lot of good stuff about ULTA, but I feel like my experiences with that store have been anything but good, in person and online. :-/

Re: 500 point perks perks

I'll definitely forward your feedback as well ladies! I hope everyone had a great start to the New Year. Here's the new 500 point perk for those of your interested in how it looks.





Red Handbag – 6in long x 2 ½ in wide x 3in deep

Anastasia, Eye shadow Palettes – 0.015g

Korres, Wild Rose 24 hour cream – 0.05 oz

Josie Maran, Argan Oil – 0.03 oz

Korres, Anitageing Primer – 0.34 oz

Fresh, Brown Sugar – 0.25 oz

Anastasia, Hydrafull Gloss – 0.03 oz

Tarte, Smooth Operator – 0.07 oz





Re: 500 point perks perks

... just kidding, didn't see the date of your post. How disappointing.

Re: 500 point perks perks

When does this come out? I don't see it... only the Marc Jacobs set.

Re: 500 point perks perks

That is awesome! I have been saving up my 500-point perk for a while now.  The last one I saw was the OPI Nail Collection and I deicded to hold out for something I would use a little bit more. I am excited for this one to hit the stores in this area Smiley Happy

Re: 500 point perks perks

I think they should give you a Clairisonic for the 500 pt perk lol!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: 500 point perks perks

VIB has made me pretty bummed lately. I didn't receive a birthday gift this year because they didn't have my correct birthday in, even after I contacted them three times about changing it. It also unfortuante that they offer VIB to Canadian residents, but then we do not get to use the 20% off or the gifts on Canadian online orders. The nearest store is 3 hours away, so it is not worth my time to go use it. 


Hopefully things change Smiley Happy I am optimistic they will because Sephora is very customer-oriented Smiley Happy


Everyone keep their chins up!



Re: 500 point perks perks

Nice to see some optimism but unfortunately 4 years later, it doesn't sound like things have changed. 

I completely agree-none of the 500 point perks have inter...

I completely agree-none of the 500 point perks have interested me that much in a while, so I have so many points right now...even the 100 point perks didn't seem very good the last time I placed an order (I was hoping if they were good I could get a couple of them).  The latest Laura Mercier perk was the best of the past couple ones, but I'm happy with my skin care regimen and didn't want to start changing things, and I already own a couple of the products.  They should do a perk for the Buxom brand, another Tarte one, or maybe Charlotte Ronson!

Re: I completely agree-none of the 500 point perks have inter...

@maltipoo66, I know what you mean! There hasn't been any really good 500pt perks in a while... Though a while ago I got a Buxom 500pt perk that came with a full size of my favorite lip gloss! But, I wish Sephora would do another Tarte one... I kinda like tarte Smiley Happy... And a Charlotte Ronson perk wouldn't be bad, either Smiley Wink

           -dreamysmile Smiley Happy

The Laura Mercier 500 point perk that is offered now is o...

The Laura Mercier 500 point perk that is offered now is one of the better ones, but since I already own the products in the perk, it isn't fascinating me. In general, I don't think the 500 point perk is worth it. I think Sephora should offer a better perk, considering we spent $500 to get those points. Ulta has better perks and they change them more often, they have new ones every quarter and the perk is worth approximately 10% of what the spending level is at the mid-high level. Plus they have good coupons worth money off your purchase each time they offer an ad, Sephora rarely gives out a money back perk, it's only for free shipping, (which I'm already getting with a big order), or the VIB gift card, but that's also rare. I know I definitely would spend more if I got a money off coupon or there was better perks offered!


I think a gift card for our birthdays would be awesome!  That way, we could pick out something that we really liked. The birthday presents for the past couple of years have been kind of skimpy and I gave away the shower gel because I don't like food smelling beauty products.

Re: The Laura Mercier 500 point perk that is offered now is o...

Do you get points/products for posting on this site opinions and reviews?

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Re: The Laura Mercier 500 point perk that is offered now is o...

nope, im afraid you don't

Re: The Laura Mercier 500 point perk that is offered now is o...

@angelclarice-  Unfortunately, no. It's a great idea, but the general thought in the past is that people would abuse the system and post lame posts just to get the points. The moderators would have a huge job weeding out the extra posts, so the idea got passed on, but I don't think anything will come of it.


Though I'm definitely with you on this one!Smiley HappySmiley Happy

Re: The Laura Mercier 500 point perk that is offered now is o...

I certainly understand why they wouldn't give points for just posting anything to the site.  However, why couldn't they give points for reviewing a product you just bought at Sephora?  I would think they could easily set it up so you log in through your purchase history to do the review.  Of course, since they just set up the new site, I'm not holding my breath.  I just think this would be a way to control the 'posting for points' issue you mentioned.  I guess you could argue people would buy smaller items (cheaper items) to do more reviews, but that seems unlikely.  Money is still money and people are probably going to be unwilling to spend it just to get points, I think.  Plus, they could always exclude sale or clearance items from the point rewards system.  I myself just bought a great Tokidoki set on a whim (to get up to $50 free shipping actually) and it was one of my favorite things I got in that shipment.  I bought it and would offer a review if I wanted to regardless of points.


As for the original question, no, I am not thrilled with the 500 pt perks.  It is so funny that I wrote to Sephora asking for more Too Faced 500 pt perks and then they put out the set they have now with the 2 eyeshadows, blush, and lip glosses.  It only disappointed me even more.  I wanted something as great as the Eye Love palette from last year that had 6-8 eyeshadows in it.  I do *not* want those silly lip gloss samples.  And 500 pts just to get 2 shadows and a blush is not worth it to me.  So I'm still waiting.  I actually came on to check out the Ole Henriksen set as I got an email about it.  My mom loves the eye gel.  But I think I'm going to pass.  For one thing, if I order just $17 more, I'll be at VIB status and I don't want to trigger that just yet (got a lot of stuff for myself and family during the 15% off sale Smiley Very Happy ).  So, I'm just hoping they'll have good stuff later on.  As long as they don't lose my points, I can wait.

Re: The Laura Mercier 500 point perk that is offered now is o...

Thanks for replying. New to this site and am trying to figure out the ins and outs of it.

the birthday present and the points perk stuff makes me d...

the birthday present and the points perk stuff makes me disappointed year by year

probably due to cost cutting


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