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500 point perk

I'm so tired of the OPI 500 point perk. I already redeemed points for it, so I'm ready to move on, but it's all I see at the store near me...anyone hear of a new one?

Re: 500 point perk

I recently received the Tarte 500 perk and as someone who has not been very impressed with the brand, I have to say this is a very nice perk. I was concerned that fiery would be too much for my pale complexion but finally! A red that looks good, bold, but not garrish. I picked up Exposed lip surgence as well and these just may end up being some favorites for me. So far texture, wear, and look are all aces across the board; this is definitely not what I expected my lips to feel like wearing a matte product Smiley Happy I don't care for the emphaseyes liner and I didn't think I would as the last time I tried one it was virtually useless.The bronzer is gorgeous and great texture but would use it more as an eyeshadow or a bronzey highlight, good size too. I can't comment on the primer or powder yet as haven't had a chance to try it. I see there is a new perk but I figured some ladies were probably waiting for an already ordered tarte kit and it does not dissapoint Smiley Happy Thanks Sephora!

Re: 500 point perk

The BE 500 pt perk looks awesome! Too bad I have less than 100 pts and am on a no-buy.

Re: 500 point perk

I've not really been into the BE perk, I have enough BE right gals have fun though!
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