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500 point perk

I'm so tired of the OPI 500 point perk. I already redeemed points for it, so I'm ready to move on, but it's all I see at the store near me...anyone hear of a new one?

Re: 500 point perk

Same here im ready for a new exciting 500 point perk i didn't even bother with the OPI polishes because im not big on nails :-/


im hoping a awesome makeup perk comes around again 

Re: 500 point perk

Me too. I always seem to miss the really good stuff.

Re: 500 point perk

There's a new Lancome Best of Eyes set available now: 

Re: 500 point perk

This 500 perk is still not in my local store. They don't have the nose strips and they still have the OPI which I already

Re: 500 point perk

Yes!! Me, too! I was totally coming on here to talk about how lame the 500 point perk is. They should at least change it up every month or offer it as a cash back credit, like $50 towards another purchase or something. I haven't seen anything I've liked as the 500 point perk in a very long while. I love Sephora, but their rewards system disappoints me.

Re: 500 point perk

While I don't always find things to my taste w/ the rewards choices, I do think Sephora has pretty generous gifts, especially online (free samples w/ your purchase, + a deluxe sample w/ a $25 purchase...that just doesn't happen at the in-person stores).


It took a while to finally see a 500 point reward I could get on board with -- finally they offered the Lancome set for eyes. Admittedly, I wasn't crazy about it b/c none of the products really jumped out at me, but it still looked like a very nice gift, and I figured I might as well redeem my points before it runs out and they replace it w/ some other kit that I'd have no use for, lol


...and I just noticed that they already have a new one out! Laura Mercier Flawless Favorites.....looks good but I'm glad I got the Lancome. I'm hoping/assuming the folks at Sephora are noting which rewards disappear the fastest b/c those are the ones they should be doling out. Smiley Wink

Re: 500 point perk

Hello everyone! 


You can see the current BI 500 Point perk by clicking here, its the newest one! Smiley Wink Hope this helps! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: 500 point perk

I am VERY unhappy with my 500 point perk. As a college student, it has taken me a long time to save 500 points. I love Laura Mercier, so when I placed my order and it asked if I wanted the Laura Mercier 500 point perk I was thrilled. My package came in today, but even though the shipping invoice says it includes the Laura mercier perk I was given the Beauty with Benefits set instead. There is not a single product I have any interest in using, and I would never have used my 500 points on it. If they were out of the Laura Mercier set, they should have given me the option of turning down the replacement set. I'm going to try to get my 500 points back, but at this point I'm not sure if I will continue to shop at Sephora. This is a huge disappointment.

Re: 500 point perk

@Annahlotr I am so sorry that you received the incorrect perk.  It is definitely not our policy to change it without your consent.  I will send you a message to help.

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