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3 Free Samples in Store with Purchase. Really?

Have you seen this box on the Weekly Specials page of the website? I just noticed that it says Online AND In Stores for the 3 samples. I can't even remember the last time I got 3 foil packet samples after making a purchase in a store. Let alone getting to pick them like we can online.


Re: 3 Free Samples in Store with Purchase. Really?

We've discussed SR before, but I got a really nice letter from one of the managers at the SR store after I complained on here after a miserable time during the points promo in August, however I still refuse to go back... When was the last time you visited? I need a few items before I leave the country and don't know whether to just hit Novato on the way to the airport and risk it hahaha.

Re: 3 Free Samples in Store with Purchase. Really?

  • I am so happy to hear that it isn't just me!  I used to get samples every time, even if I was only buying a nail polish.  But lately I have been spending a lot and finally achieved VIB status but I get nothing!  What the heck? 
  • The worst part is that tonight I was in line and the salesgirl was bragging to  the person in front of me about how she has never even bought any makeup in there, only brushes, because she gets so many free samples and free makeup.  WTF!  Stop hogging them and starting handing them to the customers who are securing that you have a job.

Re: 3 Free Samples in Store with Purchase. Really?

I went to the store to try out a new foundation and the free standing store I went to is relatively new and I tested out the foundation and the lady gave me three little samples, one of foundation, one of exfoliator, and one of moisturizer, and I only asked about foundation! The products she gave me were great and I didn't even buy anything while I was there!

Re: 3 Free Samples in Store with Purchase. Really?

I have had good luck with the SAs at most local Sephora in JC Penney stores providing 1 or 2 new, sealed samples when I ask - but I have to ask.  At the free standing stores in town, when I have asked for samples the SAs have offered to make me samples from the testers on display, but I have never been offered a new, sealed sample.  I typically decline the samples made from testers because it kind of grosses me out after seeing so many people touching them - especially little kids.  That being said, I never even knew the samples were supposed to be available in store.  The 3 samples with online purchases are a huge reason why I prefer to shop at, and there are at least 8-10 stores in my local area, including Sephora in JC Penney. I'm always looking for new products and samples are a fantastic introduction to products I may not otherwise consider.

Re: 3 Free Samples in Store with Purchase. Really?

I'm sure I've posted about this before, but yet again, I was in Sephora this weekend and asked if they had any new samples at the register, and they said all they had was a sample they made of the new MJ perfume. Smiley Sad

Re: 3 Free Samples in Store with Purchase. Really?

Huh... well I know what i'm going to do, next time I go to Sephora Smiley Happy

(*takes out phone, takes picture of screen - focuses on the snapshot above*


And done! Next time I go thorough checkout at a Sephora location, I'm going to pull out my phone and show the cashier the snapshot. Smiley Tongue



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