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20% OFF or $20 OFF $50

So I have seen a few questions about these 2 sales, which one is better and here what I think:


It depends.



If you only need to spend $50 then wait till December cause you get $20 off $50 so you would spend only $30. For 20% off $50 only save you $10, so you would spend $40.



If you spend $100 then: 20% off would take down to $80. And $20 off would also take down to $80. So if you spend $100, either way would be the same.


But if you spend lets say $150 then 20% off, you would only pay $120. And $20 off you would need to spend $150-$20=$130 total.



So, it really depends,

If you spend $50, then use the $20 off $50.

If you spend $100, doesnt matter.

If you spend more than $100, then use the 20% off.



Hope it helped my lovely BBFFs. Have fun shopping!


***** For REGULAR BIs, last year they got $15 OFF $50 ****

Re: 20% OFF or $20 OFF $50

Once a year 

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