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"No Poo" Method/ Caveman Method

Hass any one heard of the No Poo Method or the Caveman Method? I'd like to hear a couple people's viewpoints on these. Recently I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what I put on my skin and what I use in my hair. I looked at all the ingredients on all my beauty products, even the ones that claim to be "natural' and whether its a drugstore product, or some high end product from Sephora, mostly everything has a huge list of ingredients which I can barely pronounce..So I started searching the internet about beauty products I could make at home that would truly be organic and I came across these 2 methods. The No Poo method is basically using no shampoo or conditioner in your hair at all, just water, but  some people make home made hair rinses instead. And the caveman method is the same thing, except it applies to body wash, face wash, etc. Now when I first came across this I thought it was weird, to wash myself with just water? But almost everywhere I searched people were raving about the no poo method, and how theres a couple weeks where your hair will basically be transitioning, and it will overproduce oil and be greasy but when it gets used to no shampoo, its stupposed to be gorgeous. People are swearing by it and claim after a couple months they're hair is ridiculously soft and shiny and manageable.They're also saying that when you wash your face with only water, for a month or so your skin will be reacting to the change, but once it gets used to it its supposed to clear up, and from then on your body naturally cleans itself. So I wanted to try this, but I can't bare using nothing at all, so I found tons of recipes for face masks, body scrubs, and shampoo and conditioner that can be made out of just about anything found in my kitchen, like I could really eat my beauty products now lol. So basically the rule of thumb I've been going by for the past few days is, not to put anything on my skin or hair that I wouldn't be willing to eat, since most of what you put on your body gets absorbed in, and who would want a whole bunch of chemials they can't even pronounce in their body? My shampoo has been a mixture of baking soda and water, and my conditioner has been a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. So far its been alright, kind of hard since I have think curly hair, but its still manageable. Now as far as skincare, Im from Pakistan, and as a part of Pakistani & Indian culture, when a girl is getting married, for the 10 days before her marriage she puts  "Ubtan" on her skin to get glowing, beautiful skin. Ubtan is usually a mixture of turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, gram flour, rose water, and wheatgerm oil. It can be tweeked with other ingredients, but those are the most common ingredients that I know of. Turmeric powder, the main ingredient, is supposed to very beneficial for skin. Idk exactly what it does, but based on my research it evens the skintone and has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties and is good for clearing acne and evening skin tone. So Ive been making ubtan and using it on my face for the past few days, and my new years resolution is to keep this up..Has any one else ever tried either of these methods? I think the rule of thumb to only put on your skin what your willing to eat makes sense, and from my own common sense I think the chemicals in beauty products would have a negative effect on skin in the long run, but thats just my opinion..So I wanna hear what others hve to say about this, and make sure Im not wasting my time trying to be 100% organic lol

Re: "No Poo" Method/ Caveman Method

Oh how is ubtan working for you? I've seen it a couple of time but I'm tentative about putting any spices on my face (I've got combo skin).


The no shampoo thing doesn't work for me. I use a mixture of top-rated products that work for my skin and natural/homemade stuff when convinient. My favorite mask is honey+oatmeal+yogurt, it feel so good, leaves you feeling super clean, refreshed and moisturized. I've been meaning to try the apple cider as toner but haven't yet. Only in the winter does my skin gets dry enough for me to use oil (Argan oil, maracuja, coconut, grapeseed), otherwise brand moisturizer it is. I do a quick browse of ingredients before I buy and try to make sure whatever I buy contains <20 ingredients (my toner have 10 ingredients) and does not contain mineral oil or parabens. Otherwise that's it.


I think trying to go organic is good for you, but it's ok if some products are not. Some good for you stuff (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Retinol etc) are present in better quality and greater amount in company made stuff instead stuff in your kitchen, so I discard the natural/organic rule when it comes to anti-aging stuff.

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