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Natural Products

Hi guys!

My mom loves natural/organic products wether it be face cleanser, face cream. She doesn't wear makeup. Do you guys have any recommendations?? 

While searching online she found three products that she wanted me to get her for her birthday. I'll only get one right now though.

Her picks are:

1. Ole Henriksen African red tea foaming cleanser

2. Ole Henriksen truth serum vitamin C collagen booster 

3. Orgins A perfect world 


Which one is the best to get her? Also if you have any suggestions lemme know! 


Re: Natural Products

If you are going to get her a cleanser, I would choose Caudalie's instant foaming cleanser.. its 1000 times better at least in my opinion.. so is their serums.. 


If you want something that's easier on your budget, I would go to whole foods and buy Andalou natural's 1000roses line. Their serum is awesome. I actually like it as much as my Clarins Shaping facial lift serum which is my HG. 

Re: Natural Products

I second the Caudalie recommendation. I adore the whole line. I fell in love when I first got some from a french pharmacy. Oh how I wish our pharmacies were half as good as theirs.


For the budget friendly versions I would recommend Boscia. 

Re: Natural Products

Yes to the serum!  There are some very good value gift sets that contain the serum and cleanser as mentioned below.  I can vouch for the Whole Truth Vit C set, I got that for myself.  No cleanser, but the serum and moisturizer together is a good get.  But if you want to give her a really nice skin treat, throw in a pack of the Power Peel treatment.  That gives gorgeous results and plays nice with the serum and moisturizer. For the money you would spend on a bottle of serum, you could get a good gift set and a pack of two Power Peels.


It all smells nice too, except for the Youth Activating Oil, which smells like fish and turned my white pillowcases orange.

Re: Natural Products

The Truth Serum is okay, but if you really want to spoil her with the top of the line natural anti-aging product, I would go with the Airelle product line.  It is mostly sold in Dermatology and Plastic Surgeon offices, but it's also still available online through their website and Amazon.  I've experienced the best results ever with my skin using these products, and I'm definitely hooked.  It's pretty pricey, but the results are pretty amazing.  They offer a nice Travel set with a sampling of some of their most popular products that is more in the price range of the truth serum.  But, frankly, their exfoliating cleanser, anti-aging facial serum, intense repair complex and eye & lip treatment are the best anti-aging products I've ever used (and they're natural!). 

Re: Natural Products

There are a few sets with both the truth serum and African cleanser.

Re: Natural Products

OH truth serum, absolutely.


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