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I don't think we have one of these yet... But, if I'm wrong, please do correct me.


I've been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but as it usually is... Life got and gets in the way. But, better late than never, huh?


I've been enjoying many natural skincare products for the last 15 years or so, on and off ( mainly facial oils and balms, but masks, treatments, and body oils and balms, as well. ) I even used to make my own for years ( years ago ) as good natural skincare products were not a very easy thing to obtain. You'd have to try and hunt down quality ingredients and make stuff yourself most of the time. And, that was quite a task! It makes me happy to see that there is so many wonderful products widely and easily available lately. It makes things so much easier! Smiley Happy


Natural skincare performs better for me personally. I love and enjoy using it. My skin adores it. I love the idea of it and behind it. So, I wanted to make a place for us natural skincare lovers to talk about anything natural skincare as I see there are many others out there that are interested, or already in love with it, as well. So why not have our own little place on here? Smiley Happy So we can share our experiences ( good and/or bad ), loves, favorite products, favorite brands and their news/new launches, discus things, share our daily routines, talk DIYs if anyone is into that, why not? Anything really.


By "natural" skincare here I'm talking about skincare made mostly or completely of ingredients available in nature, like plant-derived ingredients, minerals... You know, the whole nine. Smiley Wink


Anyway - feel free to join in! You don't have to be a natural skincare lover exclusively. Everybody's welcomed!


A word of caution... For those who are new to natural skincare, proceed with caution. Inform and educate yourself really well on everything you are interested in trying and putting on your skin. Natural does not mean it won't hurt you! And, it certainly doesn't mean it's safe. Some natural ingredients can be irritating for some people. Go with what's good for you, don't force anything on your skin just because someone said it is good. Do patch tests. Be smart. People prone to allergies should pay careful attention to what they use on their skin.


 P.S. I am not completely and 100% natural, nor I imagine I ever will be as I do love me some other stuff, as well. But mostly, yes.




I magically obtained some HydrExtreme samples ( Smiley Wink )and can't wait to try them! The stuff should be a god send for dry skin.


...they fell from the northern sky lol Smiley Very Happy


Hydraextreme was shockingly good when I sampled it.  I was so surprised by what a difference it made in my skin's hydration levels because it looks and feels like it's just water.


It made my favourites list a few months back and I gladly shelled out for a FS bottle during the recent spring sale.


@Mochapj @lyravega @veronika23 I have samples of the Hydrextreme but I haven't used it yet. The full size costs so much so I can't bring myself to use them :'( 


@IZ95  I know it's expensive Smiley Sad I bought mine during the Nov sale and use very little... so while it is expensive I think you can make it last for a while. I have very dry skin and this helps so much it's worth the price for me... but totally understand what you mean.


I was sent a sample of Hydraextreme but most of it had leaked in its way to me and there were as hardly enough left for a single application. I waiting for it to be offered as a promo or sample at Sephora so I can get some true sense of the product before spend the lump for full size.


I have tried most of Consonant's line. I was introduced to it years ago by a friend of a friend is in the beauty biz and she worked with them at one point. I bought their eye cream from her. 


If you are in Toronto, go to their stores. They're very very happy to make you samples of anything. They have 20% off twice a year (around April and Nov). Sale in Nov often have freebies. Their downtown store at Richmond Adelaide participates in the building's sidewalk sales sometimes and have specials.


My thoughts... (for reference, I have combo/oily skin that's more normal during winter. Some hormonal acne. In my 30's)



Foaming face wash - very gentle and effective. Don't let the foaming part scare you. Not drying at all.


Hydraextreme - really amazing hydrator but I don't have dry skin so haven't shelled out for full size. You only need 2-3 drops so the bottles last a while even though they're small.


DHE clay mask - I really liked this before I ventured out to try masks from other brands. It's a very "safe" mask...I know I can use it no matter my skin condition and it won't freak out. It has AHA fruit enzymes but it is a very gentle mask. My sister who has sensitive skin can use it with no issues. I have tough skin so I prefer more potent masks and don't use this as much now.


Deodorant - a natural deodorant that actually works! 


Okay but nothing special:

Face cream
Eye cream
Antioxidant Serum
Body wash & lotion
Hand cream


All of these are okay...they do the job but I didn't see any amazing results so don't think they're worth it for the price. Their creams/lotions tend to have a "plastic paint" smell that I don't enjoy. It's not a chemical smell per se but that's the best description I can come up with. They don't use any fragrance and some of the ingredients just don't smell great... The smell fades quickly for the body lotion and eye cream but lingers for the hand cream and face creams to my nose anyways. 


Not a fan of the Perfect Sunscreen. I find it takes a while to dry down and set. If it doesn't dry/absorb in the 10 mins or so that I take to eat breakfast, then I just don't have the patience for it. It feels filmy to me like I can feel it as a layer in my face most of the day. I do have friends who love it though so it might be me. 


They also sell candles, bath bombs and face wipes now. 



@bonafide11 wow thanks for the in depth review!! I didn't know about their 20% off sales but I'll try visiting one of their stores soon. They had a pop up shop in Yorkdale but it closed down Smiley Sad I went there first to get all my samples



@IZ95 part of the Canada team is in our SF office so I was lucky enough to snag the cleanser. I just started using it but love it so far!


So, if you are lucky to live in one of the cities Credo has its stores, they have these $30 Aurelia mini facials if that is something you are interested in:


"For a limited time, through July 15, our licensed estheticians will cleanse and protect in this 30 minute Aurelia facial. Available in all stores. ( Not that they have many. Only 4 so far that I am aware of. )"


I like Aurelia's cleanser, but didn't have a good experience with the night cream.  It left my cheeks dry and red, as if I had not applied any. @lyravega  Cult Beauty sometimes has good deals on that brand, as does their brand site.  They ship worldwide, I believe.


@Ispend2much6 I didn't have a good experience with the brand in general. It does nothing ( good ) for my skin. So, I personally don't care for it myself. I just posted this here because I see some people do like it.


I do like the idea of probiotic skincare, so it makes me sad it didn't work for me, though...


Thanks for sharing!


Just wanted to share with my fellow skincare junkies...


I ordered Josh Rosebrook's 2 new moisture products recently and they arrived today and I am stupidly excited to put them on my face.


I can't decide which I want to try first, but probably the Vital Balm cream (the other being the Advanced Hydration mask)


I find it kind of funny; in my late 20s/early 30s makeup was the thing I was most excited about and I considered skincare to be boring but the older I've gotten, the more that has reversed.


I'll be sure to post thoughts somewhere once I've given them a good try.


Yes please keep us posted about how you like product @Mochapj I am using and enjoying JRB hydration accelerator but can't say it's a must have for me.


Ohhh, I am familiar with that excitement all too well! Smiley Very Happy


Yes, definitely. Do keep us posted. I'd like to hear your thoughts about both of these, @Mochapj .


It's  a great thread idea @lyravega ! I am using quite a few natural skincare products and have all type of outcomes with them from great to terrible. I'll share here once I make my lazy self to type a longer response. Meanwhile it is fun to read what everyone else is using and their reviews 😀


Thank you, @fatimamummy ! Feel free to stop by and share whatever it is on your mind any time! Smiley Happy


I LOVE this thread, @lyravega ! I hope I'll find some time to at least lurk, if not much else. Smiley Wink ( Hope that didn't sound creepy. )


Hahaha, lurk away all you want, @Magrathea ! Smiley Wink If you decide to stop by and share a few words with us, you are always welcomed!


Great idea for a thread! I'm trying to go more natural with my skincare and it has been interesting ride. I don't think I'd ever be 100% natural but cutting down on the number of artificial chemicals in my products can't hurt in the long run. I agree with a lot of the products mentioned so far! Looking forward to the discussion!


What are your favorite mists/toners ( if you use any )?


As my skin is dry, I like to take any additional hydration where ever I can get it. Many people still believe toners to be astringent and drying to skin. But, not every toner is made equal, and there is no such thing as one-toner-fits-all. A toner isn't a vital addition to everyone's skin care routine, but it can be beneficial for those who want some additional benefits to their skin. That being said, there are plenty of hydrating, nourishing toners and mists out there, and I am happy to include some of them into my routine, as they help quite a lot.


My favorite hydrating toner doesn't belong to this thread, but I will mention it real quick anyway since we're talking toners.



It's Paula's Choice SKIN RECOVERY Enriched Calming Toner. I can't live through winter without this baby as a special little helper that does a lot for my skin! I am not thrilled with some of those ingredients, but eh, beggars can't be choosers. It is the only toner I've found so far that is so incredibly and super hydrating! ( Mists that I like are great at what they do. But they are feather category compared to this heavyweight champ. Smiley Wink )


I also like acid toners that gently exfoliate skin to remove dead skin cells.


I like to use mists for additional layer of hydration, to tone, or to massage my oils into my skin ( but, I also use just simple water mists for this, as well ). I also like to use them as a "refresher" for skin throughout a day many times.


My favorite are:


Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator is one amazing mist, and definitely my fav right now. It not only hydrates, but it calms and soothes my skin, evens out my skin tone, an makes it look plump and just happy all around. It really, really agrees with my skin beautifully. ( And, can we mention that fantastic mister for a sec here?! How amazing is that?! )


Odacite Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist is amazingly hydrating/nourishing. I don't see it doing much else, but it being so incredibly hydrating alone is enough for me.


Leahlani Bohemian Ruby ~ Balancing Toner instantly hydrates, balances and sooths my skin, and it helps tone down occasional redness.  




Mists are something I generally use to moisten my skin before massaging in serums. I find it easier to apply small amounts of oil based serums (like Odacite, for instance) on damp skin.


That said, aside from the more basic ones I use for that purpose, I also enjoy;


Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator - I feel like there isn't anything this stuff can't do, LOL except wash my dishes and cook me dinner Smiley Very Happy  It smells ah-mazing, it softens and soothes my skin and it really does add to the overall hydration of my face when I use it.


Herbivore Rose Hibiscus - this smells fresh and juicy and I like to use this one as a refresher mist throughout the day, either when I'm hot or when my makeup could use a lift.  It hydrates nicely without making me glowy.


May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden - I received a FS of this during a GWP event last year and if I was comfortable spending that kind of money on a mist, I'd probably buy this again (but I'm not, especially after the price increase) It falls into the category of mists that I don't quite know what it's doing, but the scent of it puts me to sleep and it seemed to work extremely well when paired with Blue Cocoon. I typically hate jasmine scents, so I'm still floored that I liked this.


Yuli Skincare Panacea Elixir - it smells like wet bran, but it is extremely soothing and calms inflammation nicely.  I tend to use it as a step in my routine when I've used my PMD system because my skin is usually a bit red.


RL Linden & Co Thousand Petals Beautifying Mist - I consider this my 'experience' mist. It hydrates well, doesn't leave a filmy residue and has a spritz that isn't like being sneezed on.  Most of all though, the scent of it brings me back to my childhood.  It has rose in it, but to me it smells most strongly of the scent of sun warmed honeysuckle blossoms.  I would continue to buy this even if it did nothing at all.


I need to try Yuli Metamorphic Elixir. And Liquid Courage serum just for its name! Smiley Very Happy


Not gonna lie, @lyravega when I bought Liquid Courage earlier this year it was 50% for the claims and 50% for the name 😂 


Ohhh, this is not gonna be good. You guys are giving me way to many ideas! Smiley Very Happy

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