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Michael Todd organics?


  I'm just wondering if people had tried Michael Todd organics products 

I've been into organic/natural brands/products but recently came across Michael Todd. Someone on youtube mentioned that they sponsor alot of videos on youtube, so I wasn't 100% if they do actually work. 

I read some reviews on makeup alley, but alot of the reviews on there are sometimes just negative.. 

so I wanted to ask people who are more objective 

Re: Michael Todd organics?

I'm not sponsored by them but have tried their charcoal scrub & I like it... But I like the LMercier face polish better

Re: Michael Todd organics?

lol that's very fair. nicely put Smiley Happy thank you

Re: Michael Todd organics?

I got their pumpkin mask with my Little Black Bag order a few months ago. It burns!

Re: Michael Todd organics?

I also got it with one of my beauty subscriptions, and had the same result. It didn't do anything for my skin (for better or worse), but the burning sensation puts me off.

Re: Michael Todd organics?

I have the avocado one...that one burns too!

Re: Michael Todd organics?

Smiley Sad 

That's not very good.. maybe its poorly thoughtout and made Smiley Sad 

Thank you guys for letting me know! Smiley Happy

Re: Michael Todd organics?

I use a lot of their products and I love them! I have used the cranberry toner, the serum,three moisturizers, the pearl silk mask and I love them all. I have mature dry skin and have noticed a big improvement since using the MT products.  I too tried the pumpkin mask and it burned also, so I just used the pearl and silk mask.  I stock up when they have percentage  off, so the products are real reasonable for the quality you get. I'm not sponsored, just a fan of their products. 

Re: Michael Todd organics?

I got sucked in by the hype I saw from bloggers and tried these products. I used the acne kit, which included a charcoal face wash, blue green algae toner, antioxidant carrot serum, clay mask and the knu anti aging cream day and night to fade acne scars. My acne had gotten pretty bad, but I wanted to try a more natural and organic route first before going to a dermatologist. I used all these products religiously for almost 5 months. I knew I wouldn't get results instantly overnight. My acne consisted of cysts along my jawline with other whiteheads and the usual redness and inflammation. Also I'd get some flareups on my cheeks and chin. These products did really nothing for me in terms of treating acne. I always had multi active breakouts. Going to a dermatologist was fully worth the money. This was not for treating acne for me personally. My acne is, in my opinion, more hormonal and treated better with prescription drugs. The positive was that they always were running sales with % off to make the products cheaper. If you are new to the line you can always try a travel kit also, which contains a lot of product to try out.

Re: Michael Todd organics?


 Thank you so much for the review!! 

This was really helpful!

I have acne prone skin and if anything I don't want any more Smiley Sad 

I'm trying to narrow down on some brands that I can rely on, but guess this one can't be one of  them Smiley Sad

Re: Michael Todd organics?

I am big on organic/natural soaps and lotions. However, I should add that an aesthetician told me to watch out for organic/natural on your face. She told me a lot of the ingredients are too harsh or gives you breakouts. And that they spoil quicker because they don't contain chemical preservatives or stabilizers.


That being said, I swear by rose hip seed oil for my face. It's great for dry skin and Dr. Oz said it's a miracle worker for eczema.

Re: Michael Todd organics?

Agreed, a lot of people think natural is better, but that's not always the case. Instead try to look for products that have minimal ingredients. Learn to read labels & what the ingredients actually do. 

Re: Michael Todd organics?

That's a really really great point 

I admit I tend to trust something without knowing more about it when the product says that its either all natural or organic.. I should really look into it instead Smiley Happy 


and Thank you for the suggestion for the rose hip seed oil 

could it work for combination skin? and for acne prone skin? 

Re: Michael Todd organics?

I tried their pumpkin mask and it stung a a bit. Right now, I rub coconut oil over my face to get the make up off, pat it off of my face, splash my face with tepid water and finish with a manuka cream. My skin had a bad eczema outbreak all over,but i did the steps i just talked about and in a few days, I have my glowy skin back. this was reccomended by my naturopath. BTW, I have oily skin. good luck!

Re: Michael Todd organics?

I have used the charcoal face wash and scrub and I like them both. I feel like my pores are less clogged since using them.

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