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Is Nude Skincare any good?

I have oily skin that breaks out and huge pores.


I currently use Perricone Gentle Cleanser, Dermadoctor Ain't Misbehaving and Dermadoctor Picture Porefect. (I was using PTR Max Sheer but recently switched to Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. But I want to go the more natural route.


I've been thinking of switching to Nude Skincare. Does anyone have any experience with them? Are they good for acne and pore control?

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

I used almost everything Nude Skincare has to offer and I think there are better things out there for less money (And I'm not one who's care about price when it comes to skincare). The cleansers and toners are just slightly above average in performance. Their big selling point are that their products contains probiotics, are natural, and now have fully recyclable packaging (hence why the price stayed the same even though you now get half as much product, also it has a very short shelf life). The only product that I felt worked fairly well is the advanced smoothing complex, which they discontinued. This line, I feel, is better suited for mature, dry skin. If you break out a lot and want something more natural, I would probably try Boscia. There's no preservatives and it's good for acneic skintypes. Hope this helps.

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

Nude skincare products are very good, but I personally prefer REN and Caudalie brands.  They both have wonderful "natural" products.  You can take a look at them at:



I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy 

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

NUDE is a wonderful skincare line. I would suggest getting the kit of the smaller sizes so you can really try everything from the brand. It's a little pricey but the results are wonderful.


Other natural lines that are nice for your skin type are Boscia and Ole Henrikson!

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

I haven't tried Nude, Ren works well but smells awful. Jurlique smells better but doesn't work. I currently am using Fran Brand which is fabulous. And, I also like Origins A Perfect World which is easier to find. Korres is a mixed bag some products are great, some not so great.

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

I really do enjoy nude`s skincare. Im addicted to caudalie right now though for the simple fact that it feels like silk on your skin, dosent leave you heavy or oily. I love it.  Nudes products are great. There cleaner is pretty good but I use the clarisonic so I couldnt tell you how it is on its own. Also I loooveee there moisturizer!!!! it dosent leave your face heavy but it does have a strong odor. The eye cream is great although it tends to flake under makeup so I just use it at night.

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

Really like the cleanser that's an oil:

Cleansing Facial Wash




It doesn't get any more luxurious than this...

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

I love their products! Like another Poster said, their smaller sized set is what got me hooked.  I agree, it is pricey but I have since switched over to the cleansing oil, eye cream and night oil and plan on sticking with these products.  I am also using the serum  which is producing amazing results (i.e.. skin tone, texture and overall coloring has improved immensely. 


Sorry, I have dreadfully dry skin so I am not much help regarding your specific skin situation. I too had concerns about the price but for me, NUDE is working miracles with my skin so I'll stick to this!  Good luck!

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

I've been using the Cleansing Oil and the Miracle Mask for two months...LOVE them both!


The oil takes some getting used to compared to a foaming/soapy cleanser.  It's odd at first to put oil on an oily face, but the aroma is yummy and the oil turns into a light milk when warm water is added.  It takes off every trace of my makeup, even my eyeliner and mascara, and leaves my face soft and not at all oily.  I've had problems with other oil cleansers irritating my eyes or leaving a residue - neither happens with Nude.


The Miracle Mask feels gentle on my sensitive skin, and it seems to have helped even out my skin tone and made my pores less noticeable.  I think my hormone-related blemishes have lessened, too.


Sephora is running a promotion right now for a 4-step sample pack...that's what got me hooked on Nude.  I tried the eye and facial moisturizers and liked them, too.  I may switch to the facial moisturizer next summer.

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

If you like lightweight skincare, and you want natural product without any chemicals (and even the packaging is biodegradable)- its great!

Re: Is Nude Skincare any good?

I've had good experiences with Nude. I've used their facial moisturizer, and it's very light but still moisturizing. And it smells good. It IS a little pricey though.

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