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Has anyone used Caudalie Gentle Cleanser?

I'm wondering if anyone has used this product?  I have mild to moderate acne and recently, I just purchased a Clarisonic Mia.  So, would this product work for me?  Also, if I may ask, how long does a bottle usually last?


Thanks to everyone who answers!

Re: Has anyone used Caudalie Gentle Cleanser?

Hi Bridalwreath,


I have tried the Caudalie Gentle Cleanser before and I liked the milky texture. I thought it worked better for me than the Caudalie foaming cleanser. It removed all of my make up and my skin did not feel tight and dry afterwards. I hope that this helps.


Gentle Cleanser

<3 Melissa

Re: Has anyone used Caudalie Gentle Cleanser?

I used to use this as my makeup remover/cleanser. It was great b/c of how natural it felt and light consistency. However, I feel like it was too gentle and didn't really do anything to improve my skin. It wasn't drying so that was a plus. But it cleansed and that's it. It took me about a month to get through 1/3 of the bottle used daily.

Re: Has anyone used Caudalie Gentle Cleanser?

i used to use this as a makeup remover when i was a makeup artist and it is very gentle. using this would be good if you used another cleanser after removing makeup. i'm too lazy to use 2 cleansers, so that's why i use cleansing cloths!

Re: Has anyone used Caudalie Gentle Cleanser?

I've never tried this product but a close family member broke out horribly from it ( and she never gets acne). If you want a foaming cleanser you'd be better off with Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foam Cleanser ( get the travel size) or 100% Pure's foaming cleansers ( for whatever your skin type is). A lot of "foam" cleansers are horrible makeup removers, but these work perfectly.

Re: Has anyone used Caudalie Gentle Cleanser?

Yes you can use a gentle foaming cleanser like this. i actually don't recommend people to use too many chemical products such including strong acne lines. they are harsh and ultimately weaken skin. as long as you get your skin clean, oils balanced and nourished, you wont need chemicals to fight skin concerns. A great exfoliator product is amore pacific treatment enzyme peel. it's powder form, add few drops of water and apply like face wash. no harsh chemicals, no scratchy grains/beads. 

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