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DIY brightening exfoliating & moisturizing mask!

A lot of people ask about skin brightening products/reducing acne scars. I'd tried lemon juice but found it too harsh on my skin as a mask ingredient until now.


I just learned about this wonderful mask from the Crunchy Betty blog. Take a Tbsp of half and half cream (use organic, especially if in the US so you don't soak  your skin in bovine growth hormones) and squeeze some lemon juice into it. This will make the cream curdle which thickens the mask but also makes the bacteria in the cream produce more lactic acid which is a wonderfully effective and gentle exfoliant. Do not let the mask rest in the fridge because the cold temperature will inhibit the production of lactic acid. Let the mask sit for 15-20 min.


This mask evened out my skin tone and significantly lightened a new scar I had from a blemish. The difference for older scars was not dramatic though. Despite the acids from the cream and lemon, it did not irritate my skin because the cream is so soothing and moisturizing. The fat sinks in and plumps everything up. Better than a collagen mask and cheaper too. The only downside to the mask is that you have to wait for it to curdle (the blog said 3-4 hours, but I found it had thickened by 1.5 hours) and it makes skin photosensitive so you should not be out in the sun after application. For this reason, I would use it before bed.

Re: DIY brightening exfoliating & moisturizing mask!

Wow good info! I love home products and use to do it a lot until kids and work took over my life. I've found a great alternative for skin toning and brightening and it works wonders! A friend recommended OKAY Skin Toning Carrot Cream to me and I swear, it is the best thing I have done to my skin!! People are always asking me what I am using because my skin is always glowing and practically blemish free. You can find this product at any beauty supply stores, but I normally order it online I use it twice a week now but initially started using it 5 times a week. I would apply a thin layer to a clean face twice, once in the morning and once at night. It worked wonders and I don't pay an arm and leg for it!okay_cc4-188x200.jpg

Re: DIY brightening exfoliating & moisturizing mask!

Thanks for the information.  I love the DIY ideas.


First time I've seen a mask encouraging curdling the cream.  Sounds interesting.  Too bad it's for cream and not milk (I still have a little more than half a gallon to use up). 


Any citrus juice or citrus syrups will curdle milk.  It does make me curious if using another vitamin C citrus or fruit would be any different (IE using grapefruit juice). 

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