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DIY Indian bridal tumeric mask

My friend just taught me this recipe - it is amazing and I promise, will not stain your skin yellow Smiley Happy Tumeric is an antiseptic that will stimulate circulation and tame acne. Indian brides would use this mask to give their skin a "nuptial glow."

- 1-1.5 tbsp of ground oatmeal, flax or chickpea flour. The soluable fibers will form a very soothing, moisturizing paste when mixed with other ingredients. This ingredient can exfoliate gently as you massage into your skin.

- 1 tbsp yogurt. You can add less or more to change the consistency of the mask. The lactic acid will gently exfoliate.

- 0.5 tsp tumeric powder.

- Drizzle of honey. Honey will also moisturize and kill bacteria.

1. Mix ingredients together to form a thick paste. Mask should not be runny.

2. Apply to face while massaging gently.

3. Leave on until mask dries and cracks. It should flake and lighten in colour when you move your face. 20-30 min, depending on how thickly you've applied it.

4. Scrub off gently without water. Remove remaining product with a damp washcloth. Your skin should feel incredibly soft and relaxed. Enjoy!

Re: DIY Indian bridal tumeric mask

hey gals.....i do use a mask : tumeric,red sandalwood powder,oats,honey,gram flour and rose water.....tis really really nice.....out of these the best ingredients are red sandalwood and turmeric.


Re: DIY Indian bridal tumeric mask

Thank you for posting! I am not Indian (I'm as pale as they come) but I'm obsessed with the beauty of Indian culture. I've been doing the turmeric mask for about a year now (turmeric mixed with raw honey and sometimes French green clay) and I noticed a different almost instantly! My dermatologist asked what i was using to make my acne scars go away so I mentioned this and she laughed at me...but hey, it works! Only downside is the number of washcloths I have stained lol

Re: DIY Indian bridal tumeric mask

This sounds great. Thanks for the idea!

Re: DIY Indian bridal tumeric mask

Sounds great, I'm going to try this - Thanks for sharing!! Smiley Happy

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