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The Highlight Challenge

Not to generalize, but I think it's fair to say a lot of us on BeautyTalk have a slight obsession when it comes to highlighter. For me, my highlight is the finishing touch before running out the door. Some days I aim for a natural look and other days I want to look like a glistening unicorn and I know I'm not alone. Many of us have a lot of love for each of our highlighters so it's time to show them off! 


Now, onto the challenge: From March 13th- April 14th let's give our highlighters some love each day by sharing details in this thread. I encourage you to get creative and be experimental with your product and technique. There are many highlight formats (liquid, powder, balms, etc.) and you can play around with the intensity of your highlight as well. Share as much or as little as you'd like, including pictures, swatches, products, tools and your favorite tips. 


Can't wait to see your lustrous highlight looks!


Re: The Highlight Challenge

Today's glow look is a mix (seriously, one highlighter isn't enough? Smiley Tongue)

Becca Opal (cream) layered with Estee Lauder heatwave (the original).


Re: The Highlight Challenge


Re: The Highlight Challenge

@ElleElleG I don't know who this is but he's cracking me up!

Re: The Highlight Challenge

@trishavtGorgeous glow!

Re: The Highlight Challenge

You look so radiant and amazing!  I also love mixing my highlighters!  You can never have too many - lol!  😍  @trishavt

Re: The Highlight Challenge

You look so dewy and pretty!! 

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Day 6- (yesterday & not pictured) Jouer Ice Highlight

Day 7- (today & pictured) ABH Rivera which is TOO dark for me and looks super weird so I will be giving it to my kid :/


Re: The Highlight Challenge

I think you look beautiful! What's that on your eyes?

Re: The Highlight Challenge

@makeitup305 Aw thanks! It's a little too rose gold for my pale skin in person. I'm wearing a mac pigment in the color Tan and I topped it off with a little bit of Stila magnificent metals in Kitten (the old pot formula, not the new wand one).

Re: The Highlight Challenge

@gonerogue I was about to ask you if this was that MUFE starlit you purchased.  Absolutely stunning!!


I also like the highlight and think it looks great.  Perhaps try layering (I saw @Tamara76 mention doing so the other day & it made me reconsider some of the highlighters I have).

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