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The Highlight Challenge

Not to generalize, but I think it's fair to say a lot of us on BeautyTalk have a slight obsession when it comes to highlighter. For me, my highlight is the finishing touch before running out the door. Some days I aim for a natural look and other days I want to look like a glistening unicorn and I know I'm not alone. Many of us have a lot of love for each of our highlighters so it's time to show them off! 


Now, onto the challenge: From March 13th- April 14th let's give our highlighters some love each day by sharing details in this thread. I encourage you to get creative and be experimental with your product and technique. There are many highlight formats (liquid, powder, balms, etc.) and you can play around with the intensity of your highlight as well. Share as much or as little as you'd like, including pictures, swatches, products, tools and your favorite tips. 


Can't wait to see your lustrous highlight looks!

Re: The Highlight Challenge




@veronika23 Heart

Re: The Highlight Challenge

@lyravegaOMG!  Yay!  Is this one of the heart highlighters?


I ordered the whole spring collection to get these - they should arrive this week! Smiley Happy


ETA:  Happy early birthday!!!! xoxo

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Thank you, @Tamara76 ! Heart





Yep. It has a heart in it. Smiley Tongue It is lilac with a silver heart in the middle of it. I didn't even know about this(these?) as I don't usually care for highlighters, so I don't follow what's going on with them. ( Unless something jumps right into my face unprovoked, so I have no other choice but get it then. Smiley Very Happy ) She saw it, the colors screamed my name, and that was that. She totally surprised me with it. Smiley Happy


Oooo, the whole spring collection! Enjoy your new goodies! And, do share some swatches!

Re: The Highlight Challenge



Re: The Highlight Challenge

I'm not sure I have quite enough highlighters for a month but there a couple on the way and plenty on my wishlist but I will try to do this when I can.


Today I wore  the purpley shade from NYX strobe of genius palette. When I first got this I thought the purpley shade was one I wouldn't use much but I ended up loving it.

Re: The Highlight Challenge

I have this Nyx palette also, and I did t really use the purple until recently.  It's nice.  This palette is a solid win especially for the money.

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Yes!!!!!  I'm in!!!! Now I have something useful to do with all the highlighters I've been stockpiling! <3


No pics today because I had a super long day, but I used Cover FX halo mixed in my foundation this morning along with Becca Prismatic Amethyst on top of my cheekbones.  Y'all know how those look anyway. Smiley Happy


Then, after my makeup completely melted off due to the humidity in my office (so gross!), I touched up with a Thrive Causemetics Triple Threat Color Stick in Joy that I got in some subscription box a while back and threw in my makeup bag, but had never actually used before. 


Joy gave me a really nice shimmer and I didn't even realize until I just went to look for a pic on their site that it has a brush on the other end!  This beauty will definitely get more love in the future!


Re: The Highlight Challenge

I am having trouble posting pics from my phone today but today's highlight is Becca Opal. This is my go to when I have no clue what to use from my 8364647 highlighters. 

Re: The Highlight Challenge

"8,364,647 highlighters."  Yep.  Sounds like my collection, too!  LOL!  @Anewxa

Re: The Highlight Challenge

And yet I have atleast 4 more in my cart right now that I want asap...this thread could be dangerous for me 😂 @Tamara76

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