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Product similar to Hourglass flash highlighter sticks?

Hi there! I have Champagne flash and I looove it. I've had it for a year and a half and it's starting to get a little hard and doesn't glide so well on the skin but it can still be used. I forgot how gorgeous it is, both shade and just texture and how it melts in the skin for a glow from within highlight without adding texture! Was wondering if anyone has another highlighter they feel does the same thing for their skin? I'd love to add one to my collection.... Maybe the knew becca collectors edition stick highlight? Tia😍

RE: Product similar to Hourglass flash highlighter sticks?

@KiloWatts it’s not sold at Sephora but the Miliani highlights are absolutely amazing and definitely have what you’re talking about. they’re sold at Walmart or target, they’re awesome!! also I think your highlight is getting too old and that’s why it’s not giving you the pay off it used to have, check the shelf life on the back of the package!! hope this helps <3
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