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latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol




What is your latest haul? Here's Mine!


Kat Von D - Ladybird eyeshadow palette

Urban Decay - Naked Basics Palette

Kat von D: Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick - Bow & Arrow

Kat Von D Perk Everlasting Face Shaper Blush - Bellisima

Urban Decay - Naked flushed

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Origins! I didn;t know there's a mega-bright cleanser...hmmm...*curious*


ps. LOL, you've got a smiley ior.

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

LOL that's rlly funny! I meant "But:  Dior"

and yeah, i'm slowly but surely realizing that I am becoming an origins convert. My skin is looking awesome after one day!

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

I've been bad... yet again. Sadly, I have a shipment from Ulta also on the way and I think I'm going to place an order from Urban Decay... those $9 cream blush/tints are absolutely calling my name!

Got my sun kit! So excited to start playing with all the things in here! The chocolate bronzer smells amazing. Also got Urban Decay Cannonball (thanks to Lylysa for enabling this into my cart!). Two 100 pt perks- Korres and Laura Mercier primers, and samples of Shiseido Lacquer Rouge, Living Proof Styling Cream, Hourglass primer, and Becca Foundation. Got my VIB package too! Didn't realize the cards were going to have an expiration date though- 3 months after you get VIB.


I'm loving these scent cards Sephora has started putting into packages!

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

@crayzeeRN I also got the Korres Primer 100 point perk in my last order and the Living Proof & hourglass samples (I had the Becca Foundation card in my cart but it was gone by the time I checked out- muuuwahhh).  


I actually placed an order on UD website on Friday. ($9 cheek tint in Quickie, Travel Size De-Slick, and I had a promo code for a Travel size All Nighter).  I ended up having to pay the $8 shipping and tax but I figure with the Promo it was worth it.


I also ordered items on LORAC site (two lipsticks- $9.50 each and a blush for $10) Great sale!  Hautelook had similar items but the shipping is bad! I didnt pay any shipping on the LORAC site.

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Do you mind telling me the promo code? I was searching for one and haven't found any! I think I'm getting four of the cheek tints- new obsession with cream blushes, and I figure it'll be cheaper for me to get them at $9 a pop now instead of $22 or so later! I think I'm going to get one of the super saturated lip colors too Smiley Happy


I actually have yet to try any LORAC, how do you like the brand?

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol


@crayzeeRN LORAC is really nice. I am pretty new to their products but like the brand so far.  I LOVE the LORAC Front of the Line PRO eyeliner in black. I have been a Sephora 12 hour liquid liner girl for years and I think I am going to switch over to the LORAC for good.  I got the liner in a set


The lipgloss is okay- I dont like the applicator, I wish they had just stuck with a sponge tip. 


I just looked over the email that UD sent me and it says "an offer just for you" so I think it may only be a one time code. You can def try it though (i sent the code in the PM I sent you).


Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

I just ordered 2 of the sun kits.  Such great value for a great cause Smiley Happy

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Beauty Blender

UD Naked Skin Foundation

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush

Sun Safety Kit Smiley Happy

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Purchased another guerlain palette.   Love there packaging quality.  Have another huge haul coming tomorrow Smiley Wink       

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

I purchased that palette (2 years ago?) when it first came out. I hated it & gave it away. I really wanted to love it, but I just couldn't get any color payoff from it. I tried it with multiple primers & shadow bases and just couldn't work with it. Smiley Sad 

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