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latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol




017.JPGWhat is your latest haul? Here's Mine!


Kat Von D - Ladybird eyeshadow palette

Urban Decay - Naked Basics Palette

Kat von D: Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick - Bow & Arrow

Kat Von D Perk Everlasting Face Shaper Blush - Bellisima

Urban Decay - Naked flushed

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

For those of you wondering, I'm a huge fan of the YSL topcoats. I've been pairing them with the Julep Rock Candy polishes for a yummy jelly sandwich with a shimmer edge.


I actually made a special trip back to buy the Ice Coat (blue).  I originally purchased the Pop (pink) and Hip (purple) because they were the most unique of the 4 but couldn't stop thinking about the blue one.  I'm still kicking myself for missing the Holiday '12 blue-toned topcoat, so I'm glad I have this one.

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Having you been shaking the bottles and using everything together, or have you been trying the tie-die effect? I'm curious how well that actually comes out on a nail.

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

It doesn't come out on the nail- the tye--dye is really meant for the bottle to look awesome.


A bit disappointing, but I love the topcoats

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Rats, when I was reading about them somewhere it said something about the polish coming out looking dip-died if you didn't shake the bottle. Glad you like them though!

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

It's a good thing that the Bloomingdale's counter that still has them in stock is a PITA to get to, because I'm basically restraining myself from getting the other one to have the full collection. I keep imaging it over Coral Divin.


Speaking of- I can't believe I found a current color/formulation on super clearance sale at the outlet! (50% outlet price! I paid less than half price for something I could buy at a counter right now... wow)

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Here we go... one last mega haul/binge before a summer of no buy for me! (I haven't even decided if I'll allow myself to replace skincare or not.)


That said, I still have 2 Sephora, 1 Chanel, 1 Laura Mercier, and a Julep order out there coming this week


Let's start simple- this is what I discovered at my parents house!




So while this part technically isn't a haul, it feels like one since I forgot about these products.

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

That's the best kind Starletta8! Doesn't hurt the wallet in the here & now Smiley Tongue

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

I still need to make sure all of those perfumes are ok, but I actually needed some shea butter cream and was being too cheap to replace the Bliss cream I finished so it was a major score.

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

I've been holding out on everyone... I'm going to post a combined haul over a week soon.  Consider it a final binge before going cold turkey, LOL.  I have to go on a lo/no buy the rest of the summer (thread forthcoming), and it's going to be hard.


Just a teaser:

  • 5 orders
  • 2 Sephora in-store purchase
  • 2 Nordstrom purchases
  • 2 Bloomingdales purchases
  • 1 Outlet run (both the MAC/Clinique/Bobbi Brown one and the Lancome/YSL one)
  • 1 brand website online purchase


Once the final online orders arrive, I'll post combined photos. I've got some current LE items that are sold out online. Gotta love being in a major metro area....

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Looking forward to photos Starletta! Smiley Happy

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Okay this isn't really a haul, I only bought two things and that was for the perks!!




I purchased...

-Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy

-Sephora + Pantone Universe brush set


-Kat Von D Blush

-Algenist Pore correcting gel moisturizer

-FAB radiance pads

-LM Radiance Primer

-Sephora IPhone 5 Case


-2 Living Proof Nourishing styling cream

-2 S&G Body butters

-2 Algenist Micropolish and Peel

-2 Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

-Josie Maran Matchmaker foundation

-Benefit Porefessional but it's not in the pic cause my sister took it. 


I really like the brush set! They are so soft! They are a bit small but i don't really care they were only $20

And The Tarte Blush is okay, It looks really pink, not the Coral i was expecting, but i guess i will see what it looks like on. 

I LOVE the IPhone Case. It is Gorgeous. My sister saw it and almost took that too!! I might have to get another before they are gone!!! I can't wait to try out the FAB Pads, and Algensit Moisturizer! Those are what i am really excited for, And they have 7 pads, and the Moisturizer is a good size!! As far as the KVD perk it doesn't show up very well on my tan skin but i'm sure i'll find a way to make it work. 



Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

So many samples! how?


Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

I'm LOVING the Algenist Pore Correcting Gel Moisturizer perk!! I want to get another one before it's gone. I swear that the pores on my cheeks right next to my nose have already decreased in size. I'm using morning and night, nice light layer. I'm also finding that with this moisturizer, it keeps me pretty matte during the day. I'm going to try not wearing my Hourglass primer and see how that goes. Also, that phone case is spectacular! I got that too Smiley Happy

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

I love love love the case! Now i get to show the world how much i love Sephora lol. And i was so surprised with the size. I didn't know what to expect and i wish i had got another one. Hopefully i can make another order before it's gone! I hope i see results, The pores on my cheeks and nose are huge!

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Yay I hope we both have pore-reducing results!! Fingers crossed. Now I've been looking into the Algenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Concentrate. I wonder what these two products combined would be like? 

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Oh im curious too!! I've been looking into the two! I really want to try the concentrate but i will have to keep it in the shopping list till i finish some current skin care products!!

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

It's really not a haul, but this month's purchase included the BeautyBlender "BeautyCleanser" (the BeautyBlender "shampoo" or cleaner), YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in #20, and Bite Beauty in "Quince" - which I might return or exchange.

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

I'm just so in love with those YSL glossy stains. I buy them as gifts all the time and I just can't get enough! I bet you would like shade #11 too!

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

I have an order coming tomorrow and friday!! I can't wait to get them and take a picture!! 

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

Just bought some items the past couple days, sadly none from Sephora as it seems every time I plan a purchase my local stores are sold out?! I went in to purchase the Hourglass Ambient Powder in diffused light but they didn't have any in stock. But anyways, on to things I did purchase........


Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere Powder

MAC Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Powder

MAC Lipsticks in Well-loved, Snob and Pure Zen

Benefit Porefessional Primer


I plan to pick the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation as I loved my sample and the Chanel Blush in shade 'In Love' the beginning of next week.

Re: latest haul..I know I'm obbsessed Lol

image.jpgJust came in today! 

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