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(be)Jeweled June Hauls

πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽJune is upon us and if you're a fellow June baby I bet you can barely contain your excitement! Here's to one of the most precious times of year πŸ₯‚: school's out, workloads are (hopefully) lighter, and vacation should be right around the corner. 


To celebrate it's only right we share our (be)Jeweled June Hauls










and special Happy Birthday to all the June babiesπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž



                             Mesmerizing May Hauls can be found here:

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

I love your haul, @sp1771!

(be)Jeweled June Hauls

My trust fund haul pic didn't post......strange

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Those nail polishes are really pretty and the tiny spatulas are super cute, @sonnydee! <3

RE: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Love the colorful applicators @sonnydee ... where did you find these?

The amazing Amazon! @MackyDeanna 100 for $7.99 they're li...

The amazing Amazon! @MackyDeanna 100 for $7.99 they're lil spatula

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

@sonnydee, these are great colors!

Thanks @curlychiquita. Couldn't beat the price.

Thanks @curlychiquita. Couldn't beat the price.

(be)Jeweled June Hauls

Been busy but wanted to post before the start of July. (So I can start my hauling for July freshπŸ˜‰)1st pics Sephora 3rd but maybe final MJ lipgloss stick Sugarsugar. 2nd Trust Fund Beauty purchased thru ipsy. one of their deals of the day. All 3 for $15 i believe. Bought for the pink. So pretty! And Amazon. wanted for moisturizers, cleansers, etc. 3rd Nordstrom. the swatches are with primer (only cause I think it's going bad so I'm trying to use it up.)but it wasn't needed.

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

That MJ gloss is beautiful, @sonnydee! <3 

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Ending June with another great haul; thanks for sharing @sonnydee

My pleasure πŸ˜‰@ElleElleG. Just glad I was able to sneak i...

My pleasure πŸ˜‰@ElleElleG. Just glad I was able to sneak it in at the last minute!

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Great variety of products @sonnydee!  The Grande Lash MD from your ipsy haul is nice!!  Which Jo Malone fragrances did you get?

Thanks for the great advice & quick response! @itsfi. I p...

Thanks for the great advice & quick response! @itsfi. I plan on taking a pic of my lashes before I start & then after a few weeks etc., to see how big of a difference. I was blessed with good lashes- long & fluffy but not as long & fluffy as they used to be. I keep hearing good things so...fingers crossed

I believe it was the blueberry one Jo me it sm...

I believe it was the blueberry one Jo me it smells nothing like blueberries. not a bad scent though just not sure why it's called that. Nordstrom is a good place to get Jo Malone perfume samples. They have one to try often. The Grande serum is the only reason why I choose to get the Sephora play Smarts bag. So excited esp if it works. I haven't tried it yet, waiting for when I'm less busy in case I have a reaction or something....Have you tried it? @itsfi.

Re: I believe it was the blueberry one Jo me it sm...

@sonnydee  I have tried the GrandeLash MD; I'm currently using it.  I found it works really well for me.  It's noticeable too - you'll be able to see results and so will others!  Smiley Happy


I think being consistent with application is key.  My lashes are noticeably longer and I have more of them. Each person varies but it will take some time. I was told to expect it to take up to 3 months, but I saw a difference before then, maybe 4-6 weeks (but then again, that could have been because I started off with not having a lot of lashes! Ha!) 


In terms of side effects, I noticed early on that my eyes itched a bit and I had to fight the urge to rub my eyes.  It seems that happens when I my put too much of the serum on.  You really just need a thin application.  If I apply too much by accident, I now remove the excess with a Q-tip.


I just apply the serum to my upper lashline, not my lower lash line and even doing that, I have more lower lashes than I did before I started using GrandeLash.  In the beginning, I applied the serum to my lower lashline but on me that was a bad idea - in large part, I suspect, because I applied too much.  I found that the problem then is that the serum transferred onto the corner of my eye and that area started looking dark (which I later learned was, in part, because there were now little hairs there - ack!  Yet another sign that the serum works). I was able to tweeze them away but that area is very sensitive so it hurt a bit.  I also applied The Ordinary. Alpha Arbutin serum to that area to help with the darkness, which has now gone away. 


If you want to test it out first, you might want to try it on your brow line or the corner of your brows - you could always pluck out any hairs that grow.  Also, if you have an allergic reaction, it will not be on or too close to your eye. 


Hope this helps.  If you have questions, feel free to PM me.


Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Small birthday haul, kind of bummed one of my gifts won't arrive for another week or so but I capitalized on a nice deal so that makes the wait more tolerable. 




- Bite Astrology Lipstick in Cancer which arrived on my actual birthday (sadly it had heat damage πŸ˜•) 
-NARS Soft Matte concealer in a deeper shade for summer 
-ABH single eyeshadows

June came and went crazy fast! Thanks for sharing your hauls and I hope all my June babies enjoyed their birthdays 😘😘

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Woohoo!  Awesome haul, as usual! <3   @ElleElleG

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Ha, nothing compares to yours @Tamara76 !

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

@ElleElleG  Love the ABH's!

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Wonderful birthday haul @ElleElleG!  Hope you had an amazing birthday month!  Love the NARS soft matte.  That purple ABH shadow looks gorge!



Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Thank you @itsfi !  The NARS soft matte was a pleasant surprise when I first tried it and my summer tan was the perfect excuse to purchase another shade Smiley Wink 

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