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Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

What was your most recent Beauty Insider 100 or 500pt gift?  Did you love it?  Did you end up buying a full size?  What are your favorite gifts to look for?


My most recent 100pt was Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit.  I loved it and will purchase a full size.

My last 500pt gift was the Ole Henriksen Skin Care set.  I ended up purchasing the full size Truth Serum.


I mostly wait and seekout skincare sets.  Skincare is where I get weak in the knees.


What about you?


Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

Mine was the Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum, it was the last one too. I think it was a 100 pt perk but not too sure on that. I have only used it a couple of times so still kinda early to tell if it is helping or doing nothing at all Smiley Happy. Its a really good size sample .05 oz I think so i wont need to rush out a buy the full sized product at gasp 95 bucks if I find that I like it, This one will last me a good while. !!

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

Last one was the Buxom deluxe 500 pointer.  I ended up buying a full size of the lip polish, the illuminizer will NOT run out any time soon, while I enjoy the color of the eyeliner, I don't think I'll return to pencils anytime soon, and I'm enjoying the mascara on weekends a when I visit the fiancé, but I'm not 100% sold on it yet Smiley Tongue

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

I most recently received the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I've always wanted to try it so I like that it's a good sized sample. I've been using it for the past three days and it's not even a quarter empty yet. Smiley Very Happy


As for what I like to look for, I like eye primers, skincare, and mini makeup samples like the emerald liquid eyeliner that was recently offered. I really wish there weren't so many fragrance samples offered because I don't care for them at all.

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

The last 500 point perk I redeemed with the NARS set around Christmas. That was AWESOME. It didn't have any full sized products, just 4 deluxe samples, but I loved all of them. I had always wanted to try their orgasm blush, because it seems to be such a staple of the beauty world, and I finally got to! I've saved up over 500 points again thanks to lots of 2x and 3x promotions in the past 6 months, and I'm waiting for something good to come along to redeem them.

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

Most recently I got the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion, I love and have a full size of the sin, but I figure I'll be visiting my grandfolks soon and it might be a good idea to tone it done on the sparkles Smiley Tongue  Also got the Dr. Brandt Glow to see how it works Smiley Happy

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

I got the Laura Mercier 500 point perk- I've loved the tinted moisturizer (bought the full size & gave half the sample to my mother), loved the primer though I could take or leave the shimmer bloc and the cream eye color. I may try using 'Wheat' as a base. 

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

I think my most recent 100-point perk was the mini Blinc mascara, which I did not like. I was surprised, because I have really liked tubing mascaras in the past, but this one did not work for me.


The one before that was the mini Bite Lip Shine in Prosecco, which I did love. I had the full sized version at one point and I used it all, so it was nice to have the mini.


Smiley Happy

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

My last 100 point perks were: MUFE eyeliner and MUFE HD setting powder. The eyeliner is a champagne shade so I can really only use it to brighten up the inner corners of my eyes and maybe even on the waterline. Its goes on kind of hard, its not as creamy/soft as I would like. I'm on the fence on the HD powder....its literally like FLOUR, no matter what brush I use most of it ends up in the air but the little that does end up on my face makes my makeup look flawless! Its such a mess though! I might have to try applying it with some sort of sponge...and press it into my skin, maybe that way it will go on better.


I redeemed a lot of 500 point perks last year but my most recent one was a buxom kit that had a full sized lipgloss, a mini mascara, and a mini lipstick. Really love that kit. I used up the mascara (buxom lash, blackest black) and will probably buy the full size when needed, it gives pretty good length and volume and doesnt fall off in crumbles and smears off. I love the lipstick the most (the formula, the color is okay...they gave me sydney and its a nice nude but its more nude than pink-nude that I prefer, but I layer the Buxom gloss in white russian over it and its gorgeous! Formula wise though, this is one of the best lipsticks I've ever used and I did go back and buy a full sized one in the color Las Vegas and its now my fave! They have lots of great colors, especially the pinks! I have not tried the full sized gloss yet (April) but I have other buxom glosses and I love how glossy/minty they are!

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

Hi There,


The last perk I redeemed was a really cute Benefit Set. It had a full size dandelion and a mini mascara! It worked well as a hightlighter but, it did not have tons of color. I am waiting for another make up setSmiley Happy


Benefit Cosmetics - Dandelion

<3 Melissa

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

My last 500 point perk was the Tarte set.  I loved it!  Especially the the LipSurgence.  I don't redeem 500 point perks very often, but I do redeem 100 point perks regularly.  My last one was the Coach Poppy Flower.  I LOVE the little fragrances.  The look so cute on my dresser and really I don't need to be buying anymore fragrance so getting the little ones give me more options without breaking the bank.

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

It's so fun to hear what everyone chooses.  I've found some of my most loved products through my BI gifts.  I have about 3,000 points right now and not sure what to spend them on!  I'd love to see a Soap and Glory kit.  That would be sweet!

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

I think the last one I chose was the Peter Thomas Roth Laser Free 500 point perk that had the laser free resurfacer, the laser gel cream, and the anti aging face wash. I had such great results with the first sample of the resurfacer that I wanted to try the gel cream and have an extra travel size to carry. I'm not near 500 points yet but may redeem a 100 point on a face primer since I don't have any! I only use them for special occasions so a deluxe sample size is perfect Smiley Happy


Peter Thomas Roth - Laser-Free™ Resurfacing Kit

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

Ooh -- I almost never redeem 500-point perks, but I would have on this one! Smiley Happy

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

The first/only 500pts perk I got was the Tarte one because I've been wanting to try the loose finishing powder, and it included a full size LipSurgence, which I love love love.


I only got two 100pts perk, both full(ish) sized. One promo where we can choose from 3 full sized moisturizer (I got Sheer Transformation by Ole Henriksen), and one promo over the summer where we can choose from 3 half to one oz of SPF moisturizer. I got 1oz PTR and .5oz Murad. Other than that the rest are deluxe samples and not worth using points for.


I have a weakness for skincare kits and mini lipstick. I saw the mini MUFE lipstick as 100pts perk once but was so sad it was gone before I ordered. I've got too much skincare right now, but when I've used up some of it, I plan to get 500pts skincare kits. Right now I'm just squirreling away as much points as possible.

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

My most recent one was a Bare Minerals kit. It had a mini mineral veil, a mini eye primer, a full sized pink gloss, and a mini mascara and I really love it! The mineral veil I've used before (for years!), the gloss is a really pretty color, the mini mascara is WAY better than my long time favorite Benefit Bad Gal Lash that I've used for years, and the eye primer is meh. I dont see a difference with and without eye primer so it hasnt exactly opened any doors for me.



Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

My first/latest 100 point perk was the bareMinerals Advanced Protection SPF 20 Moisturizer. I was looking for a natural moisturizer with SPF and happened to see it when I checked the perks. I loved it and went on to buy the full size.


My first/latest 500 point perk was a Tarte one in my local Sephora in JcPenny's. I found that I really love the Tarte MultiplEYE Clinically-Proven Natural Lash Enhancing Primer. It eliminates the need for falsies. I cannot believe my stubby lashes can look that good! I haven't bought a full sized one yet, but my sample's not done yet.


I normally look for natural makeup sets, like ones by bareMinerals and Tarte. I typically avoid skincare one because my skin hates trying new cleansers. I'm  15 years old, so anti-aging sets don't tempt me.


I love the idea someone else had about an Alterna set. I also think it would be cool if they had a set or promo featuring the bareMinerals Ready skincare. A mini primer, foundation, and touchup veil maybe? I'm really curious about these product, but I really want to finish my loose powders before trying the pressed stuff.

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

I got the Glow Set 500 point perk, haven't gotten to try it yet since I'm backed up on skincare, but I plan to put a couple in my travel bag for the next time I'm on the go.

I got the 200 point St Tropez self tanner perk, I will most likely purchase the full size when I run out, but it might be next spring. Tanning is a big job so I don't keep it up if I'm all bundled up in winter clothes.

I haven't gotten a 100 pt perk in a long time, they just haven't been as exciting as I'd like or one that I would like comes out right after I placed an order and don't need anything yet. Doesn't that always happen to you?

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

I've been saving my perks to rach a 500! I did get the birthday gift and chose Anthony Logistics Gycolic face wash, I love the stuff and am a fan of glycolic washes. I'm definitely going to pick it up once I'm done with the trial bottle.

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

I swear by Anthony Logistics glycolic cleanser! I bought it as a replacement for my Skinceuticals cleanser (which I have to order, and I ran out before I thought to do so) and at first I didn't like the lotion-like consistency...but it really grew on me, and now I use this more than Skinceuticals. I think it's more nourishing than other glycolic cleansers, and it leaves my skin feeling really smooth. Smiley Happy

Re: Your most recent Beauty Insider Gift?

The last beauty insider gift I got was the 500 Pacific Amore perk. I really enjoyed everything in it, especially the eye cream.


My favorite perks are typically skincare and fragrance minis (if they're scents I like). I'd love to see a 500 point Alterna perk or a Soap & Glory one.

Whimsically yours,
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