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What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

Ladies, we want to know what's in your Sephora holiday haul this year? Gifts for others? A little something for yourself?


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Re: What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

Love Love Boscia's Black mask.  Also,  Stila's lipgloss in shade fiery...the perfect red for the holiday season!

Re: What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

I went a little crazy this week:


For me: Urban Decay Black Palette - I love all the UD palettes, but this one is perfect for the party season!

For the boy: Acqua di Gio Gift Set - he loves it, but more importantly I love it.

For my sister: Sephora by OPI 18-piece Mini Set - she's a DIY pedi kind of girl and I know she love all the different options.

For mom: Sephora Favorites Collector's Edition Fragrance Sampler - it's always easier to let her pick for herself.

For my BFF: Tocca Candle Set - a thank you for having us over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Re: What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

Tarte's Good As Gold Lipgloss Collection is definitely in my haul. With 15 lipglosses in this set, there are enough to split  into goodie bags for your best girlfriends (and for yourself, of course). You also can't go wrong with Philosophy's adorable holiday gift sets. They have something for everyone.


On MY list this year, all things Bobbi Brown - this makeup line is too good to be without and I want it ALL.

Re: What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

Where to start, where to start:

SEPHORA COLLECTION Lash Stretcher - Lash Stretcher
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pink Grapefruit Stocking Stuffer- Pink Grapefruit
SEPHORA COLLECTION The Sephora Getaway Kit    
SEPHORA COLLECTION Apple Pomegranate Stocking Stuffer- Apple Pomegranate
Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel
Bliss Minty Scrub Soap
Nars Duo (laguna/orgasm)
Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

& another UD Naked Palette

Re: What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

The question should be what's NOT in my haul?! I feel like I am wiping out the store. Here are some of my favorite things:

  • Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream: Keeps those pesky wrinkles at bay!
  • Dior DiorShow Mascara: A must-have for long luscious lashes.
  • Dior DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum: Makes lashes even longer and thicker when used with the mascara above!
  • Stila Hydrating Finishing Powder: Doesn't dry my skin out during the cold winter months.
  • SEPHORA by OPI Only Gold For Me Top Coat: Turns any color into something fun and new. Plus keeps my mani going for over a week (a record!)
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Re: What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

this month i bought the best of basics, glitz and glam, best of josie maran, dior blackout mascara, nars orgasm set, Guerlain Perles D'or, best of bronze, i am waiting for the Nars sephora set to come back in stock and love nest. I went a lil CRAZY! 

Re: What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

So, everything I got was for myself, so far, cause you guys sent out those VIB 20% Holiday event, the weekend of my birthday lol.  So what I got so far is:


Tarte good as gold lip gloss set. I know this got a lot of bad reviews for being defective, but only one of mine was broken, compared to other people who had 2-4 or more broken. Its still usable...its just extremely messy, so you gotta be careful.


Sephora Collection Glitter Cream Eyeshadow set. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! They are soo vibrant, and creamy and it really stays and doesn't go all over the place. Plus it was only 20 bucks and you get 5 different colors. Good deal!


Benefit Benetint. I've always wanted it, so I finally got it. I think it looks absolutely natural on my skin tone. My husband thought I was literally hot, like I had a fever cause my cheeks had so much color in them lol. I'm usually very pale and I never really blush, so it surprised him haha.


Make Up For Ever Aquarelle eye liner in white. I really haven't got a chance to use it. I plan to use it as a white base underneath colorful eye shadows so they are more pigmented. I did swatch a little on my hand... very very white, but not as hard to get off as some people said in the reviews... maybe I just have a good make up remover.


Smashbox Creamy Eye Liner Palette in Metallics. This was a really good deal, it was on sale for 10 dollars and you get 10 very bright pigmented colors! I love this little palette. The brush it comes with isn't the best, but I have my own little eyeliner brush so its ok.


Fresh Sugar Rush Set. OH-EM-GEE! my favorite thing in this set is the perfume!! I hope you guys start selling this individually in a bigger bottle soon, cause its the best winter perfume ever! It just makes you feel warm and cozy and relaxed when you're wearing it. Sooo good!!


Make Up For Ever HD Microfinishing blush in N ip Slip. THis is a really really good blush. You barely need any, and it just makes your face look more alive! I recommend it to anyone!


Well...thats all I've gotten so far. I'm gonna get more this week-end cause my In-Laws are coming down with a gift card to Sephora, for my belated birthday! I'm sooo excited!


Re: What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinishing blush in **bleep** Slip. THis is a really really good blush. You barely need any, and it just makes your face look more alive! I recommend it to anyone!


hahaha it censored me!! Thats the name of the color! haha, thats cute... if you want to know what color I got I guess you got to go look at the colors of those blushes yourself. Its the one that ends in Slip lol. Thats so funny.

Re: What's in your Sephora holiday haul?

 GIFTS - mostly skincare - Philosophy kits like MIracle Worker, Advanced Makeup Optional and The Joy if Great SKin is my absolute favorite. Then there's my makeup! I've stocked up on shadow palettes like Tarte's The Jewelry Box and Too Face's Naked Eye palette. The #1 on my wish list for Santa is the MUFE Rock For Ever Dany's Kit which includes EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN you'd eve need to rock a classic MUFE look. wish someone would give my boyfriend a hint, that I would simply DIE if I got this. I love Sephora and even more around the holidays.. there's som much to give and get!

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