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What did you get during the Summer Sale?

Well, I thought it would be great to share what we all got during this summer clearance event.  So tell me, what did you end up getting?


To be honest, I only ended up getting one thing.  While looking it over, I noticed the Sephora Pro Rolling bag.  Of course, i have been wanting it for a while and therefore, I ended up getting it.   My mom will probably wonder what the heck I ordered but then again, I told her that it would help me be organized. >> Well, she had a big surprise coming. Smiley Very Happy

Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

I got the TokiDoki brush set (trio of eye shadow brushes), TokiDoki trio of lipglosses, and the Hello Kitty eye shadow palette.


It's for a friend's birthday though, so no goodies for me, I'm glad I snagged that HK palette up, as soon as I ordered it, a few hours later it was out of stock!

Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

@lylysa which palette did you get? I saw a hot pink one listed online but I got the black and diamond palette with the highlight powder and the more neutral shadow shades. So cute!


I decided to buy just a few things, an HD foundation brush, Slanted eyeliner brush, the HK palette, Betsy Johnson scented perfume, and the mini Indian Summer set.  Because I really needed 5 more shades of polish to wear! Smiley Wink 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

@ Diana, I got the hot pink one! My friend loves Sanrio and TokiDoki stuff so it was a perfect time to snag some gifts for her!


I'm a HK fan too, but I HAD to resist. I did a mini haul about a month ago for lip balm and eye liners, loving my UD pencil set with the natural colors! That sold out too not long after I bought mine!


A girl can never have enough nail polish!








Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

I got the brush belt and brushes (hides face). I couldn't resist 15 brushes at about $6.50 each! I figure I can sell the ones I don't use on eBay or swap them on Makeup Alley and finally throw out some of my old worn out brushes. I have a couple of shadow brushes that are starting to feel pretty rough from broken bristles, out they go!

I really wanted the Pro Rolling Bag, but I couldn't figure out where to put it. It would be great for organizing but won't fit in my beauty closet and I know my husband would have a fit if I started cluttering up the bathroom floor with beauty stuff along with the vanity and every other flat bathroom surface that are already filled. Smiley Happy

Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

I just received the Pro Zuca bag and the Pro Brush Belt.  I love them!

Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?


Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

I'm truly jealous! I would LOVE to have this awesome bag, but, my summer wasn't very financially stable for my fam. It's okay.....cause I have something to look forward this summer :-)

Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

I wish I could say I got something from the summer sale but unfortunately I didn't Smiley Sad That rolling bag is so awesome! You're lucky haha, I am so curious to see what people got because when I clicked on a lot of the items, they were sold out so quick! I was surprised with what they actually put on sale, there was some good stuff for really great prices!  Like all of the brushes and cosmetic bags.. I really wanted the Sephora Collection Izak Brush set, but it was sold out :/



Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

I was surprised I got the rolling bag.  I saw it and literally freaked out - I've wanted it for the longest time but i was tryign to justify the price.  So yeah, it was exciting.  Sephora was being slow during that time though and I was freaking out and was like: COME ON AND LOOOADDD!!! >> yes, talk about being spazzic over a bag. ;D

Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

I got:


Sephora glitter eye pencil in purple

Sephora express nail polish remover (smaller 1 oz bottle)

Hello Kitty charmmy eye shadow stick in light brown

Sephora smoky kohl eyeliner in navy blue

Sephora classic flat liner/eyeliner brush


All for $15! Crazy! Smiley Tongue


I had my eye on a few other items, but they sold out so quickly. There's some more sale items on my shopping list, but I'm going to give myself a week or so and see if (a) I still want them, and (b) if they add any more sale items.

Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

Every time I try to get something , it seems as if it's sold out.  I did manage to get a few things....and blemish extractor, some nail stuff, and some pro sephora brushes I needed, some eyeliners and shadows I didn't really need! But got anyway....The Beauty of it all was the VIBclutch code still worked so when my box came yesterday, I received another goodie bag with different samples than the one I got at the store during the actual clutch sale.  I saw someone write on here that the code still worked so i Figured I'd try it, but I thought that sephora would just substitute it for something else. I  Was pleasantly surprised when I saw they didn't and now I have all kinds of goodies to play with.

Re: What did you get during the Summer Sale?

Thanks if it works , we shall use it Smiley Happy



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