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VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

Sooooooo what's on your list for the VIB haul? Or what did you get for the clutch promo??


I decided to pass on the wallet thing because I got last year's clutch and looooooooved it but didn't really see a use for this year so I figure someone else can get it instead! 

Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

I picked up some eye shadow and shower gel for my younger sister to get the free gift.  It's not nearly as nice as last year's clutch, it's really shiny plastic.  The samples weren't too bad:


  • Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume  (I would pass it on to the little sister but some kid told her she smelled like cotton candy when she was wearing it.)
  • Stila One Step Make-up in Medium (I will pass this one on because I'm really pale)
  • Clean Outdoor Shower Fresh Perfume
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
  • Sephora Smoothing Primer
  • Lancome Genefique Serum
  • Kate Somerville CytoCell  Treatment
  • Kinerase Daily Defense Lotion
  • Conceal FX in Light
  • Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow (four colors: tender pink, armelle,  caroline's pride and tiny bubbles)
  • Benefit High Beam
I might use the clutch-y thing when I travel overnight.  I guess I could shove a small palette in there along with my mascara.  Or I might just re-gift it to a younger cousin or something.



Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

For everyone who skipped the clutch--you didn't miss anything. It's terrible ugly and super cheap looking. Not sure what I expected for free, but it's not anything you'd want to use in public! Hoping the travel bag is better!

Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

I only ended up with two things. The Naked Palette & NARS Douceur Blush. I was pretty surprised when I saw they had a couple Naked Palettes so I had to pick it up. And I didn't get the bag but instead the Kat Von D one which I'm a little upset about because although my Sephora was packed, there was about 2 people in line. Where were all there bags?!

Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

I basically bought presents for my friends and family during the F&F sale. So, for the VIB, I'm just replenishing my basic makeup needs. Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation, Tarte smooth operator finishing powder, MUFE aqua eyes in navy3L and black purple6L, Sephora platinum lash comb (the metal teeth are fantastic at removing clumps and seperating lashes! My niece broke mine! Smiley Sad ) plus, I'm getting a sephora brush set for my friend's bday gift. I'll be at the instore event so I'm sure that I'll find more stuff to buy Woman Very Happy


btw i skipped on the clutch offer because I got last year's clutch (which was cuter than this one) but the samples in this one seem fun.

Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

I skipped the clutch promo because  I wasn't excited about any of the samples and I figured I would just wait until the VIB promo and get a real bonus when I purchased. This time I got:


UD Lip pencil in Gash


UD Ink for Eyes in Binge and Pyrotechnics (I'm a glitter freak)


UD Little Sins Eyeshadow primer potion set-- I'm dying to try the limited edition shade (and although I have full sized original, I like having the travel sizes to restock my BOS)


UD Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Julio-- hot dad-- again with the glitter



Clinique Happy --(I redeemed a 100pt bonus -- I'm going to give that to my friend-- she loooves perfume)


Purity 12oz-- I also redeemed by skin care challenge bonus for this.  I can't WAIT to try this-- I've read so many rave reviews!


The only thing I still "need" now is the Naked Palette.........

Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

Yeah I passed on the clutch promo too.  Between Sephora and's FF sales I got everything I wanted.  I'm actually a little irked that the VIB 20% off discount is so soon.


I just realized I'm almost out of my Tocca laundry detergent so I'll grab some of that, but otherwise I have no clue what else to get!

Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

Same as kalex for me. I got everything I wanted during the first round of F&F and I'm not keen on the clutch deal because all the included samples looked like packet-type samples. And I'm also pretty bummed that VIB F&F is so soon after the general F&F. I think I'll be using the VIB 20% for Christmas gift planning or something.

Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

I went online Saturday and placed an order but forgot to add the wallet promo to my order:smiley sad:. I went back online yesterday and ordered a Murad box for my mother for Christmas and made sure I added the wallet promo.


I am waiting to buy the big ticket items when the 20% discount kicks in.

Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

I don't know what this clutch promo is about.  Link?

Re: VIB Haul/Clutch Promo haul!

@Officegal, Here's a link to the clutch promo:

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