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Unicorn Hauls

Ladies after finding the Tom Ford bronzer brush in natural hair, I want to create a unicorn haul thread. These are hard to find items and or deals that are so amazing that it feels like a stealing. Please post below. I will post my first unicorn haul to start off the thread.



RE: Unicorn Hauls

This happened yesterday. I didn’t mean to get two. I ordered from Ulta. The order got cancelled. Found out hours later. Everywhere I checked was sold out. When to instagram to find belk still had stock. Ordered and waiting on my package. Days later Ulta’s customer service reaches out. I think they had a glitch that informed a lot of customers the item is out of stock. I was asked if I still want it. I say yes without thinking. Both packages where supposed to come Monday but was delivered yesterday. I also included the free gift from belk.

Re: Unicorn Hauls

Oh my! I'm a buy everything on sale type of girl but I don't know that my deal skills are up to the standard of Unicorn Haul. Can't wait to see what everyone finds @KNC24! Very cool thread idea.

Re: Unicorn Hauls

@ShortErica it’s what you consider a unique haul. It’s what you considered a special haul. For me finding a Tom Ford bronzer brush in natural hair under $50 was a rare find. Both the sale and item made the haul different from a normal haul. I hope that helps. 

Re: Unicorn Hauls

LOVE this idea for a thread, @KNC24 - will be watching!

Re: Unicorn Hauls

@eshoe I can’t wait to see everyone’s unicorn haul 

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